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billh 12-02-13 01:55 PM

I remember the solvang century, never did it, but I did do the Lighthouse Century up to the Hearst Castle, which I think began in San Louis Obispo, man it seems a lifetime since my time in Cali . . .

anyway, comforting to know I am with like-minded p eople when it comes to struggling over the holidays. I managed to gain 4 lbs in 4 days, even though exercising like a maniac. I PR'd my 3 mile turkey day run, rode 50 miles on Fri, a fast 35 mile club ride on Sat, then raced two cyclocross races on Sunday, 20 min and 30 min all outo efforts. yes, and still gained four lbs. because I ate like a maniac too. ! I feel December will crush me. I have no resolve at this point. I feel like Bambi vs Godzilla.

CommuteCommando 12-02-13 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by billh (Post 16294663)
man it seems a lifetime since my time in Cali . . .

. . . fornia

(a lot of us old timers think Cali sounds silly);)

UnfilteredDregs 12-02-13 02:25 PM

I plan to break 200 before years end. I was 207 morning of T-Day, I rode 20 the day before, 23 the day of, skipped a day and rode 27 yesterday...I'm 204.5 at the moment and I'm going 50 miles tomorrow.... :P

billh 12-02-13 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by CommuteCommando (Post 16294741)
. . . fornia

(a lot of us old timers think Cali sounds silly);)

what was silly was sitting in the midwest and hearing Ahhhnorld on CNN talking about . . . "Collie-fornyah" . . . I laughed every time. I got out before the Arnold years. That was just embarrassing. Like Jessie Ventura in Minnesota. I guess body-building and champion wrestling are good prereqs for public service. :roflmao2: Anyway, I digress . . . :) I love that state, however you say it.

MikeRides 12-06-13 03:07 PM

I decided to weigh myself today out of the blue and the scale reported 165- up 5 pounds from early October. I'm not surprised though, after a large holiday dinner and the fact that I'm a fair-weather rider, I only ride from April to October usually (with the exception of some abnormally warm/dry days). I'm jealous of some of the members here who live in warmer climates so I've made my online presence pretty scarce the last couple months. On the flip side, I've been riding on the trainer for an hour a day, twice a week lately. And I have a few long rides planned in advance for next year, including a full century on my birthday in July.

TXsailor 12-07-13 01:00 PM

Well I thought I did well over Thanksgiving and was happy to actually loose a little, now the weather has turned really cold and the streets are covered in ice. Nothing to do except stay in and the temptation to nibble is winning. I have gained nearly 3 lbs in the last 4 days. Right now its 21 degrees and that is up from 17 over night. Come on warmer weather I need to ride!

rumrunn6 12-30-13 02:09 PM

not gonna weigh myself again till mid January I think

arex 12-30-13 03:36 PM

I've rebounded to 320, and feels like it.

SethAZ 12-30-13 06:08 PM

I was fine going into the Christmas season, but I ate abominably for about a week, starting when the cookie plates started flowing in from the neighbors, continuing when I made my own cookie plates to take to neighbors, and then was exacerbated by having family parties and dinners, game-playing meetups, etc. pretty much every single evening. I ballooned up around 10 lbs, of which I estimate 4 lbs actually represents gained fat and the rest is just water bloat-up from the sugar and whatnot. I'm back on the wagon now and eating according to my plan over the last day or so, so I anticipate by this weekend about half the apparent gain on the scale will be gone. I'm hoping to be back to my pre-Christmas weight in two weeks or so.

Mr. Markets 01-03-14 02:51 AM

Made it thru Thanksgiving with a small gain that disappeared in 2 days. Made it thru Christmas with a 2.6lb gain, and hev dropped 1.9 lbs of that already.

One of my New Years resolutions is to drop Diet Coke (again!) and that should really help on the weight loss front.

Myosmith 01-03-14 06:57 AM

I survived the holidays reasonably well. I lost about five pounds from December 1 to January 1. It would have probably been closer to 10 if I had stayed out of the cookies and rich hor dourve trays. Now I'm trying to get back with the program. I'm determined to lose 30 pounds by the end of April and keep it off. I'm tired of being strong in the long haul but sucking on hills.

arex 01-03-14 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Markets (Post 16378072)
Made it thru Thanksgiving with a small gain that disappeared in 2 days. Made it thru Christmas with a 2.6lb gain, and hev dropped 1.9 lbs of that already.

One of my New Years resolutions is to drop Diet Coke (again!) and that should really help on the weight loss front.

If you are, like me, addicted to the caffeine in Coke, try taking half a No-Doz in the morning to fend off the caffeine monkey on your back. I've had pretty good luck with this, keeping me from guzzling Coke all day, and spares me from the withdrawal symptoms.

