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bassjones 09-28-13 07:09 PM

Walked a 10K today
3 months to the day post double knee surgery. Finished under 2 hours :D

My favorite picture

My kid finished 18 minutes ahead of me (pushing her mom in a wheelchair, no less), then came back and walked the last 1/2 mile with me! I like to think I'm doing this parenting thing right :thumb:

TrojanHorse 09-28-13 07:34 PM

I was gonna say... did your car break?

Congrats on your recovery & the 10k. I'm looking at a knee replacement (some day) and I"m holding off walking as much as I can to prolong that date.

And yes, you're clearly ahead of the curve in the parenting department.

bassjones 09-29-13 02:47 AM

My surgery was just arthroscopic clean out. Followed Doc's orders about what to do when. Knees feel good today. Back, feet, hips, glutes, not so much... And clearly cotton boxer-briefs were an unwise choice in undergarment...

bassjones 09-29-13 02:58 AM

The whole family....

My wife has lost 140 pounds over 18 months, and was planning on walking as well, but was diagnosed with POTS in August. Basically, her BP drops and heart rate spikes when standing, which causes blackouts. Cleveland Clinic for specialists this week. Hoping they can fix it, but it's looking doubtful at this point.

HelpMeRhonda 09-29-13 10:15 AM

Great Job to all.....
Best wishes for your wife's recovery.

MikeRides 09-29-13 02:05 PM

Great job on the 10K! And my prayers go out to your wife, I hope she pulls through the treatment.

thestoutdog 09-29-13 04:25 PM

Bassdude, you did great and so did the family, congrats!! Do my eyes deceive me, or have you lost a bit of weight?

bassjones 09-29-13 08:54 PM

I've lost about 20... With the knee injuries I've been up and down for a couple of years. Now that I'm feeling better, I should be able to keep up the downward trend.

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