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Maycat 12-15-13 12:29 PM

Just bought new bike and feeling guilty...
Hello everyone!

I am a tall 270 lb Athena, that is relatively fit but a big girl - I work out during the week and ride on the weekends. My goal is to do the Wildflower Century ride in 2014. Today is my birthday, I turn 43, and yesterday I bought myself a(nother) bike. A very sweet bike, a 2014 Specialized Robouix Sport 105. I have been cycling for the past 2 years off and on. A month ago I had a bad fall on my trusted roadbike,a 1988 David Scott Ironman. I love that bike, but the downtube shifters don't make me feel confident.

Anyway, I am picking up the new bike today. It is my birthday present to myself, as my husband informed me that because all his money will go towards my step-kid's Christmas gifts I won't be getting a birthday or Christmas present from him (love those December birthdays). I am feeling a lot of anxiety about this bike. I feel like how dare I get such an expensive bike? My husband supports me through this, but heck, it is a lot of money. Since I plan on doing the Wildflower Century ride next year. The other riders in my area have commented that the gearing on my Ironman isn't going to work on the hilly portion of the ride. I researched upgrading it but I could get a new bike for what it would cost to upgrade the gearsets and wheels.

I have spent the past month visiting every LBS around, researching bikes, and putting together my budget. I was planning on getting a cheaper Secteur, or find one on Craigslist, but this one showed up yesterday and after riding it, I could not say no to it. I got a great deal, it fits amazing and the LBS is taking good care of me. It is more than I was planning to spend, but financially, I can pull it off.

Today, I am picking up the bike but can't help but feel very guilty about what I am doing. Have any other Clydes or Athenas felt this way?

MacNasty 12-15-13 12:36 PM

Don't feel guilty, you are investing in your health.

SmallFront 12-15-13 12:36 PM

I'm not a Clyde or Athena, but I am in the ball park of you with regards to age (I am 40 for a couple more weeks, lol).I just bought an expensive bike: A Bullitt with Alfine 11s and with a kid's seat, box, and everything. I too felt a bit uneasy and guilty about it all, but truth be told, it gives me so much pleasure that it was worth it. I bike more than before, I use the bike several times a day, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

If it can get you out and enjoy yourself without having to force yourself or feel unsafe (I'm thinking of the downtube shifters), I think you needn't feel guilty.

Pakiwi 12-15-13 02:47 PM

I wouldn't feel at all guilty. Spend that time and energy focusing on getting out and riding. As long as you continue to ride you will get many years of use and many miles ridden in the time you have it. It cam also help you get fit and even reduce stress.
The brake shifters are a huge upgrade from downtube and if they make you feel more comfortable then that's a good thing. Keep is updated on your rides and miles. With training for a century you will get lots of opportunities to get aquainted.

the fly 12-15-13 04:09 PM

Now I feel guilty. A little over a year ago, after only riding for 6 months (after decade long break), I went on an ebay shopping spree and put together a Giant TCR, Dura-Ace-Ultegra mix out of USED parts. Adding in the used powermeter and I'm in spitting distance of your NEW bike.

OTOH, this calender year I've used that bike for almost 200 rides and 6000 miles. My other bikes sit unused. The worst offender is my Trek that I bought new for my first attempt at cycling 10+ years ago. After the Giant, I put fenders on the Trek, and made it my rain bike. Unfortunately, when it rains, I still ride my Giant. The only time I don't ride it is when I know I'm going somewhere and will have to leave it locked/unattended. Makes me nervous just to think that I've hit the deck with it 3 times this year. Must now scour ebay for a preemptive replacement frame.

That was my longwinded way of saying, just ride the crap out of it. Hard to feel guilty when you're too busy piling on the miles.

the fly 12-15-13 04:47 PM

Oh, nice bike BTW!

bs63366 12-15-13 04:55 PM

I have to agree as long as you get tons of use out of it what is there to feel guilty about? I took the same bike for a ride as well and really liked it too. I am only holding off on getting a new bike until I lose some more weight as a personal goal for myself. But with all your training for your century I am sure that you will get a ton of use out of it and will love every minute of it.

Null66 12-15-13 05:02 PM

Congrats on the new bike!

side_FX 12-15-13 05:07 PM

Your profile lists bikes from 1966 and 1988, I think it's time that you bought something from this century. Enjoy the bike, it's a great choice!

