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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 01-11-14, 07:04 AM   #26
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Maybe the middle of this post is not the best place to do it, but I'm going to comment a bit as someone who's "been there."

Last year was my year for losing weight. My goals for 2014 are pretty modest, but only because I did more in '13 than I set out to do.

Not to thump my own chest, but I'm going to quote my Clyde Emeritus thread HERE from last May, in the hopes that it will help someone here.

Things I learned in 2013:
- Talk to your doctor (yes, really, go visit and have a chat)
- If you don't have a doctor you can talk to, FIND ONE. Good ones do exist.
- If things aren't working, change the plan but not the goals.
- Be realistic about how much cardio/exercise you can do.
- Apologize to your loved ones if you turn into a cranky bastard like I did.

The quote below is from last May. After that, I stayed under 200 lb for the rest of the calendar year (I hit 200.0 on the nose New Year's Eve). I didn't manage to get off the gout med, but I did avoid chol meds at least awhile. Since the holidays I've eaten more strictly and weighed in the morning at 194.8.

Story time:
I'm not sure if Tom is still doing the Clyde Emeritus certificates, but I'm happy to announce that I now qualify. Weigh in this morning was 198.6. At 6'2" I'll always be a borderline clyde, but with luck and continued perseverance, I'll make height my only qualification.

Start 2008 : 283 lb
January 2nd 2013: 237.6 lb
Today: 198.6 lb
Pants size: 44 (2008), 38 loose fit (Jan), 36 reg (today)
Shirt: 2XL/3XL (2008), 1XL (jan), L (today)

I've posted my story here and there over the years, but here's a recap:

In June of '08, my brother got married and the pictures were eye opening when they came back. I didn't consider myself "fat" but the pictures of me in the tux didn't lie. I was 283 lb and change. I joined this forum in 2008, shortly after we got our bikes (me: Giant Cypress, her: Giant Revive DX).

I lost weight naturally over the course of the next couple years. No specific diet, although we were "eating better" and smaller portions. We did a dozen or so charity events (local rides, plus Tour de Cure) and my first Sprint Tri in 2010. We also bought 10 acres of woods, and chores are helping keep me in shape. I dropped 50 lbs over 2-3 yrs and settled out at 235. I would hover at 230/235 for the next 18mo while I biked, completed a few 5k runs, and 2 more Sprint Tris (2011, 2012). During this time, I lost size, but not weight, as my shoulders and legs firmed up.

At the start of 2013, I wrote down that I wanted to lose 20lbs by my birthday (October). So I started keeping a log of all my cardio. I started off well and lost 5 lbs in January.

In late January, I had my annual physical and bloodwork came back a little ugly -- high cholesterol. Doc gave me "the speech" and challenged me to lose 30 lbs or go on meds for life. I decided that I had to try, since I'd already committed to losing weight anyway.

After trying myfitnesspal and not liking it, I went with South Beach (the doc's recommended plan for guys like me). I'm not a fan of "diets" and had intended to do the 2 week intro just so I could tell the Doc that I tried it and it didn't work. But the weight came off, and I'm generally able to live within the guidelines.

After the initial rush of water weight, the pounds have been coming off 1-2 lbs per week. I've talked to the doc (but not gone back for bloodwork yet) and he'd like to see me stabilize at 195 long term.

With the late spring here, I don't have as many road miles as I wanted, but did spend the winter in the pool and on the spin bike. This season I am signed up for a 200k bike tour, an Olympic Aquabike (Triathlon w/o the Run), and later in the season a Half-Ironman distance Aquabike.

For many years, I never thought I'd get under 200 lbs. I figured at best I'd bottom out at 220 ... and to be honest I was reasonably happy at 235. But I've bought 1 new jersey that fits my new size better and I'm looking forward to some event pictures without my gut pushing over the top of my bibs.
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10 Wheels
Galveston County Texas
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Hold what I now have.

Dropped 27 lbs last year.

Holding at 194.
Fred "The Real Fred"
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5'11". ~245 at the moment. I lost 40 lbs last year with a combination of Weight Watchers and riding, and I hope to continue this year. Goal is to be down around 200, hopefully by the end of the summer. Winter months hurt with the lack of good riding, but I do as much as I can to commute to work in the summer (9 miles each way). Once it warms up a bit I'll start riding to my winter post (2.5-3 miles each way).

