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Couch-to-5k Progress

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Couch-to-5k Progress

About a year ago I posted a thread about starting the Couch-to-5k program, but I honestly never stuck with it. Five weeks ago I tried it again with a couple of friends and today marked the end of week five which is the two mile run (or twenty minutes). We were successful in completing the two mile run without stopping with energy left to spare! There was a fantastic sea breeze and mist-like rain that felt amazing. We all had our doubts about whether we would be able to finish or not but we did.

I might just jump on the bandwagon and treat myself to a better pair of shoes because the ones I have are almost shot. And to top it all off I've dropped from 275lbs to 259 after hovering at the same weight for nearly six months! If you haven't tried this program you really should. If you HAVE, please share you experience. And did it help or harm your cycling performance? Weight loss improvements or gains?
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I didn't do couch to 5k, but I did start running and have run a few 5k's, and 4 & 5 mile races. No improvement to my cycling and in fact, cycling suffered as I ran more and cut back on cycling. I'm back to a better balance of cycling and running. As for weight loss, I took up running to lose weight, but there hasn't been much weight loss, but that's 100% due to me not cutting back enough on food. Weight loss is always fewer calories taken in than burned and I haven't been careful at all w/ the calorie intake. I haven't minded either. Those calories tasted good.

As for shoes, since you're pounding on your feet, treat them right and get fitted for a proper pair of shoes. Then replace them every few hundred miles. The goal is to run injury free.
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Ironic that this comes up... I'll be starting c25k on 9/2 and working on some running form things before that. I've done the program before, and it was great for me. I did the time version, but this time I'm going to try the distance program with the GPS on my phone and the rundouble app. I'm adding running back into my schedule to help me get through the winter. I'll be running a 5k in December, barring any problems.
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I have down the program before and stopped after Week 7 because I started too late in the year and started to loss light. I then turned to Insanity. I dropped a total of 50lbs, so now to maintain I run, insanity, bike and play soccer along with counting my calories.
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Mrs. Fred has been running more than cycling lately as a consequence of a friend bringing her shoes on our christmas/new year cycling tour and Mrs. Fred seeing how easy it was to get a quality workout in minimal time and with minimal equipment.

She's slowly worked her way up in duration and distance to the point of now doing 10k training runs. While she's happy with that, it has impacted on her cycling fitness. We met up with some friends, who she would have expected to be stronger than, at an MTB park a few weeks ago. She was left panting and gasping and realizing that she hasn't been cycling as much as she has been running.

With regard to fitness: it's all good. But, beyond basic cardio, there's minimal cross benefit between the two. And, certainly if one is cutting into the time committed to the other you will see a detraining tendancy. Now, if you can maintain your cycling volume and actually add running volume, I suspect you would come out marginally ahead. Not as far as if you added the time solely to cycling. But, any increase in fitness is better than none at all. And, weight loss would trump the other factors anyhow.

Keep it up Axiom.
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Congrats, 10 min miles are very respectable if you can extend that distance a little.

In the gym I run on a treadmill, the kind that allows you to incline or decline by a quick push button. I know it's not the same as running in the wild, but I've had my knee surgery and not looking to beat up knees and ankles any more. Luv it, a precursor to my workouts. I'll do 5ks as warm-up for spin class or core.

For me, running is a litmus test for my fitness. If I can run a 5K and feel fine, ready for another workout afterwards...then I'm a good place fitness wise. If I fall apart after 2 miles, come off feeling wiped...then I've got my diet, sleep, lack of routine exercise to blame.

As far as running as training for cycling, I would agree the cross over is limited to general cardio and good burst power for climbing. That said, I know of a few cyclists that are trading cycling time for running, the workout you get in 30 to 45 minutes is substantial, and you don't need a lot of prep, gear and fussing. And like cycling it leaves you clear headed, but it doesn't take 2-3 hours.
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I started that program with my wife last year. I got up to a mile and she ended up running a half marathon. One thing it did do for me though was to get me on the bike and for that I'm grateful. I'm on track for a thousand miles this summer and cycling has become the best addiction I've ever had besides the wife.
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Hey, I will be starting c25k soon;
How are things going so far ?
Is it hardto follow ?
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