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Hiyawaan 12-04-13 07:31 AM

newbie Clydesdale with bent pedals.
Yasou fellow Clydesdales & Athenas!
Ive been lurking around this forum for the last couple of days. Lots of really good info, maybe even too much for me to process.
So where to begin. I am a clydesdale, 196cm and 128kg(down from an all time high off 164kg). Im low carbing it so I get cranky too! I rode bmx's as a kid but stop riding in my early twenties as motorcycles were more fun with less effort. I recenty sold off my harley and now on my univega 350 rover have truly become a smelly,sweaty biker.
I dont think ive ever been fit, im fat and strong but feel better as the km roll on by,especially lung capacity wise. Im making the lifestyle change and use my bike as transport rather than as exersise averaging btw 15-30km daily because I hate exercising. I ride in Athens, greece, its quite nerve wracking but rewarding when I arrive at my destination alive. Most of my non cycling friends think im suicidal riding in athens but im not, I just dont fear death and really enjoy cycling!

Anyhoo, as you might or might not know athens and its suburbs are hilly with flats running along the coast. So the other day instead of spinning up a hill I stood and peddled in a harder gear with a slower cadence. Felt good and quicker. I tried not to bounce too much. Today while riding I noticed my right pedal is bent. Rather annoying. I change it out with a generic set from an lbs on the route.

Any suggestions for Clydesdales pedal? Or are they all goona be the same. Or should I not be standing, which would suck as I rather enjoy the standing cadence on short hills to spinning.

Thx in advance

JerrySTL 12-04-13 07:44 AM

I've never bent a pedal, so maybe it was just a problem with that one of yours. I have had bearings go out which caused a loose pedal. I also had a crank arm crack where the pedal threads in, but this was on a new bike and must have been a manufacturing defect.

Almost any pedal should do except for some ultra expensive or cheap pedals. There are a few pedals that have weight limits. For example the Speedplay X-1 had a limit of 185 lbs. It's an expensive pedal with a titanium axle. I guess they are afraid that the axle will crack. However the Speedplay X-2, X-3 and X-5 have no such weight limits. They have steel axles.

Are you looking for clipless (that take special cleats on your shoes) or regular platform pedals that you can use regular shoes without cleats?

lurch0038 12-04-13 08:47 AM

I have had the same problem as much power and weight I guess. I recently upgraded to the Velo Orange pedals and I can feel the diff in the strength of the pedal. They are expensive but I think being a Clyde we need to have equipment designed for us and I think these pedals are very well built.

Hiyawaan 12-04-13 08:51 AM

Hi JerrySTL, I ride with regular sneakers,sometimes work boots. The axle where the pedal rotates and attaches to the crank arm bent.

Hiyawaan 12-04-13 08:55 AM

Thx Lurch0038 for the link

brons2 12-04-13 10:19 PM

I like the VP thin platform pedals, got a pair for about $65 USD.

edit - here they are for $54 if you don't mind red

bigfred 12-05-13 12:02 AM

Avoid the ultra expensive (titanium axles) and the very cheap ('cause they are) and you should be fine. 128kg shouldn't break most reputable pedals.

cyclist2000 12-08-13 05:04 PM

I have never experienced a bent axle. but I normally use shimano spd pedals. I would suggest that you get a good quality pedal. I just noticed that you use a standard pedal you may want to try MKS, I have heard that their quality is pretty good. I haven't used that type of pedal for quite a few years and used campagnolo pedals back then, never had a problem with those.

IBOHUNT 12-08-13 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by bigfred (Post 16302449)
Avoid the ultra expensive (titanium axles) and the very cheap ('cause they are) and you should be fine. 128kg shouldn't break most reputable pedals.

although I'd take titanium if they were given to me :)

Myosmith 12-08-13 06:46 PM

Any brand name pedal with a chrome-moly spindle and alloy cage will work fine.

stevel610 12-30-13 08:37 PM

I use a platform made for BMX. I like that VP. I also use Performance Bike Forte Platforms . They work well. I also use pedal straps like YNOT. Both go on sale at fairly regular intervals. Happy with both. I'm 230 pounds and tear up cheap pedals pretty routinely.

veerod82 12-31-13 02:19 AM

I am 300 lbs +- 10.

I cracked my stock pedal that came on my Specialized Sport Disc and bought the
"XLC Alloy MTB / Trekking Pedal" off Amazon. Ive ridden about 1400 miles on these with no issues. They have an SPD side and Platform (normal) side. I plan to upgrade to something nicer, but they have been great starter pedals for me.

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