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Jarrett2 07-16-13 08:37 AM

Hybrids and Carpal Tunnel
I started riding in May and have done 535 miles so far. I do most of my riding on a Trek FX 7.2. I'm riding everyday and getting my weekly total up to 100+ miles a week in the last couple of weeks. I've got the Ergon grips with the palm pad extensions, the biggest gel pad gloves I can find, adjusted the bars to sit slightly more upright than stock, but still I'm starting to see symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. It's staying a 24/7 slight pins and needles feeling in my thumb, index and middle fingers.

Most of the time I can't tell, but I play bass guitar and when I play I can feel it now. A slight tingle in there constantly. I skipped riding yesterday due to rain, but the sensation did not go away. It's really at the very early stages and is not causing me any problems right now other than an unusual sensation. I just want to make sure it doesn't get worse and would like to stop it all together if possible.

I'm wondering if others have run into this and found a solution. Thanks in advance.

Fangowolf 07-16-13 08:52 AM

I'm no expert, but have you tried adjusting the angle of the grips? I would try to rotate the right one clockwise a bit.

MattFoley 07-16-13 09:02 AM

Bar ends might help...IME, having my hands palm-in, rather than palm-down, pretty much eliminates wrist pain/hand numbness. Also, I find that gel pad gloves are much less comfortable than gloves with little or no padding, as they create more pressure points on your palms and constrict bloodflow due to the pads bunching. And if you haven't already, try riding with no-hands for bit every few miles. It takes practice, but even just riding with your hands off the bar for a minute can help a lot.

MRT2 07-16-13 09:56 AM

Flat handlebars might be putting pressure on the ulnar nerve or the median nerve. Bar ends, or mustache handlebars might help or switching to a bike with drop bars, and riding on the hoods. I never tried it, but I did test ride a bike last year with woodchipper bars, and they seemed very comfortable, especially for the hands and wrists.
Here is an article I found on cycling related hand problems.

jsigone 07-16-13 10:02 AM

you probably need a flat bar with more back sweep.

MRT2 07-16-13 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 15856568)
you probably need a flat bar with more back sweep.

And at least one alternate hand position. Flat bars are just not optimal for long hours in the saddle.

jsigone 07-16-13 10:33 AM

I run these on my SS 29er, super wide to allow for different front grips, bar ends aren't REALLY needed but could help. Backsweep is a comfy 9*, I use ESI foam grips and longest ride has been over 8hrs on them.

there bar ends works nice

Jarrett2 07-18-13 10:22 AM

Thanks for all of the info. I recently traded my first bike in on a Trek DS 8.3. It has flatter, more narrow bars and round grips on it compared to my FX 7.2. The geometry of the bike is slightly diff as well. After riding it for a couple of days I've found my carpal tunnel symptoms have pretty much subsided and for some reason, I've picked up speed as well. Going much faster on the DS 8.3 than the FX 7.2 for some reason, can't figure it out, but not looking a gift horse in the mouth on either count.

Bent Bill 07-18-13 06:31 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I have had the same problem to the point of some swelling
I tried a drop bar bike riding on the hoods only and that solved my pain/swelling issues
I have the bike adjusted with the hoods much lower now than in this pic
about even with the saddle
Heres a pic of the conversion to drop bars from flat bars
I don't know if this is something you want to do
but it helped me a lot

Notgrownup 07-18-13 07:34 PM

Gotta try anything and everything...I have my bars way up, bar ends...getting better every day...i made myself a wrist/forearm exerciser today to work on my wrist/forearm muscles too.... take a 1-1/4" dowel about 12-18" long, drill a 1/4 hole in the middle, run a string or small rope about 4-5 foot long and tie the neds through the hole... tie the other end to a 2 liter bottle add water about a 1/4 full... hold you hands out and twist the cord around up and down... arm exerciser....I am although trading my bike theis weekend, only had it a month but my LBS sais if i wasn't happy he wasn't either... I am either getting a bigger quick frame or a road bike...After i test ride one for about 10 miles.... Just try a angle steering stem adapter...

Jarrett2 07-19-13 08:09 AM

I hadn't thought of high drop bars. That's an interesting concept.

Notgrownup 07-19-13 09:25 AM

Sometimes it just takes a suggestion....

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