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DanWho 07-15-13 03:07 AM

The other day just before my Dr.s appointment I weighed myself coming out at 290, down 62 pounds. At the beginning of my appointment they weigh, bp, pulse etc. Got a little shock, I weighed in at 321. Come to find out my scale seems to be setup to compliment rather than show reality. I took it back to the store and got a replacement that shows the reality. The scary part is that instead of 352, I was 377 at the start.

On the good side, my bp was a little low so halved the meds and my resting pulse was down to 62.

Oh well, so I will just get another surprise for going under 300,,,, again.

kingsqueak 07-15-13 05:16 AM

Weight is only a number. More do you feel now?

I started low-carb over a year ago now and part of sitting by and waiting it out, I made sure I didn't weigh myself more than once a month. Once I noticed a plateau, that's how I wound up here, adding exercise to the mix.

Step by step, slow and steady is the best way to lose it or it won't stay off. Rarely does anyone pile all their weight on in a year, in my case it was more than 10 years, so losing a good chunk, even if it was half of what I targeted in a year is still pretty solid results.

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