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Pakiwi 12-16-13 07:44 PM

Putting together bike from parts for the new year
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I was reading one of the posts on this forum about a rider getting a new bike. It made me think that the only new bike I have ever bought was a mountain bike in my days in the military. I have always had second hand road bikes. My first was a Carlton which was too big fir me. Then I went to a hand built steel frame hand made for the guy that got me into cycling. Then I got a Steel frame Cello Europa. This year as I was getting back into riding I picked up some parts to move to 9 speed. I just started putting it together and hoping to get it out fir a test ride this weekend. Though storm dependent.
It's a 2008 Jamis Xenith with Ultegra 6500/6600 components.

the fly 12-16-13 07:52 PM

I can fully understand the used bike deal. I just can't wrap my head around what a mid-level road bike costs new, much less a more top of the line model. Every time I walk in the LBS I browse a little while wating, and compare the bike prices to prices I've paid for cars/trucks I've driven, and usually the bike is not far off. Of course I'm a real cheapskate, the last car I bought (Prius) was a wreck from a salvage auction I hope to repair. Can't believe my used Frankenstein of a road bike cost almost as much as the Prius.

jsigone 12-16-13 09:02 PM

looks like a solid build up:thumb: I'd question those bars, huge atom drops for that size of a frame that it might detour you from staying in the drops longer when needed. I'd lean to compact drop bars. Salsa Cowbells are comfy and nicely priced too around $50

Pakiwi 12-16-13 09:36 PM

They are FSA Energy Anatomic. I really had no idea with the Bars. I liked the feel of them and got the right size with my broad shoulders. I have always ridden a 42 but these are 44 and were $10. Never heard of the Cowbells but will definitely take a look.
The other thing I thought I would try is a new to me saddle. Got this which is a Selle Italia Gel and also have a Terry Liberators.
Correction to original post. The BB and Crankset are new. I didn't have a Hollowtech II and couldnt go past a great deal for brand new. Total cost to build bike was around 650.

Erwin8r 12-16-13 11:33 PM

That Xenith frame/fork are absolutey awesome--my wife has the same bike (with 105) and she loves it.

Nice bike!

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