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Bakerb24 12-26-13 08:11 PM

I'm pretty proud of myself right now.
After not riding any in 2012 due to running a marathon and focusing in on getting Married until late May of this year, I finally picked the bike back up in June. After a couple of rides to get my rear broken in I went out for a couple hours to see what I had in the tank. From what I can remember it was in the afternoon, pretty hot and I managed to get 35 miles on the dot in 2 hours.

Since June I've managed to ride about 2,700 miles. Some with a group, but most solo. I've done intervals, long rides, managed to ride a century and been pretty darn consistent.

I took yesterday off and went out for another 2 hour ride today. I didn't mean for it to turn into a 2 hour hammerfest, but I really was feeling good. It was 43 degrees and a little windy. I originally just wanted to ride around 17 mph for the ride. As I went on my average went from 17 to 17.5 and before I knew it I was up to almost 19. Even with 7 or 8 stops for redlights, I ended up with a rolling average of 18.9 mph for 2:04 for a total of 39.06 miles.

I think it's easy to get lost in the training and never really see the true benefits apples to apples. Maybe today was my lucky day, maybe I drank some magic eggnog over the holiday or maybe all the work is finally paying off. I'm really excited about what is to come in 2014. Looking forward to seeing what a solid year of training does.

So that's my story. I'm proud of myself and wanted to tell someone. I told my wife, but she didn't really care. I told my dog, but he didn't seem to impressed either. So now I'm telling all of you. Here's to hard work...

10 Wheels 12-26-13 08:32 PM

Speedy Dude on a bike.

TrojanHorse 12-26-13 08:43 PM

And where do you find the magic eggnog.

Bakerb24 12-26-13 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by TrojanHorse (Post 16360640)
And where do you find the magic eggnog.


In a moose mug of course.

TrojanHorse 12-26-13 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by Bakerb24 (Post 16360742)


Must acquire.

dhender02 12-27-13 08:26 AM

WOW!! Congrats... Hard work does pay dividends!!

Null66 12-27-13 08:56 AM

Well, I for one think 13 is fast!

Average average, not moving average.


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