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Terryble 08-28-13 03:14 AM

Pugsley for an uber clyde
Hello :) Long time lurker first time poster so I will try and make this as short and concise as possible. I weigh just a smidge under 500 pounds and want a bike. I can either get new wheels/tires made for my bike (a Marin Muirwoods 26er) or spend an additional thousand dollars and get a Pugsley. So I suppose my question is would the stock Pugsley wheels support me or would they also need to be rebuilt in a tougher version?

Lacumo 08-28-13 06:47 AM

1---Welcome to BF!

2---You need to get an answer to your Pugsley question that's 100% guaranteed 100% correct to ensure that you don't spend a significant amount of money on a bike you might end up unable to use (at least for the present). An answer like that should come directly from the horse's mouth and not be made up of third-party speculation. Call Surley at 877-743-3191 or email them at [email protected] and if you want, you can get basic advertising info at their website -- ...

3---There may be other bikes that are rated for a >500 rider weight limit, but I honestly don't know what bikes qualify so I'm afraid I'm no help on that one...

Best of luck with your quest.

Edit--- There is of course also the option of getting advice/guidance/fitting from a good LBS. Don't know why the most obvious idea didn't occur to me first...

indyfabz 08-28-13 07:10 AM

Yes. Surly seems to be very good at responding temail questions. I once emailed them to ask for the spacing of the upper rack mounts on a certain size LHT frame. I got a response with the answer the following day.

IAMAMRA 08-28-13 08:54 AM

The site admin Tom stormcrowe started at about the same weight as you. You should talk to him about what he used.

ill.clyde 08-28-13 09:00 AM

As cool as a Pug is, and as much as I covet one, I'd recommend investing in new wheels/tires for your current bike, losing weight while riding that one and then rewarding yourself with a new bike after you hit a weight loss goal. :)

Terryble 08-28-13 11:18 AM

Thanks everybody, going to order the new wheels/tires then :)

StephenH 08-28-13 11:25 AM

I assume that the Puggsley and similar fat-tire bikes are aimed at the same market as other mountain bikes, meaning "average" size people. The fat tires are intended for flotation on soft ground or snow, not for heavy loads, and can be run at fairly low pressure. Keep in mind that wider softer tires mean more rolling resistance.

There are conventional-size rims available with higher spoke counts, mainly used on tandems. If the wide rims used on those fat tires are not available in higher spoke counts, you may find stronger wheels available in conventional sizes.

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