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TXsailor 11-29-13 02:08 AM

How many of us gained a few pounds?
I won't know till I weigh in the morning but I imagine I am a bit heavier now than I was before the big feast. I did ride 31 miles before the meal was ready so maybe I don't have too much to work off to get back to where I was.;)

WebFootFreak 11-29-13 10:16 AM

I do my weigh-ins on Sunday. I've a feeling that I'm going to be net zero, or even gain a bit for the month.

JReade 11-29-13 10:26 AM

I had a big plate, but I didn't have a TON. I ran a 5k in the morning, and had brunch only, so I think I was even on the daily calories.

otg 11-29-13 11:40 AM

Got on the scale this morning and nearly puked! Put my gym clothes on and I am currently waiting for my wife to get ready for a trip to the gym. I was up 3 lbs today, my heaviest weight in nearly two years. I had all the ususal suspects yesterday, including two servings of homemade apple pie with Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream on it. No one to blame but me, but damn, that pie was good!

bs63366 11-29-13 12:31 PM

I was happy that I was only up .2lbs from yesterday to today.

thestoutdog 11-29-13 02:12 PM

I'm happy to report that after consuming more through eating and drinking in one day than I have for at least eighteen months, I did not gain one tiny bit. Yes, I ate like my old self, a huge plate, many beers, a few bites of pie, and I was bloated! But, that was it, I could not do more, not even if I wanted to. My stomach actually has gotten smaller, both inside and out. Still holding solid at 285, but not hitting the bike or gym much in the past couple of weeks, so what can I expect. Happy day after friends!

lurch0038 11-29-13 03:30 PM

yep unfortunately up 15lbs...need to make a change.

2 wheeler 11-29-13 05:15 PM

I weigh once a week, on Saturday, so I'll find out then.

My "Thanksgiving" wasn't anything special and portions were small. I don't expect to see any gain from that, but the crummy cold weather has kept me off of the road (but on the rollers), so if I have gained any weight, that's probably the reason.

arex 11-29-13 05:20 PM

I keep going up and down, having trouble stabilizing or consistently dropping pounds.

mapeiboy 11-29-13 05:59 PM

I weight myself everyday just to make sure I do not gain any weight over the winter months .

Zoxe 11-30-13 07:46 AM

Between her family and mine and work and her work and so forth, "Thanksgiving" now consists of an entire week of opportunities to trash my diet. On top of that, Mrs Zoxe and I were on a cruise ship until the 17th, so most of November has been full of temptation.

I'm happy to say that although I did gain a couple pounds, I kept my overall goal of staying under 200 (199.8 when we got back from the cruise, phew!). Back to 197.4 today.

Starting to talk about what events we want to hit in 2014, which is good motivation not to slack off now that it's cold.

bbbean 11-30-13 08:47 AM

Two Tgiving feasts, two rides, lost .2 lbs.

TXsailor 11-30-13 10:18 AM

I think from the replies that this group shows a lot of will power and dedication! We have another whole month to be tempted with "Christmas dinners" at work church and of course all the Christmas and New Years celebrations. Plus busy shopping with lots of junk food eating opportunity's. Then throw in cold weather and bad roads to keep us on the couch. Stay strong my friends and encourage those of us who are weak to do the same (including me)!

ChuckD6421 11-30-13 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by lurch0038 (Post 16288536)
yep unfortunately up 15lbs...need to make a change.

Same as you lurch, up 15 lbs. but over the last 2 months. Deep resolve (and these posts) have motivated me to go out now to do ~30.

2 wheeler 11-30-13 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by 2 wheeler (Post 16288769)
I weigh once a week, on Saturday, so I'll find out then.

My "Thanksgiving" wasn't anything special and portions were small. I don't expect to see any gain from that, but the crummy cold weather has kept me off of the road (but on the rollers), so if I have gained any weight, that's probably the reason.

OK, today was weigh-in day...................................................... I lost 2.5 pounds this week. Thanksgiving week. Yep.

mrodgers 11-30-13 03:23 PM

Let's see, I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I don't eat much vegetables and no matter how many times my doctor or a dietitian tells me I should eat more of the disgusting things, I will continue to keep eating not much of them.

Normal meal I typically do eat the usually recommended 3 or 4 ounces of meat. I eat probably the equivalent of a full potato whether it is mashed, baked, or cut up and roasted (never fried.) I will eat a small portion of whatever veggies we have except for raw broccoli, that stuff I can eat a ton of.

My Thanksgiving netted me probably about a normal serving of meat but the potatoes/starch was drastic. I had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing like probably everybody else. I did eat a bit of green beans, and even choked down a single brussel sprout, LOL. Dessert was a normal slice of pumpkin and normal slice of apple pie. Also about 3 chocolate cookies and handfuls of caramel popcorn were consumed.

Then Wifey did run to the stores on Thursday night. I live in the middle of nowhere so the stores being "packed" is probably like you're stores on an extremely slow night. Had to run Friday to return and exchange some things she picked up Thursday and I didn't eat lunch before I left. So, stopped at Wendy's and ended up getting the bacon mushroom melt. Didn't specify a single so they gave me a double along with the fries and the drink. That's pretty much 3/4 of a day's worth of calories if not more.

