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fleetsailor1981 12-08-13 01:47 PM

Advice on next bike
Hi all, I need to get some advice on choosing a bike. My intended purpose will be to use it for the following, Weight loss, commuting (13-26 miles one way), & and at some point touring. To add to all this fun I am getting ready to turn 51. My SUV broke down so that is what has caused the commuting issue but this could be fun. Right now I will be using a Wal-Mart Genesis V2100 MTB, all the riding should help with the weight loss (Win / Win), and I started hiking and camping this year so I guess touring just fits. Now I understand that one bike may not be great in all areas but want I need is one that is well rounded. My guess is Commuting / Touring could use the same bike with no major problems. My budget for the bike is $400-800 so any suggestions would be a big help. I am posting this in the four areas it covers Thanks for the advice in advance. Gregg

cyclist2000 12-08-13 05:27 PM

I don't know what point touring is. if you plan on doing loaded touring, I would look for a touring bike. In your price range you may be able to get an older model Jamis Aurora, this is the best time to go and negotiate on bike prices. If you are looking at light touring, short tours and eating at restaurants, look at cross bikes. Or credit card touring can be done on any road bike with a bag for your clothing.

WestPablo 12-08-13 05:47 PM

Go to and get either the Nashbar Steel Cyclocross bike, or the Nashbar TR1 Touring bike :thumb:

MacNasty 12-08-13 10:56 PM

You have plenty of choices given your budget. Jamis Coda sport is a great value, I have one myself. Threw a rack on it and I can tackle just about any adventure.

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