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Mr. Markets 09-10-13 03:19 AM

UCTV: The Skinny on Obesity -- A Must Watch!

Lacumo 09-10-13 06:56 AM

I took a quick glance at that UCTV series and it looks like a good obesity info source. I'm going to watch that entire series one of these evenings. Thanks for the lead!

jim p 09-10-13 11:29 AM

I watched some of the videos and they contain some very interesting points. I hope that at some point in the videos that there will be some information that will help everyone control their eating.

The videos mentioned that we can be addicted to carbohydrates. I agree because I have stopped eating carbs several times and after about 3 days with no or very little carbs, I will become depressed for about 3 days and then I will be back to normal. It must be similar to going through withdrawals.

WonderMonkey 09-10-13 01:21 PM

The obesity problem we have here in America (and the world) is part of my passion and what I spend a great deal of my available time on. I started with me and as I've learned to conquer it I share with others. I find it is very helpful to hear from someone that has gotten overweight through a particular path. There are many paths but mine is among the typical set of them. I find great joy in helping a parent get off the couch and re-engage with their family and their own life. Tremendous satisfaction.

jim p 09-10-13 06:44 PM

I watched some more of the videos and it was great to hear about all the medical information. I kept waiting to see what the solution was. It seems to me that his solution is very simple. Just have the government make laws and subsidize healthy food instead of subsidizing unhealthy foods. Yeah that is the ticket. It worked great with alcohol, and it is working great with all the illegal drugs on the street. Probably need to make gasoline illegal, elevators illegal, and bicycles because they allow you to go further with less energy required.

He keeps saying that a person just can't control what they eat. Well everyone knows that it is tough to control what we eat but you also know that some are controlling what they eat because they have lost hundreds of pounds.

Unless I missed something, I am very disappointed in his approach to controlling obesity. His information is good his solution and opinions are very poor.

Mr. Markets 09-10-13 09:38 PM

I think in the end he sees this as a kind of 'food assault' upon the people by corporations selling food that is just too 'attractive' to resist. Short of government dictate, nothing will change.

As someone who has finally found and adopted a weight loss program that works for me, I can say it definitely IS possible to cut back, and maybe cut off, most sugar. The key is finding something that works for you as an individual, and that could be a long search.

downtube42 09-10-13 10:20 PM

Nature has a way of taking care of itself. Allowing ourselves to be fattened to death with corporate marketing will eliminate us from the gene pool, and all will be well.

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