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MattInFla 09-01-13 09:09 AM

First "long" ride for an uber-Clyde
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Just got home from a 16+ mile ride on the Seminole Wekiva Trail. It was actually closer to 17.5 miles, but I forgot to un-pause MapMyRide twice. And if it isn't recorded, it didn't happen....

I parked at the Seminole Softball Complex trailhead, geared up, and headed north. Started with a nice, shady 6 mile ride to the Lake Mary underpass, and took a short rest to down some gatorade. The route has some minor inclines (what we call hills in Florida and those in places with actual hills call "flat"), but it was a nice ride overall.

When I set out to ride this morning, I was planning to go to the I-4 overpass, another 2 or so miles past Lake Mary. Part of me wanted to go back, but I decided to drive on and make the goal. Although it took the granniest of granny gears, I trudged up the ramp onto the bridge and took a photo. Yeah, that bright yellow Giro is stylin. What can I say, I'm a 350 pound fashion plate.

From the bridge, I turned around and headed south. I rode back to the Lake Mary underpass, climbed up the ramp out of it, and then stopped for some more hydration. The area north of Lake Mary is sunnier, and hotter. The heat index was already approaching 90. After a brief rest, I hopped back aboard and started the 6 mile run back to the trailhead. I wish I could report that I rallied and finished strong, but that's not the case. I ended up stopping after a climb for another break, and my final couple of miles were pretty slow. But I finished my planned route. No call of shame, no walk of shame, I left on the bike and I returned on the bike. :)

Lessons learned:

1. I'm really out of shape.
2. Being excited about riding != riding ability.
3. It's much easier to "ride" a route on Google Maps than it is on a bike.
4. Climbing sucks. OK, not fair. Climbing might not suck, but I suck at climbing.
5. Even though I beat my own a$$ with my bike today, it was fun, and I feel strangely pleased.

The ride log for part 2:

Thanks for reading. ;)

kingsqueak 09-01-13 09:26 AM

Congrats on riding and the important part, even though it's tempting to try and push for goals, limit the push to where it still stays fun. If you over extend and are worn out the next day, spin a short ride to loosen up and rest. Don't push too hard where you are dreading the next ride.

I'm still running a 160 HR just to maintain 12mph on flat, paved trails for an hour, it all comes back little by little.

MattInFla 09-01-13 09:33 AM

I don't have a HR monitor, so I go by windedness. If I can still get out a hearty "good morning" as I meet / pass trail users, I figure I am good. If I can't, I need to back it down a bit.

I think I am going to cap myself at 10 miles for a bit, until I get more acclimated to it.

TrojanHorse 09-01-13 01:04 PM

Was it cold out Matt? You look like you're dressed for a fall football game. :)

Congrats on your ride. My free unsolicited advice of the day (your bill is in the mail) is that it's more important to be consistent with your riding (say, 4 or 5 days a week) than to tackle one long ride a week. I used to get wrapped around the axle with that "oh, I don't have time to go for a decent ride, I guess I won't bother" and the next thing you know it's been 2 weeks since I rode anything but my desk chair.

Keep it up! 16 miles is a good distance. Just don't believe the calories burned that mapmyride is giving you - I think that first link you posted was a half hour ride and they credited you with 800 kcal. Just say no.

chrism32205 09-01-13 02:02 PM

Nice work Matt.

MattInFla 09-01-13 02:04 PM

Yeah, I don't buy the calories burned. I don't eat back the "extra" calories anyway. Temperature wise, it was mid-80s with a heat index of ~92 when that photo was taken. It looks like I am wearing layers, but it's just the straps of my pack and my shirt :)

I plan to do a quick 30 min or so ride most mornings before work, and something longer on the weekend. That's the plan anyway....

IAMAMRA 09-01-13 08:57 PM

Awesome job!

Solare 09-01-13 09:12 PM

Good job. I have a 8.5 miler that I do in the evening and it takes me about an hour, but it is a little more hilly than Fla.:D

TXsailor 09-01-13 10:43 PM

Good Job! I am fairly new at this myself but do have one hint. Use the auto-pause option on MapMyRide. It works pretty good and you don't have to remember anything. I have left mine paused for 30 minutes or more and it starts right back up in a few feet.

eja_ bottecchia 09-01-13 11:37 PM

Your #5 point is the best reason to keep on riding.

Good job!

