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bassjones 09-24-13 05:47 AM

Kenda Kriterium tires
Any Clydesdale experience with these? Picked up a pair on fleabay that should arrive this week. At $34 for the pair, shipped, I figure I'll try them. 700x25

jsigone 09-24-13 09:45 AM

Really good grip but the soft rubber wears faster. Rotate every 200 miles if you want to get some decent life out of them.

bassjones 09-24-13 09:21 PM

How is the ride? Of course, 10 minutes after using Buy It Now, I got a 2nd chance offer of $45 for a pair of Rubino Pro 2...

jsigone 09-24-13 10:21 PM

Kenda krits ride real good. Used to get them for $23 each with my club discount few yes ago. Chainelove has rubino pro 2 slicks for $18 and damn good tires for sunny days. General use the non slick version would be ideal but we got another couple months before the weather changes around.

Astrozombie 09-25-13 01:21 AM

The thing with fleabay is you can't be too sure if you're buying something that's bootlegged ...

bassjones 09-25-13 05:51 AM

This was from a legit bike store. I choose my sellers wisely.

copswithguns 09-25-13 10:02 PM

I'm gonna say thank you as I've never heard of fleabay before now :lol: I'm also looking into new tires to keep on hand for next season and these are on my list of tires to study.

bassjones 09-27-13 05:53 AM

I'll post up some impressions once I get a few rides, then a long-term mileage report.

mnmkpedals 12-19-13 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by bassjones (Post 16108677)
I'll post up some impressions once I get a few rides, then a long-term mileage report.

Any follow up on these tires? FOund this thread researching them for myself and thought I'd check for your thoughts?

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