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ahultin 09-10-13 09:01 PM

Where do your bikes live?
My wife and i have been in "discussions" as she believes that it is inappropriate to keep my bikes in our bedroom and all her "friends" agree :notamused:
Now mind you, of our families 9 bikes, only 2, our tandem and my roadie, reside in the bedroom. My logic is twofold:
1. While our garage is a 3 car, my children (well mainly my 12 yr old son) are in and out of it. As such the tandem (the most expensive, least replaceable) is in my protective custody.
2. Having them in the room is a constant reminder of my need to ride which I need. I know myself and this is one of the many tools i must use to stay accountable to myself. Out of sight, out of mind

So i ask, is it inappropriate? Is it any different than the millions of Americans with treadmills/elliptical/etc in their bedroom? Am I alone and being unreasonable? Where do you keep yours?
Lastly, I will add that our bedroom is far from small and cramped. The bikes occupy about 16 sq ft in the "sitting area" of our roughly 450 sq ft bedroom

jsigone 09-10-13 09:46 PM

Used to use the 2nd bedroom as man cave and bike storage but having a baby changes that. Now my two MTBs are in the garage cuz I don't wash them and both have 28" wide bars. The two roadies are in the master bedroom along with 4 spare wheelsets

koolerb 09-10-13 09:55 PM

My bikes have their own room of course.

IndianaRecRider 09-10-13 10:13 PM

While the apartment complex my wife live in doesn't expressly forbid bikes in the apartments, they do kind of frown upon it. Be that as it may, I keep my bike in a corner of our living room (front room for those from Chicago). Granted, even though a $300 Diamondback hybrid bike isn't "top of the line" by any stretch of the imagination, it's still better than anything that's down in the storage area / laundry room where they prefer we keep bikes. And in the two years we've lived there, four bikes have been stolen from the storage area (that's behind a locked door) and I refuse to put mine there and run the risk of having it stolen as well.

Now my wife, on the other hand, has no problem keeping her bike down there. Hers is an old, beat up Huffy beach cruiser that she rides occasionally. She doesn't really care if it gets stolen or not.


copswithguns 09-10-13 10:40 PM

I live in a smaller apartment, and I kept mine in the bedroom at first. Then, I drilled into the brick wall and placed 2 plastic coated hooks on the wall above the couch where I hang my bike upside down by the rims. The girlfriend thought it was insane at first, but now it doesn't bother her.

daihard 09-10-13 10:53 PM

Our 3 bikes take up the entire garage. Our 2 cars are parked outside.

katsrevenge 09-10-13 10:55 PM

My herd lives in the kitchen. It's a big room and we don't use most of it. It's perfect for a 'stable'.

FWIW, I'm female. The kitchen was my idea. I wouldn't mind hanging a pretty bik on a wall somewhere though.

TrojanHorse 09-10-13 11:02 PM

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Ours used to live in the living room (appropriate, no?) and mine was usually on a work stand in the hallway. We have huge hallways. You can sorta see it here: Seriously, the hallway is 10 feet wide. This was an early pic while building up my "new" frame. The truing stand is just to the left taking up room.

The Spousal unit was less than thrilled about the bikes all over the house (4 in the living room, my bike in the hall and two frames stashed... somewhere. We bought one of those shed kits and my dad and I assembled the thing one (hard!) weekend. It's actually really nice to have one spot where I can put all my bike stuff and it doesn't get terribly hot in the shed. It was nice just rolling out the front door though. now I need to get power out there so I can put a TV and a beer fridge in it.

donalson 09-10-13 11:08 PM

in HS when I got my first good bike (mid 90's $600 bike... A LOT for a teenager) my bike moved into my bedroom... I had TONS of room in that bedroom as it was the majority of a single car garage my dad and I had enclosed... my bed was a loft bed so the only things taking up floor space was my desk, bookshelves and dresser... oh and the ladder to get up to the bed lol.

when I first got married the bike stayed in the spare bedroom/office... then I got out of cycling...

when I came back to cycling we lived in a small house (800ish sq ft 2 br with 2 toddlers) so the bikes lived in the "wash house" aka the room that had the washer and dryer in it behind the car port... it had plenty of room to house my tools and bike and still get to the washer and dryer... so all was well... when we moved to the next place we had a garage and the bikes lived in there...

when we moved to the Houston area we moved into a small apt on the 3rd floor... bikes found a spot in the dining room as I didn't want them outside getting rained on and my 1 car garage barely had enough room for the project car that sat in it...

we've now moved into a MUCH larger home and my bikes sits in what is supposed to be the formal dinning room (we use it as an office)... the projects are sitting out in the garage along with the kids and wifes bike :)

I plan to build this pretty soon with a little mod I'll be able to build in a shelf for my helmet, gloves, and shoes.

so yes... bikes belong inside :)... much like you I see it and it taunts me if I'm not using it...

jeepseahawk 09-10-13 11:49 PM

Mine are in the living room and spare bedroom, I am twice divorced so anything I say is moot. If this was a betting game, my money is on the wife.

