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BionicChris 12-13-13 03:38 PM

How are we all doing? *General weight Q's*
I weighed myself today and am just 1lb heavier than the lightest I have been in 2013. I thought that was pretty good going, especially since my excercise has been limited by an inflamed tendon that won't ease up.

Based on Christmas 2011 and 2012, I gain 5lbs between December 1st and January 1st, and normally lose 3 of those before January 15th. I normally have a very slack December where I don't ride the bike much - this year I am going to make a special effort as I want to hit the 2000 mile mark for the year (currently 160 away with 18 days remaining - shouldn't be a problem really)

I am feeling positive and I hope that in 2014 I will finally get to 12 stone XX pounds.

How are all of the rest of you getting on - I know that those in America have had thanksgiving recently, so that may have knocked you back a bit, but are many of you at a personal lowest weight of the year?

WestPablo 12-13-13 03:51 PM

Usually, by the first week of January, I've gained over ten pounds. I just can't take the last five weeks of the year. Seems that I can't stop nibbling on the turkey, dressing, cakes, pies, and assorted treats. I also, drink a lot of apple cider, brandy, and scotch. It's not even Xmas yet and I've already gained three pounds, since November 21st!

Right now, I'm typing with one hand, while eating vanilla ice cream with the other! :eek:

CommuteCommando 12-13-13 04:08 PM

Having trouble controlling the comfort eating. Always a problem this time of year.

BionicChris 12-13-13 04:43 PM

10lbs is quite a bit to gain, damn tough working it all back off.

I'm not a drinker so I am lucky in a way that I won't be overdoing it on Christmas party drinking, but I can't get enough of the little snacks like breaded chicken bites, mini sausage rolls and pasties...

Have any of you set a 2014 goal or target? I'm finding that as I'm doing a charity ride I don't want to gain too much so am far more conscious this year than previously where I've been a bit excessive in my portion size.

Apologies if any of these posts have seemed "hey look how great I am" as I don't mean them to be, I'm just interested to know how everybody else who isn't a 140lb Cat 2 racer is getting on.

adrien 12-13-13 05:00 PM

Good. I lost about 50 pounds two years ago, and kept it off. My lowest at the peak of riding season is about 205, though it can dip below 200 if I'm dehydrated. I'm now pretty stable at 212-214.

I'm 6'3.5, and per my doctor have very little body fat. I've noticed that despite the losing being over, my body continues to change. Less waist and overall fat, more muscle.

I dropped from 250-260, lost 2 inches of neck and about 5 inches of waist.

jsigone 12-13-13 06:07 PM

Been a good yr both on and off the bike. Since my daughter was born early January, I've lost 28 lbs, biking much faster/smarter, active recovery is much improved, endurance side I can ride allot longer like its normal and seems normal to ride 4-6hrs every saturday. Will break 4000 miles this yr and I haven't broken a Helmet yet this yr...knock on wood not my head:roflmao2:

Goal this month is survive the holiday season and maintain weight +/- a couple pounds going into the new yr.

mrodgers 12-13-13 07:59 PM

For the past 12 years I have known exactly what goes on with my weight because with my job for the last 12 years, I have to stand on a scale and hang a materials bag every hour.

I have always held my weight all year long. My problem is definitely this time of year. I have 2-3 weeks off over Christmas and on January 2nd when I am back at work, I step up on that scale to hang my material bag for the first time and every year it reads 3 lb. heavier.

I was around 200-210 when I started this job. 12 years and 3 lb. per year later put me at the 247 I was in January 2013.

August, September, and October, I knocked down 30 lbs which is 10 years worth of that weight gain :thumb: November hit, it got colder, darkness came faster, and I've been staying later at work so I have been pretty much done with the bike riding and my weight has once again just sat and not moved. I have a week to go and then I'm off until January 2nd. If it wasn't for snow, I'd like to get out on my bike and see what cold weather riding is like, but I'm not that interested in struggling through 12 or more inches of snow on the bike, which is probably what will start to build up on my bike trail. Maybe I'll at least try to get a ride or 2 in while I'm off though, I'll definitely have the time, as long as it isn't fridged cold. Today felt like swimming weather at 25 compared to what it has been.

bs63366 12-13-13 09:08 PM

I am down about 18lbs in about 3 months. I think that I am going to do ok keeping is off as its just me and I am doing as good as I can to keep up with the healthy eating for the holidays and trying to drop my portions a bit for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals you have to have but will make it easier to not have to catch up in January.

bbeasley 12-14-13 09:41 AM

I'm just getting back on the bike and running after injuries stopped everything in July. I'm up 20 lbs but now that I can exercise again it'll come off fast.

the fly 12-14-13 03:25 PM

I've really got to work on my diet. I've put in 6,000 miles this year and have ballooned up 25 lbs from my low of 225. On the plus side, I think I look better at 250 now compared to when I wasn't cycling.

BionicChris 12-14-13 03:33 PM

My heaviest this year was 192, and my lowest was 184 (I know I'm sub 200, but I was a 240lbs and 6ft 4 when I started so this is my spiritual home)

When I was 192 I measured myself and having lost 8lbs I was thinner on my chest, hips/waist. I had however gained 8cm on my thighs.

