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Deaver 08-01-13 03:39 PM

Biggest Loser: August Edition
So in keeping with mattgmann's original post for July's version

Post your Starting Weight
Post your Mileage goal
Post your Weight loss goal

and how you plan to get there

Best of luck to all

Deaver 08-01-13 03:43 PM

Starting weight: 215
Mileage Goal: 250 Miles
Lose 10 Pounds

I will stop whining, stay focused, ride more and eat better

blackvans1234 08-01-13 04:05 PM

Post your Starting Weight: 195 POUNDS
Post your Mileage goal: 1000KM (622 miles)
Post your Weight loss goal: 190 pounds

kc0bbq 08-01-13 04:34 PM

I was 194.4 this morning, up a bit because I overdid dinner last night...

Goal for the month is fairly modest, seeing the scale drop below 190. So let's say 5 pounds. That'll put me within 15 pounds of my final target.

Mileage goal - 300.

IAMAMRA 08-01-13 05:09 PM

300 starting
290 is my goal weight for the month
101 miles is my mileage goal
I plan to continue WW, and really work on getting my water consumption up.

wi 08/0613 -4.4

iTrek 08-01-13 05:21 PM

Starting Weight: 258.4
Mileage goal: 250
Weight loss goal: -5

IndianaRecRider 08-01-13 07:09 PM

Starting weight = 244.0 pounds (down from 248.4 on July 1st).
Mileage goal = 250 miles.
Weight loss goal = 6 pounds.

How do I plan to get there? Ride like heck, eat more sensibly, cut out all sodas (regular AND diet), ride some more, go for more walks around my apartment complex and oh yes, have I mentioned riding even more?

:D :)

Planemaker 08-01-13 08:36 PM

Starting Weight = 232 pounds
Mileage Goal = 600 miles
Weight Loss Goal = 12 pounds

3rdcoast 08-01-13 09:28 PM

I'm on vacation for the next few days but still think I can get in 500 miles.
Would love to see 205, so 9 pounds for me.

LabRat2k3 08-01-13 09:59 PM

Starting weight = 263
Mileage goal = 250
Weight goal = 250
Plan of attack = Make good food choices and strict portion control, drink more water, pick up the intensity and lengths of my rides. The small ring is forbidden this month and the large ring will get used. Last month was my first month; I kind of took it easy on myself and still lost 8 pounds. This month I’m looking at it this more like training and less like enjoyable bike riding.

Deaver 08-01-13 10:42 PM


Your plan sounds good but please be careful with your ring choices. It is more productive to learn and spin a steady 70 to 90 RPM on the cranks verses "mashing" the harder gears. Your knees among other things may thank you for the spin approach.

LabRat2k3 08-01-13 11:20 PM

Thanks, that is very good advice. Reading my post it does seem like I am planning on beating myself up pretty good. That is not what I have in mind, but I guess I expressed it poorly. Training to the point of injury is very counterproductive, and I plan to avoid that at all costs. Let me try to express my thoughts better.
When I started riding at the first of last month I was doing it all wrong just trying to muscle my way through it. Through reading posts on here I learned the difference between spinning and mashing, and my rides became so much more enjoyable. I decided to ride like this; if my legs were burning I would shift to an easier gear, if I was peddling like mad and going nowhere then I shifted to a harder gear. I didn’t worry about, cadence, what gear I was in, MPH, or any of that stuff I just listened to what my body was telling me. Near the end of the month I found the gears that felt right were moving farther up the scale on the middle ring, and now spend most of my time near the top of the selection on the middle. It seemed like every few days I found myself wanting to be between gears, shift down and I was starting to bounce, up and I started to burn. I decided in those cases to go with the harder gear and just work my legs a little, after a couple of days that gear would feel comfortable. I was just building my strength and endurance. So this month I plan to shift more to the lower end of the third ring, instead of the top of the middle, and use the middle ring for the hills. If I find that I am having joint pain going this route I will back off, but I think there is enough overlap in gearing that it should work. Again I will listen to my body, but I plan on moving more towards a workout mentality than just the enjoyable bike ride side of things. I’m still learning about all this, and will change my plan as I feel is needed, after all I’m trying to get healthy not hurt.

bakeoh99 08-02-13 07:56 AM

I'm in for the challenge.

Starting weight = 255
Mileage goal = 300
Weight goal = 240

TXsailor 08-02-13 12:32 PM

Ok I'll join in. Current weight 200
Mileage goal 200
Weight goal 190

CommuteCommando 08-02-13 12:47 PM

1Mm (1000km)

jsigone 08-02-13 02:07 PM

Well since something worked for me last month losing 8 lbs in two weeks. I might as well keep it rolling.

Today starting weight is 200.8
Bike goal : 300m/ 30k ft vertical
Running goal: 40 miles and speed of 8min mile in there somewhere
Weight goal: 193

evrythngsgngrn 08-02-13 03:05 PM

Starting weight: 241
Goal Weight: 229
Bike: 100km (now 150)

How to get there: alternating days at the gym and days on the bike for the first week while half of the children are away, and late night gym visits for the rest of the month.

Edit: Might as well bump up my distance to 150km, as I knocked off 45km of that tonight with 1200' of climbing, didn't think I was going to have time to do any longer rides, but the opportunity presented itself.

Campincatfish 08-04-13 05:13 PM

Post your Starting Weight: 280 (From 300 in March)
Post your Mileage goal: 200
Post your Weight loss goal: 265

and how you plan to get there: Continue diet & exercise. I have lost a total of 90 pounds in 2 years and working hard now to get to my goal of 200.

3rdcoast 08-05-13 09:35 PM

27 miles today, so that's 27 total for the month

brons2 08-06-13 12:07 AM

269 lbs currently. 250 miles this month sounds like a nice round number. I'd like to get down to 260. I'm 6'7" so it's a bit harder for me to lose weight than say someone who's 5'7" and 270. But I'll do my best to meet both goals. This will run parallel to our weight loss contest at work, in which I am in last place with a loss of only 5 lbs :( I'm competitive and I need to do something about this situation!

really I should be able to do it if I am consistent with my diet and exercise, and most especially avoid dietary breakdowns like binging on cake and sweets and so forth...

Ronno6 08-06-13 05:32 AM

Starting weight...218
Mileage Goal.......800
Weight goal........210

I have reached a point in the reduction program (252.8 in April) where the losses are more difficult to achieve.
I find that even minor slip-ups result in weight gains, even if temporary.
No trips planned for the month, so all goals should be attainable if I mind my P's and Q's.

Aug. 8 update
Mileage week 1....230
Not a bad week at all!

iTrek 08-06-13 09:45 AM

Starting Weight: 258.4
Mileage goal: 250
Weight loss goal: -5

8/6 - 261.8 = +3.4

Ttl Miles - 26


Ronno6 08-06-13 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by iTrek (Post 15931069)

Starting Weight: 258.4
8/6 - 261.8 = +3.4


Been there........done that.........OFTEN !!

3rdcoast 08-08-13 09:24 PM

27 again today. 54 for the month

iTrek 08-08-13 09:46 PM

Starting Weight: 258.4
Mileage goal: 250
Weight loss goal: -5

8/6 - 261.8
8/8 - 257.2 = -1.2

Ttl Miles - 51

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