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IndianaRecRider 12-01-13 08:39 AM

100 Mile + Club -- It's December, Ho Ho Ho, Merry Bikemas. Ride Rudolph, ride!!
Time to get the December edition of 100 + miles up and running. Slap on the bike snow tires and ride, ride, ride!! :D

brons2 12-01-13 12:33 PM

It's 70 degrees here today, think I'm going to try to squeeze in 50. As soon as my stomach stops hurting anyway. Coffee and grapes at church, not a good mix.

I'm going to set my goal the same as last month - 500 miles. Hopefully will make it this time :D

@Jason 12-01-13 02:09 PM

My goal is 125 miles.

2 wheeler 12-01-13 02:42 PM

I'm going to go for 250 miles this month.

The roads are salted and the temps are going lower all the time, so road miles will be few. The rollers will surely get a good workout and that's where the lion's share of miles will come from, unless the weather drastically changes.

Hey, it's only 20 days till the winter solstice, then the days start getting longer. It might not warm up for a while, but more daylight is a GOOD thing!

MillieKY 12-01-13 02:57 PM

I'm in for 200, which feels a little conservative, but I'm not sure how the weather will play out. Got in 12.05 miles today. Only 187.95 to go!

WebFootFreak 12-01-13 03:14 PM

I'll jump in again. Since I missed all 3 of my goals last month, it's time for a little personal redemption.

Goal: 100 mi

12/1- 24.5mi (75.5 remaining)

2 wheeler 12-01-13 04:48 PM

I started out the month with 16.7 miles on the rollers. It's dark and rainy outside and the roads are salted. Not a good day for riding outside.
The time on the rollers was a little bit harder than usual, since I was tired from a 22 mile mountain bike ride yesterday.

Goal: 250 miles
MTD: 16.7 miles

making 12-01-13 05:06 PM

OK, I am in at 100 miles. It is suppose to get down to 11F next week and I am a temp woosy, but maybe this will motivate me.

1242Vintage 12-01-13 06:13 PM

My goal for December is 500 miles. Only have one work trip on the schedule for December so should be able to get most of those miles with commuting.

Started off December with a CX race. Had a great surprise on the first lap too, Mom showed up on the sidelines to cheer me on. Race was near her house, but I never mentioned it. My wife must have mentioned it to her. We packed up after the race and I took her out to breakfast. A very good day.

Campincatfish 12-01-13 06:32 PM

I will shoot for 100 this month. It has been bitter cold here in PA the last week or so. It was 8 degree wind chills last time I was out about a week ago.

3rdcoast 12-01-13 06:33 PM

Last month I set a goal of 300 and did 363. I'm gonna up the goal to 501 this month being that I'm the furthest south so far in this thread.

363 was easy enough even though I battled through two colds in the last 20 days.

12/01 19.25 miles

Gravity Aided 12-01-13 07:40 PM

In at 100, indoor/outdoor. Stain Resistant.

Erwin8r 12-01-13 07:49 PM

Last month, I set a goal of 100 and managed 125+. This month, I'll set the mark at 150. I get most of those commuting, but have a couple weekend rides scheduled.

rdtompki 12-01-13 09:41 PM

I'm in for 400 miles. Should be easy in our climate. Confession: I just weighed myself and I'm at 192.8 lbs for reasons unknown; certainly isn't my eating habits. I can only surmise that my recent retirement and mileage uptick has done the trick. I can't remember the last time I saw the underside of 200 lbs. So my entry in this contest is unofficial. I'll forgo any monetary purse. (Update: I'll enter my rides, but my goal was doomed by a combination of very cold mornings and a slight cold. I'll probably hit 300 miles)

12/1 33.2 miles 266' (flattest ride I've had in a long, long time)

Yep, I just made it over 300 miles: 333 miles, 14Kft of climbing, 14.4 mph average. The average is in the ballpark considering climbing rides and recovery rides. As we get older we simply can't hammer every day.

jsigone 12-01-13 11:27 PM

I'm gonna pull it down a notch, Decemeber goal is 450miles and 40k ft of climbing

Medic Zero 12-02-13 12:23 AM


I'm in. Since I've given up on school my monthly mileage is going to be about halved and I've got to stay motivated and focused on riding when I'm not commuting to work three nights a week as I'm still at around 280 pounds and tend to be grumpy when I don't ride. I should put in at least 180 more miles just commuting this month*, so I'll set that for my goal. I imagine I'm going to fall a little short though, as we've got to move across town this month and we'll have a car borrowed for weeks to take one load at a time, I suspect I may drive in to work a few days to make moving easier. I'm hoping to make up any miles I miss on a long pleasure ride or two, if I can squeeze them in and the weather isn't extra foul. Next month I'll up my goal to include more miles than just my projected commuting miles.

* Already logged 8.2 miles getting home from work this morning, taking a slightly longer route than I often do.

Doohickie 12-02-13 12:55 AM

12/1 - 27*

Total: 27 miles

* fixed gear rides

On our Sunday night pub crawl rides, sometimes instead of stopping at a pub we go to a store instead to get some beer, then do a "hobo stop" and drink our beer in a park. Often the reason we go to a store is because we're also asking people to buy food to donate to the food bank (as was the case tonight).

This is a view looking at the folks in the shelter and those beyond in the light.

IBOHUNT 12-02-13 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 16293250)
I'm gonna pull it down a notch, Decemeber goal is 450miles and 40k ft of climbing

That's just running right? :lol:

jsigone 12-02-13 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by IBOHUNT (Post 16294826)
That's just running right? :lol:

Notice I did NOT mention running miles....I'll be happy w/ running once a week:thumb:

How many deer left can your freezerS fit?

Erwin8r 12-02-13 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by IBOHUNT (Post 16294826)
That's just running right? :lol:

No, that's just on one leg... Duh! Lol!

lolguy 12-02-13 08:05 PM

Okay, if I can get a shade over 420 miles in December that will give me 4,000 for the year - a big increase over last year's 1,695. Though last month was a bit of a wash out with 232 miles, I've got no work travel this month and about 6 or 7 days off. 421 is the goal!

12/1: 34.20 miles

3,605.03 miles YTD

UnfilteredDregs 12-02-13 08:37 PM

I'm in for at least 250. I did 27 yesterday and I'm riding 50 tomorrow...

jsigone 12-02-13 10:15 PM

12/2 ~ Monday commutes: 12.2mi - 266ft - 41min

12.2/450 miles on the bikes
0/20 miles running
266/40,000 vertical combined ft of climbing
0/2 centuries completed

chefisaac 12-03-13 01:07 PM

12-2: 22 miles
12-3: 22 miles

Glad to be back! I've missed ya all.

2 wheeler 12-03-13 05:10 PM

It's cold as *heck* here and won't be above freezing for over a week. :(

I rode the rollers and did 17.3 miles.

Goal: 250 miles
MTD: 34 miles

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