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LabRat2k3 07-25-13 10:31 AM

Today's ride, meeting goals.
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Had a great ride today. My normal ride is along the road I live on back and forth between two large, to me at least, hills that I didn't think I could get up. It's not bad there is 4 miles between the two big hills that I just make laps of until I hit my time or mileage goal for that day. It is a nice ride through a beautiful area with just a few small hills and makes for a good workout.
Today however I made up my mind that I was going to conquer one of the large hills. I rode my normal route for about 3.5 miles until I was near my challenge for today. I could fell myself getting a bit of an adrenaline boost as I rode past my normal turn around spot and started up the hill. I just told my self " Keep shifting and peddling until you run out of gears, gas, or hill!" and by god I ran out of hill first! I wasn't going very fast, both my legs and lungs were burning, but I was on top. It felt great.
It felt so great that I just kept on riding, about 3.5 miles more until I arrived at a spot I had as a goal, but thought it would be late in the fall before I was in good enough shape to get there. I felt like the king of the world. I stopped for couple of minutes, drank some of my 50/50 Gatorade /water, and took a pic of my bike with the sign. It may just be a cheap Schwinn MTB from Dunham's, but it has carried me farther than I ever though I could go on a bike.
The return ride was pretty easy, I got tho go down the big hill instead of up :) ,and even with the big hill in my way and stopping to rest at the mid-point I averaged 11.8 MPH and ended up doing 14 miles.
Conquer big hill - check
Reaching a goal destination- check
Riding farther that I ever did before - check
Breaking the 100 miles mark for the month - check
Yeah, it was a very good morning. :thumb:

ill.clyde 07-25-13 10:35 AM


Jarrett2 07-25-13 11:01 AM

very cool man!

bbeasley 07-25-13 11:12 AM

Uh Oh, now you've went and done it. Be careful those hills become very addicting. Next thing you know the flats are annoying.


IBOHUNT 07-25-13 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by bbeasley (Post 15887930)
Uh Oh, now you've went and done it. Be careful those hills become very addicting. Next thing you know the flats are annoying.


And you end up driving for 2 hours to go ride those hills eh?

Black wallnut 07-25-13 01:37 PM

Good for you. Sounds like your fitness is building momentum what is your next set of goals? 20 mile ride? Keep reaching past your comfort zone, I know you can do it.

kc0bbq 07-25-13 01:48 PM

Big congratulations! For a while your brain is a bigger enemy than your heart, lungs, and legs. You probably will find out your real boundaries are more impressive yet.

Or you'll get overconfident. I had to walk part of two hills last night. One was scary steep and I hadn't quite recovered for the second. Saying that I'll probably check my garmin today and find they were something I already know I can do, like 8% grade and feel worse. First time I tried the unpaved trails there and I guess the ones with red lettering on the signs indicate death. Some of the trails have no bikes signs, so I have to assume I was ok one the ones that didn't.

Street Pedaler 07-25-13 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by LabRat2k3 (Post 15887734)
" Keep shifting and peddling until you run out of gears, gas, or hill!" and by god I ran out of hill first!

I love that! Good job. :)

CommuteCommando 07-25-13 03:28 PM

Good job, now go out there an find a bigger hill.

1FatBikeRider 07-25-13 03:30 PM

Congrats! Thats a good feeling!

LabRat2k3 07-25-13 05:16 PM

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. I have a couple of new short term goals. First is to improve my speed and time for the ride I did today. Second will be 20 miles and I already have a plan as where to do that. I live near the Greenbrier River Trail, it is a 77 mile long rail to trail, trail so I should be able to complete several of my mileage goals there. As far as hills go I won't have to look too far for the next one, that's all we have around here. That is kind of one of my long term goals though. There is a road near my house that is nothing but one hill after another for about 4 or 5 miles. I've seen people riding it in the past and thought they had to be crazy, now I want to try it. That will be after I get a road bike though, don't want to have to fight my front suspension the whole way.
I just re-read my first post and, holy miss spelled words batman! I guess that's what you get when you post after working all night then pushing yourself to your personal best, and I think I was still a little high from the thrill of accomplishment.

jimmyj726 07-25-13 05:34 PM

Congratulations LabRat. I also ride a Schwinn MTB that I changed the tires to 26 X 1.25. The narrower tires really help with rolling resistance. I also have the suspension on the front. I have been thinking about either changing the front fork to a non-suspension fork or getting a road bike. I started riding the first part of this month and now do daily 25 milers. But I'm in Florida where there are no hills. Good luck and keep pedaling.

GTryder 07-25-13 05:48 PM


Sometimes it pays to just "go for it." When I first started commuting I would "break up" the steep hill our city is built on by riding the first blocks up then over a block, up a block, etc. This adds 10 to 15 minutes to the route as opposed to going directly up the hill. One day I was running late, so just kept pedalling and shifting down - made it up with "gas" to spare. Now I can do this hill, direct route, with a single speed, standing on the pedals.

LabRat2k3 07-29-13 07:46 AM

I'm not sure how accurate Strava is about grade, but if it is close I don't feel like such a wimp now. I climbed this hill again this morning and it showed it as 20% grade, glad it's only about 1/4 mile long. The hill on the other end of my ride is 12%. Oddly enough one of the hills in the middle that I admit kicks my butt, but I didn't look as steep as the others, shows up at 15%.

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