Did the 32-mile Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life in Brooklyn back in September. Looking forward to doing the 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC this May (40 miles) and hopefully upgrading to the 62-mile option for the Cycle for Life this Fall.
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Commuter & cyclotourist
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2013 was my big weight loss year: from 215 lbs. to 169 (I'm 5' 10"). It was also the year I rode my first D2R2 (100K version) and Great River Ride 170K populaire. Hills are a lot more fun now that I've lost nearly 2 bikes' worth of weight.

This year I want to get down to 155 and then, if need be, replace fat with muscle while maintaining weight. Riding goals are to do a 200K brevet in April, and if I enjoy it, maybe a 300K in May. And I'll be back in Deerfield and Westfield for the D2R2 and GRR again this year. I hope to get back into running, now that I'm much lighter and it will put much less strain on my knees.
Public accountability: my Beeminder weight loss graph.
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Run a 5K in under 20 minutes (bring on the 19:59)
Get below, and stay below, 200 pounds
Enter the Blackburn Challenge (20+ mile open water paddle race) under four hours
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Thanks, Zoxe, for the "timeline." You in 2008 were about my size now. I hope to have similar results.
Alan M.
Tullahoma, TN
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aka: Mike J.
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2014 goals: get below 200 Lbs and stay there, get more cycling in, continue blood pressure improvement, keep improving my eating habits.
Current status: around 5'11" and not going over 222 Lbs. I hit 216 before Christmas for awhile. I'm in my late 50's in case anyone is curious.

Two years ago I was about 250 Lbs. 2013 I started actively tracking my workday business park walks. Some days I walked over 6 miles, but most days averaged 3-5 miles with 2-4 miles during lunch and up to a mile or so during the morning and/or afternoon breaks. Some breaks I only got in a half mile or so. Due to home and family stuff my non - work hours were really limited so I basically got zero cycling in for 2013 except for a few laps around the block test riding bikes I was selling off.

And for 2014 I'm going to try and figure out a way to convert my 40 mile each way work commute into a bike/bus option, and maybe an occasional bus/run commute if I can progress my lunch walks into lunch runs. In 2013 I managed to log over 250 miles just walking in the business park, so if possible I want to add 50-100 miles to that as well.

Anyway, that where I'm currently at. And by using select Twitter follows I'm also keeping my motivation in gear. Do what works for you and keep on improving and progressing.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Life happens, don't be a spectator.
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Ok ... here goes.
6'3", weight, 290.6 (Ugh that's awful to look at).
Weight goal - regardless of my current weight, my goal weight by Thanksgiving is 225. It's a lot to lose, probably around 70 pounds or so, but I can do it. It's 1.47 pounds per week, definitely doable

Right now
- workout three days a week, a mix of strength training and cardio. May increase this to four days a week.
- Track food intake religiously, end day under caloric allowance.

Commute three days a week when Spring arrives (starting as soon as possible, weather dependent).
Get in good enough shape to do either the Dairy Roubaix (4/16) or the Cheesehead Roubaix (4/27)
If personal schedule allows, do the Bear 100 (5/24)
Join a local Bike Club, ride often with the club.
Do either the Udder Century or the Ride for the Arts on 6/1
BayView Bike Classic on 7/13
Cream City Century in August
MS Ride with my son - date TBD
Race as many CX races in the fall as possible.
Ride 3,000 miles total.

Last edited by ill.clyde; 01-24-14 at 09:33 AM. Reason: Added weight
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I am have become very motivated to get back in shape and start riding again. Ten years ago I was 203 and racing XC...and winning. I over did it. Cracked my wrist 2x, severely sprained a thumb and several fingers and mentally cracked after a 100 mile off-road race. Then came a nasty divorce...

So here I am. 51. 326lbs at 5'11"

I have an Electra Townie 21d. My goal is to eat correctly utlizing the Fat Flush Diet which is a lifetime eating plan vs short term. I have cut out the wine, chocolate and fried foods. I would like to get back to trail riding and possibly distance riding again. Loved the 2-4 hour races in the dirt.

