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MattInFla 09-20-13 07:37 AM

Completed my first century
And it only took 20 days to do it :commute:

I still suck at climbing, but I'm adding something new that I suck at: giving up. I had the opportunity to give up a couple times today, and didn't. I'm losing some of my quit :)

I took a new MUP today that has a bridge on it. A tiny climb for folks who are in a shape other than round, but a climb for guys like me. I climbed it on the big chainring headed out, and again on the way back. The climb on the way back hurt, but I refused to give up on it, and I refused to punch the granny button. I just gutted it out, and panted out an "f you, bridge, I win" at the top.

A minor victory, but the road to success is built on many minor victories over time.....

WonderMonkey 09-20-13 07:42 AM

HA! I was just getting ready to come in here and say "I'm training for one now!" and get your thoughts but you accomplished yours a bit differently than what I intend to do.

So 20 days = 480 hours which gives an average of 0.2083 mph. That assumes you didn't take any rest stops.

10 Wheels 09-20-13 07:43 AM

Keep it going...

lsberrios1 09-20-13 07:58 AM

Coolest thing is that if you keep working hard, you'll be able to that in one day! :thumb: Make that your goal and you'll see how you'll be pulling 100 mile weeks in no time.

IBOHUNT 09-20-13 08:02 AM

^ and(!) that 'one day' will be sooner than you expect ti to be.

Keep after it

MattInFla 09-20-13 08:19 AM

I can't wait for the cooler weather to set in here in a few more weeks. Going to up my riding to twice a day, and increase the distances incrementally.

Off to a good start, just need to keep the momentum. :)

TrojanHorse 09-20-13 09:19 AM

Funny title! Congratulations on your progress.

I would add - don't get too wrapped up about the "granny" gear - pick the best gear that enables you to go the speed you want at the cadence you want and don't worry about what gear that actually is. Make it a little segment in Strava if you want and monitor your speed/time. Judge your improvement that way rather than whether or not you can stay in the big ring. :)

indyfabz 09-20-13 11:45 AM

Not being in the big chain ring does not necessarily mean being in the "granny gear." In fact, one definition of "granny gear" is your lowest gear. Yet another is the lowest gear on a triple. The latter definition is typically what those of us who tour mean by "granny gear." My touring bake has a 26x34 granny gear. I used it numerous times during a recent trip with no feeling of shame or inadequacy.

When/if you ever do a lot of climbing, you will learn to embrace lower gears. They certainly save wear on your muscles and joints.

MattInFla 09-20-13 12:02 PM

Oh, don't get me wrong, I love the granny gear (my bike has two chainrings). And there are certainly times where it is a blessing. This particular incline shouldn't require it, though, and I was being stubborn. Had it come to a choice of shifting or stopping, I'd have clicked down and spun my way up.

I was just challenging myself. :)

kingsqueak 09-20-13 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by MattInFla (Post 16086002)
I can't wait for the cooler weather to set in here in a few more weeks. Going to up my riding to twice a day, and increase the distances incrementally.

Off to a good start, just need to keep the momentum. :)

You'll have a whole new experience once it cools off, I promise. Finally down in the 70's here with lower humidity, the difference is amazing. I knocked out 17 miles yesterday with my heart rate about 20% lower than usual for the effort and carried my fastest avg speed yet for the ride. I felt really good after the ride, no exhaustion, just a nice workout.

mprelaw 09-20-13 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by moochems (Post 16085885)
I bet you can cut your next one down to 7 days!

And before you know it, he'll be down to 7 hours. :thumb:

MikeRides 09-20-13 01:11 PM

Congrats on hitting 100 miles this month, MattInFla! Don't give up now, there's still 10 days left of September.

I've found climbing like spinning in general to be easier with practice. Pretty soon you'll be able to ride 100 miles in a week, or perhaps in a day?

volosong 09-20-13 01:55 PM

Where the "kudos" button?

Oh, found it.


MattFoley 09-20-13 02:41 PM

Nice work! FWIW, I'd say that, unless you're doing some sort of low cadence training, "gutting it out" in your big ring isn't serving a purpose except to wear you out faster. Bikes have gears for a reason, so don't be ashamed to use them!

copswithguns 09-20-13 02:53 PM

Outstanding man. I live in a very hilly area (my city is named Canyon) and I do a lot of hills...As in 6-800 feet of elevation in a single 40 minute ride. I go with the interval training philosophy. Do a steep hill, then spin for a bit and recover. Then it another hill. Do that enough and the hill you once found excruciating will eventually not be too bad.

Buckeye370 09-22-13 06:07 PM

Great work! I started last November with a 9 mile ride that I thought was going to kill me. Last Sunday, I completed my first of many centuries. It only gets easier and more addicting.

IAMAMRA 09-22-13 06:12 PM

I use to feel "shame" for using my lowest I often wish I had one more gear to go down!

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