Jdfrakes 12-15-13 05:57 PM

I can understand not getting another monetary gift after the bike but it shouldn't mean your birthday and Christmas go unnoticed. I also wouldn't feel guilty at all, looks like you've gotten buy with old tech for a long time.

irwin7638 12-15-13 06:21 PM

There is simply no such thing as too many bikes. Ride on!

jaxgtr 12-15-13 06:27 PM

Don't feel guilty...I get a new bike about every 3rd year. I had been riding a steel bike for the last couple and came across a heck of a deal on a 2013 Cannondale Supersix 105 at the lbs, about 40% off, so I basically bought it for the frame and promptly replaced just about everything on it with parts I found on sale, on ebay or from someone I knew and basically now have a Supersix Ultegra. I just put the 6800 brakes on the bike about 2 weeks ago and they are awesome.

I justify this by the fact that I work 50-60 hrs a week and I have earned every mile I will ride on it. My birthday is in Dec as well and I told my wife that this would be my birthday and Christmas present. However, she and my 2 sons got together and got me a Garmin 810 for Christmas....whoohoo...although I can't use it yet, :cry: , but my son got it at a deep discount at the place he works so they got lucky there.

Anyway, enjoy your new bike, ride the heck out of it and enjoy it, guilt free.


2 wheeler 12-15-13 06:30 PM

After you ride the bike for a short time, all guilt will be forgotten. I'm sure that you'll enjoy that bike for years and years and lots of miles!

Ataru074 12-15-13 06:44 PM

Don't. I had the same issue as I got my Caad10. forgot everything at the first ride.

TrojanHorse 12-15-13 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Maycat (Post 16332035)
can't help but feel very guilty about what I am doing.

It's Roubaix. You should feel guilty... guilty enough to make you ride that bike to smithereens. They're terrific bikes, I love mine.

You should sign up for the Tour de Palm Springs in February, it's a nice "beginner" century to get you in the mood for wildflower. In case you aren't aware, the wildflower century sells out in minutes - you need to be at your computer signing up the split second eligibility opens for that ride.

Congrats, and as they say around here... pics or it didn't happen.

TK LP 12-15-13 07:59 PM

You're a cycling enthusiast replacing a 15 year old bike, enjoy your new sled.

iTrek 12-15-13 09:04 PM

Yeah, felt that way with 2014 Domane but got over it with my first ride. :)

howeeee 12-15-13 09:17 PM

How good of you to make the effort to invest in your health, so you can be around fit and healthy to contribute to the well being of your family. You are entitled to a solid bicycle.

Have fun with it!

tiger187126 12-15-13 09:20 PM

i found that financial investment was a great motivator to get out and ride more.

turkey9186 12-15-13 11:08 PM

Set a goal of riding one mile for every dollar spent. By this time next year, you will not have any buyers remorse.
BTW, check out the Lodi Sunrise Century, Delta Century, and Napa Valley Centuries.

10 Wheels 12-15-13 11:10 PM

Just bought new bike and feeling guilty...

You should feel guilty.....You are getting behind.

Bought Two new bikes last year.

Bought Two used bikes this year.

jsigone 12-15-13 11:25 PM

ride it
abuse it
wash it
lube it
repeat often and you won't feel bad about the price tag. The first one is always the sticker get used to it on the 2nd and 3rd bike and so will your S.O. :thumb:

Pics are mandatory though....I don't make up the rules:beer:

NoviceJohn 12-16-13 12:11 AM

If you're seriously going to do what your initial intentions are, there should be no guilt. I bought my first road bike two months ago and I didn't feel guilty about it even after I realized I won't have time to ride it next year due to school. I'm going to try to ride at least once a week during the semester but it may not happen. As long I make the effort to ride once awhile, I'm okay with that because this bike is going to last a long time.

Maycat 12-16-13 01:39 AM

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Wow! Thank you EVERYONE! You are helping me so much! I like that idea of riding a mile for every dollar spent - what a great way to measure return on investment. I feel a lot better and also just purchased the entry into the Chico Wildflower. I have to do this now!

Here are pics...

10 Wheels 12-16-13 01:45 AM

Thanks for the pics. The two used bikes I got this year are Specialized bikes.

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