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MattInFla 09-24-13 06:03 AM

My self-inflicted LOL
Got my rear tire back from the bike shop yesterday. They replaced the broken spoke, stress-relieved and re-tensioned the wheel gratis.

Put the wheel back on the bike last night, and went for a quick ride this morning before the rains return today. Legs felt like lead. I was struggling to maintain my normal speed, and inclines felt like mountains.

Some of you are already giggling, knowing what happened.

When I took the wheel off, I had to loosen the cable on the rear brake, because I could not get it to compress enough to get the cable guide out of the slot. I put the wheel back on, and tightened the cable back up. Spun the wheel, and it was smooth and dead true.


If I applied the rear brake, and then released it, the brake wasn't centering, and the right pad was dragging on the rim. So I rode my quick ride this morning with partial rear brake application the whole way. Doh!

It's adjusted properly now (Thanks, Google). Seems I just needed some resistance training this morning :)

PhotoJoe 09-24-13 07:08 AM

I see how it is. Riding "normal" isn't challenging enough for you anymore. You have to set the brakes to drag just so the rest of us can keep up!

LOL. I think we've all done that at least once. I know I have.

Ursa Minor 09-24-13 07:32 AM

What a drag


Poppabear 09-24-13 08:13 AM

Been there done that! I checked that off my life time list of silly things to do a long time ago.

Jarrett2 09-24-13 08:19 AM

I luvs me some disc brakes and that is one of the many reasons why.

Chitown_Mike 09-24-13 08:41 AM

I did this with a tire that the QR wasn't holding tight enough so the tire pulled and rubbed on the frame. Felt like I was going to pass out until I found it rubbing. And I have done the brake thing before.

Solare 09-24-13 09:44 AM

I almost did that this morning after I changed tires. Luckily I checked everything out but then adjusted the brakes and made it worse. From there I played around a bit then just gave the brakes more slack once I made sure the cable was in the hand lever correctly. The brakes are still not centered but they aren't rubbing either.

mrodgers 09-24-13 11:12 AM

My very first ride was way prior to riding for exercise. I got the bike years ago to ride the bike trail with my daughter who was just learning on training wheels. I decided I was going to go on a nice ride by myself. Rode something like 7 miles out and the hub nut loosened and the tire rubbed real bad on the chainstay (I think that is what it is called.) Here it was, upper 90's and this part of the trail is out in the open (no trees like I ride now,) I haven't ridden a bike since my teens, I have no water whatsoever, and I was absolutely exhausted. Every time I stopped pedaling the bike came to a dead stop like right now. I had nothing but my fingers to try to straighten the wheel and tighten the nut. I couldn't keep it from flopping over and rubbing the frame. I thought I was going to die that day, LOL.

StephenT 09-24-13 09:26 PM

If you put you bike on a stand and remove and replace the wheels, while still on the stand, remember to put the bike on the ground and open the QR to fully seat the wheels. Failure to do this will send you into a 2 hour rear derailleur adjustment circle jerk. Ask me how I learned this :lol:

copswithguns 09-25-13 09:42 PM

Sometimes you just can't get a....brake....

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