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Riding in undesirable weather...

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

Riding in undesirable weather...

Old 08-16-13, 10:58 AM
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Riding in undesirable weather...

What are yals thoughts on riding in uncomfortable weather? Today it has been raining off and on all day since early in the morning and its gotten fairly chilly outside as Fall is approaching. I've kinda been not wanting to ride today because I don't want to get soaked but at the same time I'm restless and I really wanna ride cause I need to get 20 miles in by the end of the week to meet my goal. What would you do on a day like this?
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Old 08-16-13, 11:03 AM
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I'm a fair weather rider ... Unless I'm caught out in the rain after starting a ride, or faced with riding home in the rain on my commute after work, I stay indoors
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Old 08-16-13, 11:37 AM
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I'm with ill.clyde. I'm into enjoyable cycling--not foul weather self-punishment. I don't go out in bad weather and I do my best to avoid getting caught in weather that goes bad.
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Old 08-16-13, 11:51 AM
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Generally, I won't just go ride if it's raining.
However, I have seen lots of times when people didn't ride because it looked like it "might" rain. That's a different issue, there's lots of good riding to be done when it "might" rain. Yeah, you might occasionally get caught in the rain, too, and that's okay.
Here in my area, there's 2 days out of the year when it's just right. The rest of the time, it's too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid, too rainy, too dark, or too something. So whether you ride a lot or sit in front of the TV for 363 days a year is mostly a matter of mental adjustment.
"be careful this rando stuff is addictive and dan's the 'pusher'."
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Old 08-16-13, 11:52 AM
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Unless I am riding in an organized group ride, I do not venture out in rainy weather.
However, that being said, I usually find that I perform better in the rain, as the water seems to keep
my core temperature lower and power output rises as a result.
All in all, I have done some of my best rides in the rain, miserable though things may have been.
But, it sure makes a mess outa the bike!
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Old 08-16-13, 11:55 AM
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I ride in rain as long as it's not raining so hard that visibility and safety become an issue. I actually love riding in a nice steady shower. I'm just weird that way but I love the sound of the tires on wet streets. I absolutely do not mess around with lightning, though. I may be stupid, but I'm not crazy.
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Old 08-16-13, 12:10 PM
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I'm going to have to face this issue in about a month or so. Up here on the eastern slopes of the Cascades (PNW), it doesn't rain in the summer. OK, we had ONE rain storm during the summer this year, but essentially, it's totally dry.

The end of September brings a whole different scenario; rain. Frequent rain. For weeks at a time. And it gets chilly.

I've not been as active in cycling in the last 30 years or so as I am now, so I've got some interesting times ahead. Usually, I just stop riding and hit the rollers once in a while, but that hasn't been as frequent as it should have been.

I'm considering setting up my ancient mountain bike with slicks so I can still get some miles in and not trash out my nice road bike on the wet roads. Later in the fall/winter they salt the roads which will ruin a bicycle in short order. During those times, it's rollers or nothing.

So, I've got some decisions to make for sure!
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Old 08-16-13, 12:16 PM
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In Southern California, it rains two days out of the year. I can sit those out. Yes, I'm a wimp. Even when it rains here, it's rarely colder than the high 40's.

However, only 20 miles to reach your goal? Get riding, son. It's worth it!
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Old 08-16-13, 12:17 PM
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I don't ride when it's wet out either. I just have this fear of sliding out while going around a curve and hitting the deck hard. The last thing I need is to break my collarbone a third time.

I have been caught out in the rain when mountain biking which was not pleasant, especially on those rooty sections. Plus I hate having to pedal around with wet feet. Maybe once I get more of the ride-every-day bug, I'll feel differently, but until then, I'll wait for the dry roads.
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Old 08-16-13, 12:46 PM
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If it's raining or been raining all day, I don't ride. If the clouds look threatening and/or the forecast calls for over 50% rain but it hasn't rained yet, I'll take my chances and do a quick 10-15 miles. Since starting in April, I think I rode in the rain twice and just missed a downpour once. Steady but light rain doesn't bother me much but heavy downpours and thunderstorms I usually stay indoors.

I'm assuming you own a towel, just dry yourself and your bike off when you get home, neither of you will melt in a little rain.
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Old 08-16-13, 12:59 PM
Mr Sinister
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I will ride in a light rain or a drizzle. Have been known to ride in a light snow too. When its raining hard I run and hide. I have been caught in a downpour or 5 in my time, and a thunderstorm too.

