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SammyJ 09-03-13 05:26 PM

never before!
I rolled my bike out the front door, my wife was holding the door. Crash boom, dark sky's and distant thunder. Heck with it, throw my leg over and roll off! Short, but high intensity ride. Oh did it fell good!

BikinPotter 09-03-13 05:42 PM

Did you get wet?

hallux 09-03-13 05:45 PM

Hah, I contemplated a workout of some kind yesterday, decided against it as I had done something Sunday and planned something for today. 20 minutes later, storm clouds brewing, and hour later it's dark as night outside and the storm crashes in.

SammyJ 09-07-13 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by BikinPotter (Post 16028119)
Did you get wet?


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