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CandSAdventures 08-03-13 07:38 PM

DFW Tour de Cure
Rode the DFW Tour de Cure today. This was may second year to ride it. Last year was not enjoyable. The charity rides always say it's not a race. This year, I slowed way down and instead of riding the 60 mile route, trying to go at it hard, I chose the 32. I had a blast! This was my 5th charity ride this year and maybe my favorite. The route was good. Very little wind. It is always hot in N. Texas this time of the big deal, just had to plan for it. It was nice to enjoy the scenery instead of pushing for a faster pace.

My daily ride is always alone so these rides are fun for me and I use them a motivational goals. I meet the most interesting people and usually see some of the same ones at each ride. This one has no major hills, just gentle rollers. The first couple of miles were a lap inside the Texas Motor Speedway. Dang that place is big inside! The finish line was lined with kids armed with super soakers. They even asked before they blasted you.

It was a great day for a bike ride (aren't they all?) and a great bike ride. Thanks for reading.

StephenH 08-03-13 10:07 PM

I rode the Tour de Cure two years ago, I think. Not a race, but I just went ahead and rode through it as fast as I could anyway (and had very few people ahead of me). But all in all, I think I prefer the ones where you just pay your money and do the ride.

donalson 08-03-13 11:16 PM

kewl... I'm thinking about running the houston TDC next month... I did the 100k in Pensacola, FL a few years ago... was a great ride... did it on my MTB with skinny tires and alt bars, rode with a few guys from my old MTB club back in FL (PORC pensacola off road riders club)... I was the slow one of the group (other guys ride road frequently and are much faster riders)... thankfully they held back and stuck with me for all but the last few miles of the ride when I had my 3rd spoke snap on my rear wheel so I had ot go real slow... having never ridden with a group I was amazed at how much ridding in a line.

anyway I can't see riding this ride as a race... but I did know a few guys who rode the the 25 miles down to the start, finished quickly on the 100k and rode home...

TrojanHorse 08-03-13 11:59 PM

PhotoJoe, EjaBottechia, BeachGrad05 and I rode the TdC century in Long Beach this year and I think we all had a good time. Rides in the company of friends are always more fun, and even if you ride solo at an organized ride you can usually find somebody to ride "with"

dave5339 08-04-13 07:15 AM


Thank you for being out there for the Tour D' Cure! It was also my second year out there for the 62 mile ride with Team Red, (am a Type II diabetic).

I had a blast out there, well organized, well supported and a really fun course, (especially the 2nd half).

Last year I'd taken my time and enjoyed the scenery and company. This year I wanted to push to see what I could do. I was pretty happy with an 18.5 avg for the ride. And yep, those kids at the end with the supersoakers were greatly appreciated.

Semper Fi

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