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JRD 12-16-13 12:13 PM

I started this year at 277 lbs. I am down to 194 lbs.

Jarrett2 12-16-13 12:51 PM

I was 405lbs. at the beginning of 2013, I got down as low as 292 lbs. the day before Thanksgiving. Since then I added a few but holding around 299 or so. I'm hoping once the weather warms up I will get the riding itch again and start doing long rides once again and continue to lose weight in 2014.

RedC 12-16-13 01:22 PM

This was a rough year for me and I've had trouble holding on to 40lb pound loss in 2012. But I'm back to riding more and eating less cause I figured out I just can't ride faster than I can eat and it doesn't come off as easy at 70 as it did at 50 but I hope to lose another 40lbs in 2014

BionicChris 12-16-13 02:12 PM

Some very impressive figures in this thread, I'm hoping that you all have a reasonable success over Christmas - the only way anybody is likely to loose weight is if they get food poisoning!

Chitown_Mike 12-16-13 02:26 PM

I have floated between 220-225 since the end of September. I haven't ridden much because of the cold and my broken hand (which really isn't healing the way I would like it to). But have spent some time on the trainer, started running, and kept watching what I eat. But I do cheat more here or there.

Once January rolls around I am riding as much as I can. That will be 8 weeks since I broke my finger and I should have the strength back in it to allow me to stop/shift the bike properly and safely.

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