By the end of the year I would like to lose between 80-100lbs. Be able to ride several hours. I plan to reward myself with a new XC hardtail after 50 pounds of weight loss.

As this is my first post, I would like to thank all the Clydesdales who have posted their successes as well as their struggles. I look forward to participating.
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Cycle Babble
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I was bicycling a few years before I found this web-site.

In 2010 I topped off at 280 lbs. As mentioned above I received wedding pictures back that had my fat fanny on them which was an eye opener to me as well. I knew I had issues because my waist size was at 40 which was higher than I wanted, so I purchased a bike and began riding. I lost 10 lbs the first year, then gained them back over the winter. The second year I lost 10lbs again and managed to keep them off. This last summer I lost another 10 which put me at 260. I gained 5 pounds over the holidays but now that I am back in the gym I took those off plus 2 more. At 258 I can only hope to lose 20 this year to get me to 240. I will see how things go after that. Slow and steady it goes while excersizing and watching what I eat. My issue is my wife is a make that a GREAT cook and at times I cannot fight the urge to have a second helping.

The best advise I can give is to never give up. You may try for a long time and get little to no results, but if you keep at it, eventually good things will come.

John S
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Big Boned Biker
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would like to loose 60 pounds this year, down 6.2 so far for the year.
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5' 2", 38 yrs old, and last weighed in at 227.6 lbs. Down from 275 in August 2013. My goal is to get down to 199 by end of June and then see what happens. I've got a long way to go, so managing one weight-goal at a time!

Current plan: Taking part in medically-managed weight loss program with a personal trainer, nutritionist, counselor, and physician. See my trainer 3x/week and counselor & dietitian 1x/week. See the physician every 5 weeks for check ups/check ins. Cardio on my own 2x per week on my own outside of formal workouts, and I'm trying to do additional walks and (now) rides beyond that. Diet-wise I'm rolling anywhere between 1000-1300 calories per day and tracking my meals religiously. Haven't had too many plateaus since Aug but when I get lower numbers I calorie cycle to mix things up. Eating well-balanced and target a mix of 35% protein, 25% fat, and 40% carbs. And as much water as I can comfortably imbibe.

Cycling Goals: Not really sure what's possible here. After 2 rides I can do about 2 miles, but within the next month I'd like to get up to rolling 10 miler round trips on the flat local trails. If I can get my saddle issue squared away I think it'll be totally doable. From there? Sky's the limit. By the end of 2014, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to tackle the 50-mile route around Lake Washington. I'd be so proud of myself!
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Trebor Snave
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First of all, to everyone who has posted: you can do it! You all inspire me.

I'm 5' 11.5", 46 years old, around 220 right now. My goals this year are to be under 190 by the end of summer, ride a couple of local rides this summer (a road century and an MTB charity ride), and run a sub-15 minute two-mile run in fall. I've done the metric century in the past, this year I'm aiming for the imperial. The MTB ride is a hill-climb killer; this year my goal is to make it without walking the bike at all. I've never run a sub-15 in my life, so that's going to be a tough one.

To do this, I will have to cut out the soda and cut back on portions, while increasing my exercise routine. I must get back on the bike! I didn't ride at all last year, but did a lot of push-ups and crunches... I need aerobic fitness as well.

Guess I may as well get started; it's snowing outside, so I'm headed for the treadmill. Wish me luck!
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6'2" 250ish going for below 200.
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2013 was a year of excuses. Also a year of re-meeting a few old friends (females) and then once again becoming distanced. I literally did not cycle much because of one, I would spend my mornings texting one instead of getting out. I did, however, do a lot of walking. I can walk and text...

2014, I have goals and by golly I will reach them...

First: I will buy a house. This will help my cycling goals as I will only have internet on my 4.3" smartphone and at work, so no distractions.

I want to drop 15lbs (I'll keep it low for now). Fit into my XXL Primal Wear 3 Monkeys jersey. Finish a 50 mile road ride before I turn 32 (july 31). Log 50-100miles/week (that is going to depend on weather, I DO NOT ride in rain - takes the fun away). And, more importantly - Ride more with my dad on the canal path! For approaching 60, he keeps right up, even on 26 miles!

Lastly...make a riding friend or two. Likely a female since guys tend to be a bit too competitive on road bikes, but a clyde guy or group, with similar abilities/goals, would be awesome, too.

