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SlipKid65 12-26-13 04:34 PM

My bride got me a 2012 Felt Z5.......

Pamestique 12-26-13 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16359912)
I had a fabulous dinner with friends , at their house, and a couple other friends came, too.


CHristmas morning woke to Snata Ana winds - temperatures in teh 70's, bright and sunny. My guy called; we wished each other a Merry and then decided we honor Christmas best getting out and enjoying it. DId a beautiful hike on a new trial (I was exploring the possibility of riding it on my mountain bike which my love just fixed up). Our hikes are always adventures... we decided to take an obvious bike trail... little did we know it was actually an illegal downhill trail....basically straight up, scary in spots about 1000' ft of climbing in about .8 miles. OK having survived that... that afternoon we went over ot my best friend's house and had egg rolls (their tradition not mine) with her family.

It's not about that whole present/gift thing (although they are nice when they come from the heart)... it's about the blessing we have in our lives... I am blessed to have my health (at age 62 climbing up the side of a mountain!!!) and good friends...

jazzgeek79 12-27-13 06:53 AM

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My wife and I bought gifts together, meaning we essentially picked out our own gifts. This was not so much fun as effective. I am working on turning a early 90's mountain bike into a city bike. It has a bent handlebar which is one of the only parts I'm not getting from the co-op so for Xmas I got a nashbar butterfly bar and a set of Schwalbe Kojack 26x2.0's for fast cobblestone ridding action. But then my wife wanted us to do small. Surprise gifts so that there would be so something unexpected under the tree. My wife is an artist so when I opened her gift I was pleasantly surprised
The wheels are stained glass and change color a bit as the light and angle changes. I love my wife.

JonnyHK 12-27-13 07:52 AM

Nothing bike related.

I got a Champagne Sabre! A moment of inspired present buying from the wife who usually laments getting things for the "man who has everything"...

bbeasley 12-27-13 09:45 AM

We got a local bike shop, until now the nearest one was a 70 mile round trip. It's owned by a guy who's raced all over and is very knowledgeable. The best cycling related thing that can happen to me is for this shop to be successful, the owner is working hard to build up local Saturday group rides. Until now I had to drive somewhere to get on a good group ride. With all that in mind I asked my family for gift certificates to the bike shop, everybody wins.

Chitown_Mike 12-27-13 12:04 PM

I got cash from my family and in-laws to use towards a new bike. They all know about my mishap and destroying my roadie a few months ago.

And my wife and son got me a Magic Bullet since our older personal blender is getting long in the tooth. I think she really knows she will benefit more from it than I will (since I am the chef in the house) but I am grateful that she got me it since I have been eyeballing one for a long time.

The wife got a 60 minute massage and a "day off" as a wife and mommy. Don't know when she will call in the present, but with a 16 month old, a baby on the way, and her (almost) 30 year old kid...errr....husband, she can use a day to get pampered.

Then we had a great time with my family since they are local. My dad created one of the most delicious turkeys to date, a bomb arse ham, and my mom busied herself with the sides. So much food.....but soooo good. The family time was great, couldn't ask for more.

Mondo734 12-27-13 12:06 PM

My wife always complains that I'm hard to shop for so this year she let me pick out my gifts. Since I'm working on building my first bike I picked out a set of avid fr-5 brake levers, a gently used bike saddle, and a take-off flat mtb bar. I'm super stoked to add the parts to the frame on my next day off!

Altair 4 12-27-13 02:48 PM

I bought Mrs. Altair a bit of bike jewelry (a necklace with a stainless steel laser cut gear medallion with a bike in the center, with hearts for hubs) from Velo Bling.

I bought myself a Novara Arosa long sleeve cold weather bike jersey. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

Dutch80 12-27-13 03:08 PM

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First post!! Someone break out the champagne or newb jokes

I got some Pearl Izumi shoes, new pedals and a subscription to bicycling magazine....

Standby for a thread asking for the best way to treat a separated shoulder

HillRiderEast 12-27-13 03:35 PM

Topeak MX trunk bag. I hinted to Santa and he came through.

delcrossv 12-27-13 03:36 PM

A set of Flo 90 wheels (rear is "Clydesdale build" of course :D )

MikeRides 12-27-13 03:37 PM

Nothing bike related, but I was given a new camera so I can finally take some good pics on my rides next year. Didn't ask for anything but a peaceful holiday.:) Hope everyone had a good one!

BR46 12-27-13 08:12 PM

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A pair of tri shorts and new shoes.

Fat_Man_On_Bike 12-28-13 06:25 PM

Santa (i.e., my brother) gave me a used Giant Sedona. As I explained in the introductions forum, I guess it's his not so subtle way of saying I need to get in shape. Weighing in at a hefty 250 pounds (@ 5' 10"), I guess he does have a point.

Looking forward to reading / participating in this forum. Looks like it's just what I need. :thumb:

recumbenttoad 12-28-13 09:38 PM

Santa brought me a lump of coal with a note on it telling me I'm losing my job on the 30th. Bah-humbug.

Erwin8r 12-30-13 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by recumbenttoad (Post 16364969)
Santa brought me a lump of coal with a note on it telling me I'm losing my job on the 30th. Bah-humbug.

Funny, this is somewhat true for me too--except that he also rewarded my new status with a KHS 650b Team :)

iTrek 12-30-13 01:10 AM

Garmon Virb Elite

bliorg 12-30-13 06:37 AM

Nothing bike, but my son got us tickets and a room for the NCAA Div I lacrosse championships this May.

Roosterbird 12-30-13 07:54 AM

My son (13) has been wanting to ride with me, so Santa brought him a new (to him anyway)early 2000's LaMond Alpe d'Huez . We rode friday and Saturday because it was unseasonably warm here and he's fast.

lenA 12-30-13 08:45 AM

I try real hard not to wear anything with can I cover up the lettering on this nice gift?

rumrunn6 12-30-13 10:33 AM

I got tea in the family grab bag

Chitown_Mike 12-30-13 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by lenA (Post 16367462)
I try real hard not to wear anything with can I cover up the lettering on this nice gift?

Trying to be an under-the-radar Fred?

JReade 12-30-13 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Chitown_Mike (Post 16367872)
Trying to be an under-the-radar Fred?


SethAZ 12-30-13 12:12 PM

My Christmas gift from the family was pretty much the components to build my new wheelset, which I've actually been riding for a week or so before Christmas, so, uh, it was mostly just an excuse to spend the money on bike stuff. The wheelset ended up being Pacenti SL-23 rims, Shimano Ultegra 6800 hubs, black Sapim Race double-butted spokes, red spoke nipples. It's all built up and I did the whole Festive 500 on it. Loving the new, stiff, wide wheels.

On actual Christmas itself I got a cadence sensor for my Garmin, and a little plastic mount so I can put my Garmin 305 watch on the handlebar instead of wearing it on my wrist during the ride.

lenA 12-30-13 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Chitown_Mike (Post 16367872)
Trying to be an under-the-radar Fred?


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