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CandSAdventures 08-26-13 07:25 PM

now they have a 50k at the HHH........but not by choice.....
I signed up for the 100k this year at the HHH. I should have known from the early signs that it was not ment to be. I was leaving Dallas Friday morning so I checked everything out one last time on Thursday. Broken spoke. (Mr. Beanz warned me in June. Should have listened.) I don't have the skills yet or the tools to fix it myself. The shop fixed it for me overnight and advised me to go ahead and replace the wheel. I could not get what I would have wanted before the ride so I decided to trust my luck.

I had a great first half: good on the hills, lots of energy and enjoying myself. I am not fast but I averaged 15mph. You guessed it, 37 miles in and another broken spoke. The back tire warped enough to rub the brakes and I was done.

Disappointed? Yes. Unhappy? Nope. I had a great time! I love those rollers!

I spent yesterday afternoon reading the reviews/suggestions here and have just about made a decision on the future wheels. More important: dreaming about next years ride. Thanks for reading along.-Mark

donalson 08-26-13 08:23 PM

shame... I was lucky to be on discs when I did my 100k... ended finishing that thing 3 spokes down... but I finished

texbiker 08-26-13 09:29 PM

Great rebound from adversity. I rode 75 miles without any problems. The 93 degrees and light wind helped.


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