Phillyfan 09-02-13 02:19 AM

I saw you yesterday. Keep it up it'll get easier.

Medic Zero 09-02-13 02:20 AM


Climbing does suck! :lol:

Good job! :thumb:

MattInFla 09-02-13 06:00 AM


Originally Posted by Phillyfan (Post 16021985)
I saw you yesterday. Keep it up it'll get easier.

As Steven Wright notes, "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it."


MattInFla 09-02-13 06:01 AM

Did a light 4.76 miles this morning, at a comfortable pace. Legs felt a bit soggy at first, then fine.

dbikingman 09-02-13 06:45 AM

Glad to see you got out there again today. Looks like you might have to change your goal for the month.You're a third of the way there and it is only the 2nd.

MattInFla 09-02-13 08:21 AM

Yeah, I'm thinking I may well make 100 this month. We'll see. I was starting small, but if I knock out 4 or 5 5 milers a week... :)

GT2R 09-02-13 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by MattInFla (Post 16022178)
Did a light 4.76 miles this morning, at a comfortable pace. Legs felt a bit soggy at first, then fine.

Awesome riding!

The hardest thing for me when I started riding was riding back to back. After a 'long' ride my legs would be so sluggish the next day I wouldn't want to ride. Funny thing is... Riding more loosens the stiff legs up. Keep riding

PS ditch the Gatorade and drink water.

nkfrench 09-02-13 04:10 PM

I think that hi-Vis helmet looks great. Goes nice with the light blue shirt.
Think process not performance. At first just establish a nice healthy routine of regular rides and healthy eating. Distance and speed will come.
Hills ... climbing makes you strong, going fast downhill is awesome!
These early rides will be fun to look back on in a few years. You will amaze yourself with your progress.
About the gatorade - plain water is great for hydration and on short cool rides and as your daily beverage of choice off the bike. My first episode of heat cramps convinced me electrolyte replacement is important; and my first bonks convinced me that carbohydrates are useful to consume during long intense rides. I also found that sluggish dead legs mean that I have depleted my bike muscles of stored glycogen. YMMV.

Podagrower 09-02-13 04:45 PM

Congrats. We spent a lot of time on the Seminole Weight last winter (really looking forward to the Lake Weight side). But we've been on the West Orange more this summer. I don't know how low your gearing goes, but I still wind up on the 28x34 granny combo every once in a while.

Cyclogenesis 09-02-13 04:54 PM

Nice work Matt! You are at the beginning of a long and very worthwhile journey! Think of it this way: as a 350 pounder you burn more per mile than us borderline Clydes

To offer encouragement, I am competing in a Sub-5 Century challenge this weekend.. One of our team started at 350 pounds four years ago.. He can now kick my behind before breakfast..

However I must warn.. It is addictive :) please check back in often!

MattInFla 09-02-13 05:16 PM

Thanks! I'm hoping it becomes an addiction :)

I'm definitely having fun, which is a great start.

DoninIN 09-02-13 07:02 PM

Congratulations are definitely in order! It's good anyone succeed, it helps all of us. I'm currently struggling with my motivation and stalled progress. I eat too much. I've had three flat tires which irritates me and I'm stalling training for a two-day hundred mile climb-athon I'd like to do in October because of these excuses. (Although I've been running a bit as a fill in, so I'm not completely backsliding.)

Also, about the computer, track your progress, make a game of it etc. But every once in a while unplug it, turn it upside down whatever, and just ride...

Solare 09-02-13 07:25 PM

It seems my limit is my seat, I need to find a compromise between the wally world zefal and the comfy/gel seat that came with the bike. I did a little better today, I got up on the pedals going uphill it did make them seem easier.

MattInFla 09-03-13 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by Solare (Post 16024501)
It seems my limit is my seat, I need to find a compromise between the wally world zefal and the comfy/gel seat that came with the bike. I did a little better today, I got up on the pedals going uphill it did make them seem easier.

I've found that good shorts make the all the difference in the world. I wear a pair of light gym shorts over my cycling shorts - the world is NOT ready for my posterior in Spandex. But the comfort difference is amazing. Particularly with a little Lubriderm applied to the saddle portion of the posterior pre-ride.

Yeah, I know, probably an over-share there.

MattInFla 09-03-13 06:07 AM

Got out this morning for a quick 5 miles in the cool air just after dawn.

Definitely need to revise the milage goal for September, since I am 43% of the way there on the third day of the month.


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