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MattInFla 09-22-13 08:50 AM

Did a slow, easy ride this morning with the wifester. In the tunnel underpass on the way back, on flat, smooth pavement, gently spinning when I hear a loud "plink".

Yup - broke a spoke on the rear wheel. Poo.

Headed to the shop tomorrow to have it replaced. If this becomes a habit, I guess I'll have to look at having a sturdier rear wheel built.


Bluish Green 09-22-13 12:10 PM

It happens, and it's even more of a concern if you are a Clyde who rides potholed city streets like I am. The best thing I did was to find a good wheelbuilder at a great little bike shop here in town and have him rebuild my rear wheel with good spokes. Since then, I have only had to take it in once for being a little out of true, but having a properly tensioned wheel does wonders for durability. And I ride a lot of daily commute miles on some really rough paved streets. Good luck, I hope your wheel guy gets you rolling again soon.

tim24k 09-22-13 01:31 PM

Have your LBS check the spoke tension also?

MattInFla 09-22-13 01:37 PM

Yeah, I'm going to have them tension the wheel when they replace the spoke. Going to talk to them about upgrading all the spokes and see what they think.

genejockey 09-22-13 06:23 PM

Professionally built wheels can be amazingly durable, even for us Clydes. Proper tension is key, as is proper pre-stressing. I've had two sets of wheels built for me (others came with the bike or were bought as a set). One needed re-truing after 100 miles, and started popping spokes by about 2000 miles. The other, properly made by a professional wheelbuilder, have over 2000 miles on them, have NEVER been trued, and no broken spokes, either. If they do it RIGHT, it lasts a lot longer!

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