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treebound 09-09-13 09:08 PM

Small milestones, stepping stones, and weighpoints
12+ years ago I picked up my Colnago from a small local shop. Then I got married. And for awhile before then and up until a year or two ago my weight began to creep up and peaked around 250ish. Problem with the bike was that its paperwork said it had a max rider weight of around 220 or so. So basically I hung up that bike and used other bikes I had along the way.

Around two winters ago I slowly started to get more serious about my eating habits and began to start making good changes and better choices. Coupled with walks around the business park last Spring/Summer I got my weight down to 230ish. The big news then was being able to maintain that weight through the holidays and through last winter. This year since about June I started to do longer lunch walks and am currently walking two to five miles a day at work during breaks and lunch. I didn't want to do a fast crash type rapid weight loss, instead I just wanted to slowly whittle it down while also improving my cardiovascular health and getting my blood pressure under control.

Well, long story short and getting back to that Colnago, I weighed myself over the weekend and saw 219 pop up on the scale. Then it dawned on me that I'm once again under the max weight for the Colnago. Not my main goal but still a nice milestone that wasn't even in my active goals. I haven't been able to ride much this year due to work hours and a long commute and weekend family stuff, but now I'm going to dig out my old cycling shorts to see if I can once again fit into those and am going to try and sneak in a few rides before the yuck weather sets in.

Anyway, feel free add in your own milestones that weren't on the radar, or even ones that were. I just felt like sharing this one.

joshcls 09-09-13 10:06 PM

Motivating! Thanks for sharing :)

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