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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 09-06-13, 08:31 AM   #51
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One huge myth about eating healthy is that it is necessarily more expensive. This comes from the fact that the American diet today is so heavily processed that most “health food” comes out of that same heavily processed culture. The food industry charges premium prices for it because of the large demand for “healthy alternatives”, and the power of marketing directs so many people to the highly profitable, processed alternatives. Well, I say beans to that.

Really. Beans.

When I was growing up in the sixties my family was part of the emerging middle class. My parents were born to immigrant parents at the start of the great depression. When times got tight, we ate beans. Not canned, dry beans in bulk, slow cooked. They are a magical, and yes-musical, fruit. In terms of nutritional value, nothing gives you more bang for the buck. Canned beans cost four times as much, contain a lot of added sodium, and most contain added sugar-sometimes a lot of added sugar.

They are filling and very satisfying. Add vegetables-fresh from the bins, not pre-washed “fresh” pack. The “fresh” pack costs more, and is the source of all those spinach and broccoli salmonella scares of the last few years. Hand washing yourself is much healthier that trusting a machine that is supervised by someone earning minimum wage, or less.
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The Left Coast, USA
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Originally Posted by mrodgers View Post
Any other poor folk on here? I see a problem in the future with losing weight, might even be happening now. I asked my wife just yesterday, does my t-shirts look too big now? I was wearing a XXXL. I like my shirts big. Now they are too big. The shorts and pants are the same way. I wear shorts almost year round, it is pretty far into winter before I'm going anywhere other than work or to church in long pants. I'm pretty much a t-shirt and shorts or jeans person. I also wear shorts at work until they no longer allow it (why I don't know, even with it 5 below outside, it is still in the 80's on the plant floor...)

Ok, I'm not exactly poor, about median income for a family, but I do have a house payment, wife, kids, huge grocery bill, live in the middle of nowhere so spend a LOT of money on gas, etc. It's hard to constantly be buying clothes for the kids, my wife and I haven't bought clothes for ourselves in a very long time. Heck, I'm short by about $100/month just on regular bills and have nothing extra I pay over regular living expenses. My shorts are now almost falling off. My shirts now look like I'm wearing a tent. How does one replace an entire wardrobe of clothes, not only for oneself, but my wife is also along on this weight loss ride with me (on a stationary bike, she won't ride by herself and we are never home together because of her part time really low paycheck job.)

The only way I hope to keep riding next year is by hoping to spend a little of the tax return on a new bike. Even that might not happen since my tax return is hardly anything, I changed that years ago to keep more of my paycheck for bills. I see everyone else around me as well as everyone on financial boards on the internet able to live so easily with same or lesser income, yet I can't do it at all. I live out in the middle of nowhere so I could afford a house (about the same cost as renting would be close to anything) but unfortunately it also adds a giant amount to the gasoline budget to get to work. Just in gasoline I'm spending about $600/month and we don't go anywhere other than work and grocery shopping. Now I'm spending even more in my own car (I was $50/week, my wife is about $100/week for the gas budget) because I'm going daily to the trail for exercise. That is costing me another $20/week in gas.

There was a thread started a bit ago about depression and yes, I have a case of depression pretty bad. The bike riding and getting in better shape makes me feel better, but doesn't exactly cure the depression. My depression is caused by financials and the bike riding actually is a slight cause of making it worse because of the extra cost associated with it. My goal for fitness/weight loss is 200 lb by Christmas and 180 lb. sometime next spring. Unfortunately I'm going to look like a complete idiot at 180 lb. wearing triple XL size shirts and 42 inch pants with a belt cinched tight to keep them from falling off.
No way around clothes replacement, but you can shop selectively at consignment shops, outlets, thrifts, places like Marshalls. I have just recycled about a $1K of my clothes so far, and I'll need more when the weather changes. New suits will be a big expense. My spouse has lost 125+lbs, she is pulling together a completely new wardrobe. Yes, it is damn expensive ... but it's money well spent. You have to focus on how cool it is, like being reborn, and realize the new you ultimately benefits everyone in the family.
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baron von trail 
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Budget help: Buy clothes at Goodwll; pedal to the trial; figure out if wife really needs to spend $100/week for gas to get to a job that pays hardly anything (are there other crappy jobs closer to home?); by a used bike; take on a second job.
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Originally Posted by mrodgers View Post
Hey, like I said yesterday, I apologize and this was sort of a venting thread. Shouldn't have even made it.
I am glad you posted. I think there were too many responses which can be overwhelming and can make a person defensive.

Take care.
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Originally Posted by JackoDandy View Post
In the OPs defense, the suggestions really arent practical. A 'garden' isnt going to yield anywhere near the amount of fruit and veg a family needs. We have three planter beds and at most it yields 3-4 weeks of veggies in the summer. What about the other 11 months?

As for 'making your own clothes'? Seriously?
A bit OT maybe

A big garden combined with freezing and canning (and maybe a rootcellar) can certainly provide the majority of vegetables for a family year round. It certainly did for mine in the 60's and 70's

Making your own clothes is not that hard. Heck, I learned how to use a sewing machine as a teenager to make frostline kit 60/40 parkas and all of my "muscle" shirts in high school were home sewn.....

It is a matter of time vs money. it costs one or the other

Is it doable for the OP or anyone else.....depends on the specific circumstances/needs
Looking for Torpado Superlight 58cm
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jim p
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I have been thinking about making a bike track. I think that I could lay out a trail and then get some friends to come over with their 4 wheelers and ride the trail (having a blast) and when they left I would have a bike trial. I don't know if this would work since I have not tried it. When I ride I don't have to have new scenery so I can just ride circles around my house if I need to.

Here is one money saving tip. Make your own washing powders. Take a look on youtube and you will see how. This could be a good saving with a family that needs a lot of clothes washed.
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Originally Posted by ChuckHubbert View Post
I dislike buying clothes, but thankfully weight loss is making it necessary. I'm trying to "stage" replacements carefully; getting my dress pants tailored is cheaper than buying new for now. Casual pants - I'm buying as needed on ebay. Shirts, watch for sales and look in the back of the closet for ones I'd outgrown in the past. It's a problem, but a good one for me. And manageable without blowing the budget if I'm smart about it.
Yard sales? Garage Sales? My girlfriend nearly clothes her entire family via this route for pennies on the dollar. For men it's harder, we tend to throw out our clothes when they have disintegrated completely or we have died, not when we won't wear them anymore. Goodwill stores are sometimes good. Get your casual-who cares what you look like-clothes that way and then replace what you wear to work, or when you do care what people think about how you look from the store that makes you happy.
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Originally Posted by jim p View Post
Here is one money saving tip. Make your own washing powders. Take a look on youtube and you will see how. This could be a good saving with a family that needs a lot of clothes washed.
That was very interesting. Also, check out the how to make soap from soap slivers.
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In a small town about 12 miles from home we have a store called the Share and Shop, you can get anything they have for a free will donation, and if you cant afford to donate cash they say nothing. I have taken garbage bags full of clothing from myself GF and daughter that no longer fit and picked up some that would. A quick search may find something like that for your area, but I would say stick to the smaller towns as I dont know if it would survive in a larger town.
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Old 09-07-13, 09:37 PM   #60
Hey Charlie Pedal Faster
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I buy for the next season- right now summer clothes are on clearence so I buy them (you might want to buy your a little snug figuring youll lose weight through the winter.) I buy my winter clothes in May.

Goodwill can be tough if your an odd or large size. I have a 36" inseem and they almost never have pants for me.

I try and own enough clothes for about a week, plus one dress suit. More than that just makes laundry day that much more of a chore.
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