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Old 08-16-13, 01:40 PM
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I have ridden in some of the most horrid weather as I used to be a regular commuter. I'm trying to talk myself into that lifestyle again and the weather where I live is not good a lot of the time.
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Old 08-16-13, 01:49 PM
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I'm with Street Pedaler, if it's not a safety issue, I don't mind a little rain, it's kind of relaxing I think. You do have to be mindful of getting too wet when the temperature drops. I guess my rule is, I do what I fell safe doing. After all I'm trying to get into better shape not sick or injured. If it is too bad to ride I just try to find some other activity to do.
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Old 08-16-13, 02:09 PM
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I'll ride in a steady soaking rain if it's above 70f. That's warm enough to reduce the risk of cooling that might leave me with a cold or worse. I like a little rain on a hot day and will ride expecting scattered rain during the summer.

I also have rain gear for colder weather, but if it's below 70f, I'll limit myself to short rides and I will quickly change into dry clothes at the first opportunity.

Strangely, I don't mind snowfall. I have studded tires to be used as needed. I also have clothes that work well in the 18 to 30f range. So I go in snow.

2011 Origin 8 CX700. Currently with Schwalbe Marathon Winters studded tires


I will also use a cross bike with Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires;

When I ride my bike I feel free and happy and strong. I'm liberated from the usual nonsense of day to day life. Solid, dependable, silent, my bike is my horse, my fighter jet, my island, my friend. Together we will conquer that hill and thereafter the world.

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Old 08-16-13, 02:17 PM
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Rain's OK if you have the appropriate gear (warm enough gloves, rain jacket, booties), as long as you don't mind getting wet.

I hate cleaning my bike after it rains though.

As PJ said above, it rarely rains here but my riding time is so tight that if it's raining, I'm going anyway.
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Old 08-16-13, 02:34 PM
eja_ bottecchia
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In response to your question, may I please refer you to Rule #9 'of the Velominati. It reads thusly,

Fair-weather riding is a luxury reserved for Sunday afternoons and wide boulevards. Those who ride in foul weather – be it cold, wet, or inordinately hot – are members of a special club of riders who, on the morning of a big ride, pull back the curtain to check the weather and, upon seeing rain falling from the skies, allow a wry smile to spread across their face. This is a rider who loves the work.

Be a badass and don't let bad weather get in the way of a good ride.

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Old 08-16-13, 02:37 PM
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I have a rain bike, but unfortunately we have alot of thunderstorms. I don't mind getting wet, especially as hot as it usually is around here, but lightning will end a ride quickly.
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Old 08-16-13, 02:42 PM
got the climbing bug
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Originally Posted by eja_ bottecchia View Post
Be a badass and don't let bad weather get in the way of a good ride.
yes to this
Rule #10 // It never gets easier, you just go faster.
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Living where I do, if I didn't ride in the rain, I wouldn't get much riding in.

I just returned from a 10*C, rainy ride that resulted in Mrs. Fred laughing at me when she saw how much grit, grime and road spray there was on my face.

Much colder and I start to get uncomfortable. But, this mornings outfit was wool socks & booties, 3/4 length bibs, a sleeveless base layer, LS jersey, roubaix fleece vest, long finger gloves and a wind/rain vest.

No problems.
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Short of immediately life threatening weather, it is always a good time to ride.
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Originally Posted by codyhmrck View Post
its gotten fairly chilly outside as Fall is approaching
Looks at location, North Carolina.

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Drizzle is fine, snow is fine. 105F with smoke in the air, not fine.
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Not safe for work
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I ride in rain but I didn't just make a squee noise and hop on my bike when it started pouring one day. I built up to it starting with a surprise summer shower my first year of commuting. Summer showers are warm and I'm soaked with sweat anyway and it isn't a big deal. The first ride I did with hail was scary but the hail around here tends to be the size of rock salt and is brief. Then came the autumn rain and I was wearing a fleece sweater which didn't soak up the rain like a sponge. I figured that was ok and kept on going. The toughest rain was a November frozen rain and I was wearing a windproof layer and while I was wet, I wasn't cold. It seems the name of the game is "acclimatizing" and soon a spring shower is nice, a summer shower is nothing, and thunderstorms make you twitch and you stay home, but late autumn rain is bracing and good for the soul. And building up an array of weather appropriate clothes is an excellent idea. Especially sales. I love sales.
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Old 08-16-13, 05:05 PM
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+1 on correct gear. Waterproof clothing aside, I think glasses and fenders are preferable if you have treaded tires. I learned that the hard way my first time, spent most of my commute having water shot straight up my nose and into my eyes. Good times
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Clothing that is comfortable when wet is key. Cycling shorts and wicking top etc. Tech clothing is comfortable wet or dry. The gear that tries to keep you dry, when exerting yoursel often makes you feel worse.
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