Been off the bike for over a month except for 2 rides because of getting dark earlier (kids are a bit young yet, they don't want to stay home too long after dark when my wife is working.) I've been bouncing between 218 and 219 for the past month. Got on the scale this morning and it read 216! Hows that for the next day after 2 days of binging on the food :D

nkfrench 11-30-13 04:36 PM

Define "a few pounds" ...
There is no way the Thanksgiving morning Starbucks ride (16 miles but including a pastry and XL fancy coffee drink) countered the traditional turkey dinner excesses.
The only thing that rescued me was that the pumpkin pie at dinner was cooked with a lot of ginger. Ginger gives me some serious heartburn so I "only" had two small slices. However, the pecan pie was awesome.
We didn't have a whole lot of sweet foods, but almost everything was carb-heavy with heavy cream, butter, or cheese in it.

The pumpkin season will end soon, but this weekend also kicks off the Eggnog season.
Eggnog lattes, mmmm. I am so weak.
I'm not sure what I am doing for Christmas but at least the menu doesn't have all the "requirements" that Thanksgiving seems to have. It will be easier to keep it simple and more healthy.

As far as all the office holiday lunches, I'm not participating. It's nice that the company provides free food, but it's over an hour's drive (roundtrip) from the office to the restaurant and we have to make up time missed from work. I'd rather eat a sack lunch at my desk and have the extra 2 hours that day to fit in a bike ride or something. The potluck / food days in the office are even worse than the big official dinners. No wonder my company has an above-average incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. But that's another topic...

indyfabz 12-01-13 09:30 AM

Scale read -1 lb. on Saturday vs. the beginning of the week. I attribute that to passing on the calorie-ladened sides like mac & cheese, creamed onions and slaw made with mayo.

Myosmith 12-01-13 09:52 AM

I can't blame Thanksgiving, but this fall has been a bad one for me. Changes at work and a few other obstacles have cut deeply into my riding time and many of my meals have been fast food or even convenience store items. I'm seeing a lot more desk time and even getting to the gym has been tough. I've packed on 12 pounds since the end of July. I'm sure part of it is excess water due to a big increase in the amount of sodium I'm taking in, but that still doesn't help my health, performance or appearance.

I'm a stress eater and know that I have to watch out when I'm not getting good sleep and am pushing it on several fronts. I also know that it is still my decisions, not my circumstances, that make the difference and I'm going to have to buckle down and find ways to deal with the extra stress and sleep deprivation without turning to caffine and high-energy junk food (lots of calories from sugar and fat and not much else in the way of nutrition).

WebFootFreak 12-01-13 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by WebFootFreak (Post 16287884)
I do my weigh-ins on Sunday. I've a feeling that I'm going to be net zero, or even gain a bit for the month.

Update: I weighed this morning and was surprised to find myself down .5lb... Only a -2lb net for November, but in the right direction!

SethAZ 12-01-13 09:49 PM

I was up 3 lbs the day after Thanksgiving, and it was up 5 lbs yesterday. I didn't way myself this morning, but last night my weight looked like it would probably be approximately the same or maybe +1lb as the day before Thanksgiving. I ate a large plate of food and a ton of pie on Thanksgiving, but I'd planned this in for months. Setting aside that one day as "fair game" helped me maintain self-control over eating anything bad for weeks leading up to it. Now I'm firmly on the wagon again until Christmas.

In the meantime, I rode 189 miles this week, and 573 miles for the month. I'd like to say I lost a ton of weight in that time, but I probably last maybe 4 lbs. I started lifting weights at the gym at the beginning of the month, so I think that nudged the lean mass weight up a bit and hid some of the fat loss. At least, I really hope so. I ate sensibly during that time, other than on Thanksgiving.

JerrySTL 12-02-13 08:39 AM

I'm at 217 lbs which is within my normal range; however, I'm a notch or two out on my belt. :cry:

In 2006 I lost 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years without even trying! My secret? I rode over 6000 miles during the year before Thanksgiving and did a few half marathons. I was in great shape (but still a clyde). Then the weather got bad and work got busy the last month of the year.

We've all heard that muscle is heavier/denser than fat and that you can actually gain some weight when first exercising. Well the opposite can be true with stopping exercising.

IAMAMRA 12-02-13 08:51 AM

I do my WI on Wednesday's with weight watchers, but looking at a large gain right now. Used all but 12 weeklies on thanksgiving...

CommuteCommando 12-02-13 09:41 AM

Up 1 in November. Last year between November and March I gained 15, then lost 25 by early November. My goal is to continue to loose this year since I am signed up for the Solvang Century in March, and those hills will be much easier from hauling 20 or so fewer pounds up them.

genejockey 12-02-13 01:00 PM

I had avoided the scale since Tuesday, so when I saw the same number on Sunday's pre-ride check that I saw the previous Sunday, I was pleased.

One thing that helps is having two boys in their early 20s living at home. Leftovers vanish quickly!

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