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RAMBOZO 08-11-13 07:09 PM

New guy on the forums
Names Tim, glad to see this section. I recently purchased another road bike, after being lazy for a great while, gained a bunch of weight, got pancreatitis, almost died, now I am sick of being this unhealthy, so I decided to try and turn my life back around. I used to ride all the time, not touring but as my main source of transportation around town. I am very optimistic about doing this, I got what I think will be a dependable bike, but finding the time to ride in my current situation is tough. I watch my kids all day every day, so I think I need a indoor trainer. I have read about a few and am thinking about a cyclops mag trainer, or a blackburn mag trainer. These are all over Craigslist in Portland for $100. Any words of encouragement, and advice on the trainer would be great. Also I was told by a cycling friend that I should look into wheels for my bike before anything because of my size, any recommendations on a reasonably priced very strong wheelset?

btpdragon 08-11-13 07:45 PM

Welcome to the forums,

I use a cycleops super magneto that i picked up on CL. It works great and is actually very quiet. You can get a very good workout going on the indoor trainer.

When I purchased my bike, the LBS suggested upgrading the wheels. I have been running the Mavic Aksium Race wheels they recommended for a few years with no problems. You can sometimes pick up a set fairly cheap on CL.

RAMBOZO 08-11-13 08:19 PM

Awesome! Thanks for the tips.

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