All of my weight is hanging around on my stomach and hips, really frustrating me. I'm hoping that I can get rid of it during 2014.

ChiefTJS 12-14-13 05:11 PM

Well, 2013 started my weight loss and I'm down 42lbs. The challenge is to keep up the exercise and nutrition through these winter months that kill me. Just got a new bike and I think I'm going to move my trainer inside for the winter so that should help. 2014 is my year to ride my tail off so the better shape i"m in coming off winter, the better off I'll be.

MikeRides 12-14-13 07:40 PM

I've been off my bike since late October. I've been doing 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups daily and 2-miles of jogging every other morning. After the jogging I realize how much I miss riding, but that's always a spring/summer activity for me. Weight, I've gained 3 pounds since Halloween, but I'm still within the normal BMI range for my height.

digibud 12-15-13 01:23 AM

My lifetime goal is another 10lb. I've lost 90 so far. If I don't lose another lb I'm OK with it but another 10 would be a nice round number. I don't think I can eat any less or any "better" than I am doing now so I just hope to hold steady over the winter and will find out of I can take off another few lb this summer. It's also possible I may gain some muscle weight if I start some core training and weight work for my upper body muscles. We'll see.

goldfinch 12-15-13 08:14 AM

I'm all screwed up. Gained twenty pounds, which is bad when you are only 4'11". Had to buy clothes. Haven't ridden a bike for a month but it is 20 below zero outside. January, I'll be down in Arizona for the rest of the winter and should be back on the bike.

WebFootFreak 12-15-13 09:07 AM

I'm starting to get frustrated with the number on the scale. I KNOW I shouldn't let it get to me because I KNOW that it's just a number.

I've been in the 262-258 range for about a month now and I just can't get it to drop. Now... I have made progress. I am able to run (albeit slowly) more than a mile before going into Intervals. My wife and I did measurements yesterday (which is always fun), and it turns out I've lost 2" around at the belly button and another 2" where I wear my pants. But that NUMBER is driving me crazy!

The temps dropping have kept me out of the saddle, and spinning sucks... I know I didn't ramp up my efforts until august... but still...
[/whiny rant]

bs63366 12-15-13 10:49 AM

Thats awesome if you have lost 2 inches on you belly and waist. You will be getting muscles as well so its slow to start and then you will start dropping more weight when your muscle growth slows down and you have to burn all the extra calories to feed those new muscles. I wish I was down 2 inches on my midsection right now. Keep up the good work and the weight will start coming off.

jaxgtr 12-15-13 07:12 PM

I'm down 38 pounds this year. Only 5 lbs from my initial goal weight. Will be working for the new goal of ex-Clyde in 2014.

stephtu 12-15-13 09:38 PM

Down from 217-> 190 since starting riding again 3.5 months ago along with a new diet strategy. Have had good success with the "5:2 fast diet", basically 2 days per week of very low calories (< 600), with normal eating otherwise. Hope to hit my ideal weight goal by next April and complete my first century in 23 years.

Axiom 12-15-13 10:25 PM

Was close to breaking 260 before Thanksgiving but gained about 7lbs since then. Even with the weight gain my clothes were so loose I had to cough up some cash and buy a few shirts and pants. Can finally fit comfortably in most XL shirts. 20lbs/size L and I will be happy. Happy, but not satisfied.

DnvrFox 12-15-13 11:00 PM

I just browsed through one of those "What celebrities died this year" slide shows. Seems that many died near 70 or thereabouts - some much younger - from all sorts of ailments. I have had a couple of close friends pass away - a few years older than I, one today.

However, at 74yo, I can ride 40 - 50 miles, mountain bike over rough terrain, swim continuously for an hour, walk many miles, do 50 pushups . . . well, you get the idea - and, yes, I am a few pounds over weight, and probably will be the rest of my life, BUT, IN RESPONSE TO YOUR QUESTION, I FEEL GREAT!!

Happy New Year, all.

IAMAMRA 12-15-13 11:04 PM

Ok, my weight loss has defeiently slowed down, was loosing 3-4 pounds a week at this point last year, now I lose about 1-2. However, this year I don't have a gym memberhsip and have not been doing much working out...that said I am below the weight I was when I met my wife about 7 years ago.

10 Wheels 12-15-13 11:06 PM

I am down 16 lbs...

tiger187126 12-16-13 11:17 AM

got sick lost 10, got better gained it back, lost it again, then went out of town for thanksgiving and gained it back.

now i'm down 13, so basically i wasted a lot of time seesawing when i could have probably lost a lot of weight.

either way i don't think i'm going to weigh myself religiously. always feel like it's an excuse when you see your weight go up even though you've been doing better to just give up.

CommuteCommando 12-16-13 11:32 AM

I don't usually make new years resolutions. I have heard that tying resolve to a certain date only gives a convenient means of rationalizing failure-"Oh well, there's next year". I read another thread started by @tsl, that has inspired me to make an exception to that. I will strive to commute car free for 2014. That does not mean I will stop driving completely, just the trips to work. There is only one exception I will concede to, international travel, since it seems I may be making monthly trips to Mexico to quality manage production we have down there. I have two weeks to put together a foul weather bike. If I do miss a day, I just do a reset and start counting again. No more "next year"

I also need to drop another twenty by March for the Solvang Century (already got my bib#)

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