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ChiefTJS 12-10-13 08:32 PM

My Reward
I had been telling myself that when I lost 42lbs and broke the 200lb barrier that I would get a new bike. Well I broke 200 just before Thanksgiving and I've been researching bikes for at least a month before that. I felt a cyclocross bike would be a good fit for me as I like a wider tire but wanted a drop bar for a more aero position than my hybrid. Well, I think I researched everything and went back and forth on several bikes but was drawn to a Trek Crossrip until the local Trek store rubbed me the wrong way with crap sales tactics. I ended up with a better bike for less money by getting a Kona Jake as the local Kona dealer was blowing out the 2013's for under a grand. So I ended up with a full Tiagra bike for less money than I was going to pay for Claris.

I'm having cross top brake levers put on the Jake so I didn't bring it home yet, but it's mine and paid for. Very excited and can hardly wait until spring to put down some serious miles on it and get in even better shape. The new bike was a good motivator for me and now that I dropped a grand on a bike, I think I'll be motivated to ride it more. Life is good.

jsigone 12-10-13 08:46 PM

Sweet!!! When I was shopping around I did allot of hw on the kona Jakes and JTS. Geo and frame seems solid and should make for a great all around bike. Good thing about getting good prices is that simple upgrades are easier since it was under budget to begin with. Congrats on the weight goal too!

PhotoJoe 12-10-13 10:25 PM

Congrats! Now go ride it and give us a detailed report! Oh, and pix or it didn't happen! :D

Myosmith 12-11-13 06:11 AM


B8888S 12-11-13 08:25 AM

Congrats!!! You will love the new bike. It is a great feeling to accomplish a goal and earn your reward!

I have also been using incentives like this. I bought my Roubaix after I lost 50 lbs. That was back in June and it now has almost 4,000 miles on it. When I get below 200, I am going to order myself a set of handmade wheels. I already have them picked out. I just need to drop about 8 more lbs.

Post back about how the bike works out for you.

ChiefTJS 12-12-13 08:35 AM

Pretty excited about the Kona. It'll be a week or so before they get the interrupt levers put on for me so I'll just have to wait. I'm sure the incentive game won't work for everyone, but it did help me out a few times when I just kind of stalled out. I don't have a new incentive or carrot to hold in front of me but I think just enjoying the new bike will carry me through for a while.

bs63366 12-12-13 04:36 PM

I have the same thing I am looking to get myself a endurance bike when I hit the 230lbs mark which will be 38lbs total down and about 20 more from where I am. It motivates me to get out on those crappy days that I don't want to ride on because of the weather.

ChiefTJS 12-17-13 09:06 AM

Jake is now home and safe!! We're bonding on the Kurt Kinetic and officially in training for a spring century. Minor adjustments to Jake and major ones to myself and we should get along just fine. Sorry for the crap iPhone picture, I'm rather tech illiterate.

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