CommuteCommando 01-03-14 11:00 AM

I only gained 5 lb over the Holidays, since Thanksgiving, as opposed to 15 last year. In that case, the sloth ended late, like February. This time, I never stopped weighing, though the intake tracking got pretty sketchy. So far this year, tracking has been 100% 2500 cal Wed, 2000 cal yesterday.

SeanBlader 01-03-14 12:47 PM

I was unfortunately up 6 lbs over the break that the company asked me to take since they won't carry over vacation time into a new year, pretty weak. Hopefully I'll drop it again once we're back on Daylight Savings time, it's really the dark twice a day that's most discouraging.

himespau 01-03-14 01:11 PM

Gained ~ 6 pounds in the last two weeks. Don't feel like I ate that much more than I have in the past, but I guess my metabolism may have slowed a bit as I've been increasingly limiting the intake and my body may have grabbed any calories it could find and stored them in fat. It took me a long time to lose those 6 pounds and I'm kind of pissed at myself that I have to do it all over again.

Null66 01-03-14 02:43 PM

I'm a fairly serious weight lifter.

Gaining enough muscle to register on a scale is hard work and takes a long time.

People new to resistance training gain strength quickly. This is mostly neurological adaptation. The changes you see in the mirror are changes in tonus. Your muscles are tighter and therefore stand out more.

It takes rather intense lifting (either volume, weight, or both) to add significant muscle. It takes a long time to work up the strength to get to the point where you can lift at a challenging enough intensity safely. It's a long game. A rewarding game, but a long one.

However, there is a rather amazingly rapid effect on health indicators: blood lipids, blood sugar maintenance and etc.

Mr. Markets 01-03-14 02:47 PM

Weighed in today and now .1 lbs up from the Holidays so it basically a wash now.

I agree with the weightlifting comments above. I am sure I have lost some muscle over the last 6 months but I'll bring in the weights soon and in a year I should have all of it back and more.

lubers 01-04-14 01:14 PM

Fours years ago I was close to my ideal weight got myself down to 215 lbs, then my back went out and my left knee started giving me problems. I balloon up to 302 lbs again, on my way back down again started riding over the summer to work again and been watching what I eat and quit drinking alcohol, now have to work on quiting the soda intake. Got myself back down to 280 hope to loose another twenty this year.

Chitown_Mike 01-06-14 11:20 AM

I put on somewhere between 5-10 lbs since Thanksgiving, but I have fluctuated quite a bit, but haven't lost any endurance. Well at least on a trainer. Been trying to ride more indoors since it is sub zero F outside right now, and my broken hand (which is basically mended) changes my ability to stop like I want.

However I had to wear my "fat jeans" today since my newer ones are a tad too short to wear with boots since it keeps letting snow and cold in over the top. And these jeans fall off without having to suck in. Honestly they are HUGE on me, but comfy and have enough length to drop down over my boots and keep my feet warm and snow free.

Wanderer 01-06-14 11:25 AM

I'm solidly back in Clydesdale status ----- it's gonna take some serious torture on the beast to get back to fightin weight.................

genejockey 01-06-14 07:08 PM

I'm up ~5# from my low, before Thanksgiving. My biggest issues have been finding time to ride - I skipped 2 out of 5 Sunday long rides in December, and haven't done a midweek ride since mid-November - and eating.

I had 16 days off of work at the end of the year, a combination of 6 holidays, 4 vacation days, and 6 days of weekend. At work, once I eat lunch I have no opportunity to snack till I get home. At home, even if I was a good boy and ate my usual breakfast and lunch, when it got to be about 4:00, I'd get hungry and make myself a snack. Or two. Or three.

On top of that, I think my older son's trying to kill me slowly. He's decided to take up baking and candy making as a hobby. Over Christmas, he made 4 batches of caramels, two apple pies, a blueberry pie, and then, last night, for some unknown reason, Yorkshire Pudding.

I'm lucky it's ONLY 5 pounds!

mustridebikes 01-07-14 09:32 AM

Stayed pretty consistent throughout the holidays when I look at my monthly average weights and BMI. Of course, I only bought my wireless scale in October, so that's not a ton of data to go off of. Goal for this month is to finish January under 210, currently weighing in at 213. I think a 120 mile brevet next weekend will help drop the weight, as long as we don't make too many stops for gas station food.

TJClay 01-07-14 10:23 AM

November and December were both tough for me, I packed on about 10 lbs. About 5 of it is already gone, looking to drop around another 20 this year.

BionicChris 01-07-14 12:00 PM

I gained 4lbs over Christmas and went up to 190, back to 187 at the moment though. I have sat at between 184 and 190 for the past 11 months.

Hopefully this year I will break the 180 - after weighing 238 in 2010 I want to get into the 170's.

WEK 01-07-14 12:21 PM

Gained four over the holidays, but have been able to lose two of them since then on the spinning bike (too snowy to ride outside right now, unfortunately). Considering I figured I had gain at least 6 or 8, I'm not too disappointed overall.

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