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ahultin 09-25-13 10:06 PM

Goal update - End Quarter 3
So with less than a week left of the 3rd quarter of this year it was time to review the yrs goals at work. I figured if t works at work, it should work here right?. I have found that writing your goals down and making them public is the best way to assure follow thru with them. And stating them here helps to create some level of accountability.

My goals for the year are as follows
92 miles per week
400 miles per month
4800 miles for the year (with an unwritten, Damn 5000 would be cool :thumb:)
10,000 ft elevation per month
120,000 ft elevation for the year

As of today
Weekly goal has been achieved 32 of 39 weeks for 82%
Monthly goal has been achieved 9 of 9 months for 100% (ok, I am 40 miles short this month but with a week left this is easy)
YTD mileage is 3924 of 3600 for 109%
Monthly elevation goal has been achieved 8 of 9 months for 88%
YTD elevation is 104,758 of 90,000 for 116%

So while I have fallen short on a few of the short term goals, long term I am ahead of schedule and pleased :)

Where are you at If with your goals? you are not where you want to be, there is still time to fix it :innocent:

jeepseahawk 09-25-13 10:40 PM

Great job Aaron, I slid this month, not one ride :(

TrojanHorse 09-26-13 12:13 AM

I'm friggin' behind but it makes me feel good to "see" you out there cruising. :)

Keep at it.

MikeRides 09-26-13 01:59 PM

Great job, ahultin !!

Personally the only goal I had in mind since starting my cycling journey back in the spring was to ride 1,000 miles total and increase my monthly mileage by 100 each month.

As of September 20th, I successfully reached my annual mileage goal of 1,000. :)

May : Goal was 100 miles. Rode 147 miles even. :)

June : Goal was 200 miles. Rode 245.2 miles. :)

July : Goal was 300 miles. Rode just short of that, 288.2 miles. :(
I did, however, ride my first half century this month which was quite an accomplishment!

August : Goal was 300 miles. Rode nearly 100 miles less, 204.1 miles. :(

September : Goal is, once again, 300 miles. So far I've ridden 129.2 miles. I don't think I'm going to make it. :(

With less than a week ahead, I'm only planning 87 additional miles for September!
Getting sick this month really put a damper on my riding.
October & November are generally busier and cooler months so I'll be lucky if I can even ride 100 miles.

goldfinch 09-26-13 03:13 PM

In case you were one who posted their goals before the start of the year, here is the thread:

I am on track for most all my goals except weight. I gained weight. :( Oh, I see I was only going to buy one bike. I bought several bikes but gave away or sold all but one complete bike and one frame. I am ahead on miles, only 38 short of my year goal of 4000. And, I did the multi-day ride which was incredibly rewarding.

billh 09-26-13 03:29 PM

wow, I'm impressed with you people who set goals . . . and keep track of them. Geez, I need to set some goals . . . I can't remember the last goal I set. But then, I have difficulty remembering what I ate yesterday. what day is today? :)

IBOHUNT 09-27-13 08:59 AM

Stated 2013 Goals were:

What our esteemed colleague Vesteroid does minus the drinking and sex plus:

Better the following by 10%

5K run
10K run
10 mile Dualthon bike course time
20 mile course time
CASA Century solo time
Complete the last 3/4 mile of the Garrett Co metric in less than 11 minutes.


I can say despite two months off the bike and any real activity because a Ford truck that decided to test out how fat I was I've:

Managed to podium a few races in CAT5 after the accident
Didn't do the Dualthlon bike deal, I am signed up for one in October
20 mile course time - that was a "try to get done in an hour". That has long since been behind me and busting off a 30+ mile ride with 50'/mi gain at 20+ is a tempo ride now. Gets a 'meh'.
CASA Century was ridding with others so that one didn't get done. I did however manage a solo centruy in Myrtle Beach in sub 5 hrs.
Garrett Co ride didn't happen. Dag gum Ford truck!

Running: (Thanks Vesteriod for getting me into this garbage!). None of these times are in official event; just go run some.
5K time stands at 25:12; was a 27+
10K time is 50:51; was a 53+
Half in 2:09; was 2:27
Full in 4:42:59 - The longest I had ever run before doing that 'pick-up' marathon distance was 15 miles. I get to do my first Official marathon in October.

2012 I had 5790 miles with 327,301' gain.
2013 stands at only 4,823 miles and 264,155' gain (281 hours or a 17.1 mph avg). Won't be adding much more as it's hunting season.

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