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evrythngsgngrn 08-06-13 05:02 AM

How often do you step on the scale?
While everyone is trying to meet their goals, or maintain and get stronger, how often do you step on the scale to see how you're doing?

Lacumo 08-06-13 05:47 AM

Daily without exception. For me---there's nothing like current information to know where I stand and keep myself motivated.
The up2-down3, up4-down3 pogo sticking can be disheartening and weighing in more frequently than weekly probably doesn't
serve any meaningful purpose, but I prefer knowing exactly where I am and it helps me maintain focus on the issue.

volosong 08-06-13 06:08 AM

First thing in the morning, (we weigh less then).

PhotoJoe 08-06-13 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by volosong (Post 15930348)
First thing in the morning, (we weigh less then).

Me too, but sadly I don't weigh ENOUGH less then! :(

MikeRides 08-06-13 08:27 AM

End of the last day of every month. No exceptions.
I need to improve my diet so the changes in my weight more impressive.

mrodgers 08-06-13 08:44 AM

Had to say more than once a day. Literally once an hour. I manufacture foam bead material and have to stand on the material scale while I hang a 4x4x5 foot bag to fill every hour.

Good thing is, it reads 3 lb. high, so when I get home, take off the 3 pounds of clothing and pocket stuff, and step on my scale at home, I've lost 6 pounds on the half hour drive, LOL.

CommuteCommando 08-06-13 09:07 AM

First thing in the AM. I responded once daily, thought I sometimes weigh in the middle of the day. The AM weight is the one I record.

Randolfo 08-06-13 09:09 AM

Every morning, unfortunately.

brons2 08-06-13 09:31 AM

once a week, when we have our weekly weigh-ins for the weight loss competition at work.

Ronno6 08-06-13 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by CommuteCommando (Post 15930921)
First thing in the AM. I responded once daily, thought I sometimes weigh in the middle of the day. The AM weight is the one I record.

+1 to that.
The first thing out of bed in the morning is the official weight for the day, but I like to weigh myself after I come in from my ride, just to
see how much sweat I lost, and to motivate me to "be good" during the day in order to see a loss the next morning.

volosong 08-06-13 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by Ronno6 (Post 15931033)
...I like to weigh myself after I come in from my ride, just to
see how much sweat I lost, and to motivate me to "be good" during the day in order to see a loss the next morning.

Amen to that. I "love" weighing myself after a longish, intense ride. It's amazing how much "weight" we lose after a ride.

I've resorted to cheating when I see my doctor. It's a bit of a drive, and I've been taking my bike so that I can ride afterward in a different environment. I wear my kit to the appointment because they record whatever weight shows, no matter how much clothing I'm wearing. Bicycle clothing must weight a few pounds less than normal civies.

Judi 08-06-13 09:57 AM

If I were smarter, I'd limit myself to once a month. If I get on the scale at the wrong time of the month, I'm ten pounds heavier from water retention and then I get frustrated and feel like my diet's not working.

irwin7638 08-06-13 10:54 AM

On the first of the month only. Any gain or loss in between is insignificant and distracting.


WonderMonkey 08-06-13 11:05 AM

Once a day. Though I used it as a trend indicator more than anything else. The trend itself is what guides me.

ponzini 08-06-13 11:27 AM

Not often enough. I weighed yesterday and was up 7 pounds.. It's backnto calorie watching.

InTheRain 08-06-13 11:32 AM

It's 2-6 times per week for me (more like 3 times per week.) I don't really know why I do it. Based on my eating habits and exercise, I can tell you what it's going to say before I get on... and my estimate will be within .5 to 2 lbs almost every time. I get on more often when I know my weight is going up (just to have solid evidence that I'm not controlling it the way I know I should) than when I know my weight is going down.

donalson 08-06-13 12:41 PM

when I was Following the body for life program I would weigh in once a week, first thing in the morning after I'd done my "business" I then would go and take my weekly pictures and take a dozen or so measurements on my body...

at one point I did the measurements and pics from 6 or so months apart when I asked friends and family to speculate on weight loss between the two the average was about 50lbs loss... in reality I'd lost only 4 between those two pictures... I had significant reduction of fat and a lot of muscle growth... so IMHO tracking weight by itself is a useless number... when you add in all the other factors you've got a much better picture of true health and weight loss.

that being said... for fun I enjoy hopping on the scale throughout the day, especially after a long ride but if I'm really tracking numbers it will be first thing after I wake and use the bathroom.

himespau 08-06-13 12:57 PM

I do the weight watchers online thing so for that I weigh myself once a week. I'll do it 2-4 other times during the week (some weeks more, some less) to see how it's going generally so I don't get a big surprise on my weekly weigh in.

Penny4 08-06-13 01:08 PM

Once in the morning, once before I go to bed. I know, a bit obsessive.

rumrunn6 08-06-13 01:15 PM

used to weigh myself every day, used to do this at the gym cuz it was convenient and they had a really nice medical style scale. my scale at home is flaky and don't know where it is. current gym says their scales always get stolen ... :wtf:

literally can not remember the last time I weighed myself. must have been years ago

Shepp30 08-06-13 01:35 PM

Every morning without fail, after getting out of the shower - have to replace the battery a couple times per year. It is the lightest I will likely be all day - it keeps me motivated and focused, how else will you know?

When I don't, 10 pounds is upon me before I know it ... especially during the winter.

dm83 08-06-13 02:09 PM

Never, weight means nothing, LBM and bf% are what matters, and scales aren't a precise tool for that.

2 wheeler 08-06-13 02:13 PM

I hadn't weighed myself for maybe a year or more, but since I started, this month, with the Century Challenge thread, I finally weighed. My guess of 235 was dead on.

I intend to weigh once a week to see how things are progressing. But, like donalson pointed out above, the scale figure is not the only measure of slimming down because losing fat and gaining muscle tend to offset each other, to some extent. Other indicators, like differences in how clothes fit and getting to another notch on the belt count, too.

evrythngsgngrn 08-06-13 02:28 PM

I used to step on once a week, but have started every morning, and the past few days I'll do it again at the end of the day, which gives me an idea of what the morning reading will be and lets me know how things went during the day.

I agree the other measurements mean more and I take those periodically, they're just harder to do all the time to get a feeling of progress.

Chitown_Mike 08-06-13 02:31 PM

I try not to dwell but usually 3-4 times a week, just to see where I am at.

I will also before and after a long ride to keep track of my water weight loss.

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