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Axiom 08-30-13 04:10 PM

Reynolds Assault Sale

When you check out use the code 98245 for 20% off your purchase. Those wheels are selling for $750 (used) and around $850 (new) on eBay. These are selling for $639 with the coupon. I'd buy a set for my Madone but since I haven't moved out yet my parents would kick my a*s if they found out I spent $600 on a set of bicycle wheels.

jsigone 08-30-13 04:33 PM

nice deal for campy lovers:thumb:

Axiom 08-30-13 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 16015443)
nice deal for campy lovers:thumb:

From the research I did, you're able to convert it so it is Shimano compatible, but it costs around $60 to do so. That's still a great deal.

jsigone 08-30-13 04:47 PM

not bad, some of the campy stuff can't be switched over w/o re dishing the entire wheel. $600 is about what I paid for my planetx 50 tubs, reynolds at that price point is awesome as long as they don't flex like their clincher brothers.

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