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WillCorrington 08-14-13 06:15 PM

Cheap Pearl Izumi Gloves @ Amazon
Pretty good deal on Pearl Izumi gloves at Amazon. Mine are falling apart so this is perfect timing.

Wouldn't wait too long if interested. These slickdeals deals usually deplete the stock pretty quick.

WillCorrington 08-14-13 06:17 PM

Well, looks like most of the deals are already dead. Picked mine up earlier. Should have posted sooner.

Tel0004 08-14-13 07:09 PM

The price is good, and I will need long fingered gloves soon, I just placed an order for a pair of gloves, arm warmers, and a skull cap. I'm sure I'll be needing them somewhat soon. I'm not planning on doing any serious winter cycling, but when its above 40, I want to be able to ride, and this will put me in the right direction.

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