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MattInFla 09-21-13 08:12 AM

New PB
13.61 miles today at an average of 12.0 mph without rest stops (a couple traffic light and stop sign pauses, but no dismounted stops).

Climbed some more hills today (actually sought out a route I knew had some climbs). Did have to drop to the small chainring for one climb, but I successfully failed to quit on the climb. I got up it agonizingly slowly, but I got up it.

Had to ride some of it on sidewalks, which is a special kind of fun right now at the tail of rainy season. Some sections of heavily shaded sidewalks have moss on them, which is an attention getter on the bike....

copswithguns 09-21-13 09:28 AM

Just out of curiosity, are you tracking your ride with a computer or phone app? I ask because I use runkeeper and I always enjoy getting back to the house and looking to see how many feet I climbed, fastest speed, etc. I live in what I consider a hilly area but others may not and I'm trying to gauge how much hill I'm doing.

Good to hear that you kept with it and didn't give up. We all know that feeling you get when you're mid way up a hill and your body is screaming to stop, but you stuff it back in the bag and keep on trucking. Well done.

MattInFla 09-21-13 10:09 AM

I use MapMyRide. It seems to be the most reliable of the apps I've tried.

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