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TrackMonkey7 06-10-13 06:12 PM

Track bike for a very heavy rider?
Over the past couple of years, I've been riding with a friend of mine who's been using bike riding/racing to lose weight. Long story short, he has anxiety and depression issues for which he isolated himself and ate a lot to console himself, resulting in him weighing 570 pounds. Nowadays he's down to around 330 and is still losing weight. He likes to experience as much cycling as possible, and had a Ti frame built for him for the purpose of riding/racing road and 'cross. However, he never got the chance to ride the track up here in New England before the program ended, so I figured he and I could go to Kissena instead. Would my KHS steel track bike be safe for him to use? I've been looking for some 48H track wheels for him, but no luck yet. If all else fails, I'll have to build them myself.

brawlo 06-10-13 11:19 PM

This sort of thing is discussed in the C&A forum quite a bit. Basically any frame should be fine for his weight, the wheels will be the limiting factor. I started out at 140kg in racing. I'm down under 120kg now and descending further. I started out on 28 spoke wheels that never went out of true on the road, and my track bike came with 32 spoke Velocity Aerohead rims laced to DA hubs. 48H is way overkill for him if he's 330lb. 32 spoke to something like DeepV rims should be more than enough. Well built wheels with lower spoke counts will outlast poorly built higher spoke count wheels on most days.

carleton 06-11-13 10:18 AM

I'm moving this to Clydesdales/Athenas from Track Racing. You'll get some good info there. I'll leave a pointer in the Track forum as well.

carleton 06-11-13 10:20 AM

Trackmonkey, have your friend look around in Clydesdales/Athenas forum. Maybe join and ask questions directly. It's a very friendly group :)

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