Turzy 09-11-13 12:03 AM

Since we don't have a garage yet, my mtb lives in the living room; and it'll live there until I build the'll then be a great opportunity to n+1 lol

ClydesMoose 09-11-13 12:43 AM

Mine lives in my bedroom. I have plenty of space for it in here.

apollored 09-11-13 01:08 AM

My bike lives in the hallway of our rather small one bed flat.

A new 29er may join soon and there is some serious discussion between me and my fella who says you dont need another bike, Sunshine is perfectly reliable.

We have a large TV in the corner which doesnt work and we dont watch that belonged to the previous tenants who we suspect "did a bunk" so I may get that removed to make space tho where my Irish Tricolour and the various models that inhabit it are going to go I'm not sure.

Astrozombie 09-11-13 01:21 AM

No pun intended........but Tandems are a bit of a stretch. Maybe 1 bike up against a wall where it doesn't get in the way, but those look like they are getting in the way. As long as they are clean I wouldn't have a problem, just have them blend in, maybe 1 bike per spot.

ChiefTJS 09-11-13 01:45 AM

My toys have always been relegated to the garage. I have plenty of room and since the kids moved out I don't have to worry about things getting messed up much.

Lacumo 09-11-13 05:49 AM

I don't think keeping 2 bikes in a 20'x22' bedroom is inappropriate or unreasonable, but... If you need to do some kind of compromise with wifey to get contention behind you, how about one of those two-level "against the wall" storage stands like the Delta Michelangelo? It's pretty reasonably priced, it stores 2 bikes inside the footprint of one, and you don't have to attach it to the wall. You could put the tandem on the lower level (on the floor, w/out even using the hooks) and your roadie on the upper level hooks. If she'll meet you half-way on the issue, $80ish is a small price to pay for domestic harmony...

Notgrownup 09-11-13 05:56 AM

I have a 24x24 2 car garage... For now it houses 2 cars, 2 harleys, tools and 2 bicycles....i plan on building a shop in the backyard sooner or later but for now it is it..If i didn't have the room they would be in the living room or spare bedroom. Same as a exercise equipment imho.

LabRat2k3 09-11-13 06:49 AM

Mine sets in the living room and stares at me as I relax on the couch and will not allow me to eat junk food while watching football. I believe rule #11 applies here.">#11</a> but I have also been divorced twice so YMMV.:innocent:

mrodgers 09-11-13 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by Notgrownup (Post 16053577)
I have a 24x24 2 car garage... For now it houses 2 cars, 2 harleys, tools and 2 bicycles....i plan on building a shop in the backyard sooner or later but for now it is it..If i didn't have the room they would be in the living room or spare bedroom. Same as a exercise equipment imho.

I have a 24x22 garage with only a single door and I can barely fit the bicycle in there let alone a car, LOL. My wife does the mowing and has to move the bike to get the tractor out.

IAMAMRA 09-11-13 07:41 AM

Garage but will be moving to the basement this winter.

99Klein 09-11-13 07:47 AM

The Klein is usually in the bedroom and the CAAD is in the garage with the specialized.

MikeRides 09-11-13 09:12 AM

During the riding season (April - November) my bike stay on the enclosed porch. For the winter months, I'll be cleaning the grime off and storing it in a spare bedroom/office.

squirtdad 09-11-13 09:16 AM

Garage......can't even imagine the conversation to suggest one would live in the house....much less the bedroom.

Use a mix of hooks from ceiling and a "bike tree" (4x4 with base and bike hangers...both horizontal and vertical) for the bikes (bmx, cruiser, 2 fixies, 3 road and mix of unicycle, skateboards, and scooter

Pamestique 09-11-13 09:16 AM

So my mountain bikes and the commuter bike live in the garage... but my road bike; the bike i saved 12 years to build, lives in the house and has its own special place, in my office near a large sliding door so it can look outside and enjoy the scenary... seriously, I hope my garage is never broken in but if so, the MT bikes can be replaced. The road bike is one of a kind and likely I would never ever be able to replace it (the builder has stopped doing steel bikes)... so it's in the house.

RaleighSport 09-11-13 09:20 AM

Well the Turbo hangs in my office.. ever ready to go. I have the Tempo in a rack next to the front door for instant riding.. I keep the mountain bikes by the back door so I can hit the trail... the rest I keep on rods in the barn stacked in by order of how often they're used. Usually the Premis is on the trainer in the living room.. and if I've been wrenching, whatever bike it was usually spends the night in the bedroom ;) In case you all couldn't tell my SO doesn't live with me yet. Oh and I do keep a couple extremely special (to me) bikes in an insulated thermal controlled room.. eheheheheh.

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