It won't be easy at first, but once I get in better shape, the miles will zip by!
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Fat Cyclist
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Admittedly I've been terrible at changing how I eat and maintain weight loss; I'll lose weight then gain 75% of it back. I'm back to 270 and have only logged about 50 miles so far. If I can hit and maintain 240 that would be great. I've been working on my bench press but started doing dumbbell benching instead, and would like to hit 200lbs on that, practice my deadlift and squat form and hit 3 plates each side on those lifts.

Cycling related: Slowly work in at least one 20-30 mile ride per week and increase that by 10 miles every few weeks.
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Used to be fast
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6'5" Down to 240 now. Goal for this year is to be at 210 by July. Would love to hit 199, even for a day, but I don't think that is physically possible. We'll see.
For fitness, right now my commute is bike-train-bike, 10 mile per day, 5 each way. I do the full 21.5 ride home twice a week and want to be able to ride my entire home commute 5 days a week. (There isn't enough time in the morning for me to ride the 21.5 to work.) This would make it 132.5 miles per week commuting, plus weekend rides.
I would also like to get my average speed on the way home over 15mph. Right now I am at 14mph.
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I broke 200 at the end of last year, dropped to 188 by August and then put 5 pounds back on travelling for work. Got back down to190 by new year. Managed to stay "Normal" by BMI, so small victory, and my doctor has been really happy with me.

Goal 1 for the year - drop another 21 pounds to a final goal of 169 by august. At 6'2" that puts me dead center of normal by BMI. Less than a pound a week. Aug 2 is the start of a Backroads trip to California, and I want to fly up the mountains on the one day with tougher climbing.

Goal 2 - 24 hours in the saddle per month. Right now that means trainer time .

Goal 3 - If I stick with Trainer Road, I will get through the workout "Relay". I'm pretty sure my legs could do it, but my heart and lungs let me down. Spending 75% of your life fat and lazy makes things harder than they need to be...

I'm starting to understand the power stuff now, and I'm starting to feel the need for a power meter instead of using virtual power on Trainer Road. I'll miss it once I can get outside again.
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Originally Posted by jeneralist View Post
I don't want to gain weight; and I want to do 3 full-length push-ups in a row. ("Full-length" = "not from the knees".)

I'm trying to decide on my bike tour for the year; waiting to see what Cycle Oregon will be this year. My back-up plan is the Erie Canal ride.
The Erie Canal is a marvelous ride! My SO and I did it in 2007.

My goals?

I'm 6, 265...

Down to 250, maintain 500lb pull and other lifts.
Take up 200k brevets, and enjoy them by end of season.
Commute as often as possible (once weekly, 50 mile rt with 2400 ft climb)...

Last edited by Null66; 01-28-14 at 09:11 AM.
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I'm currently 6'2" 205, down from 286 just a couple of years ago. I havn't been cycling yet or even own a bike. However as soon as the "polar vortex" lifts I will be picking up this new to me hobby and hopefully by the end of 2014 I will be 185 and commuting 100 miles a week + fun miles!
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Jan 2nd 2014

5'10" and 220.4

A firm 190 would be fine with me, I will be a 50 y/o at the end of March and would like to be under 200 that day. I'm down to 207 today and for the last two weeks I've lost 1.4 lbs per week
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recumbent bike advocate
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I kids,

I'm Tom and I'm a big fat guy....I don't want to be a big, fat guy, so I'm doing something about it.

6'-4", started the year at 286 lbs.

My 60th birthday is 26 September of this year, and I don't want to celebrate it this darn heavy...

My goal is to be at 220 lbs for my birthday (at which time I will drink and party and put 15 lbs of it back on...)

Right now, 2-4-14 I'm right at 271, having lost about 15 lbs last month following the 'fast metabolism diet'.... I intend to follow the diet plan (which is in 28 day cycles) for another four or five months and get this weight off.

Problem is this...I know how to gain weight, and I know how to lose weight....I don't know how to stay at one weight....something I'll have to work on, I guess.

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL
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6' 2" and 277.5 lbs on January 1

For the calendar year 2014 I want to accomplish the following:

Lose 12.5 lbs every three months. For real, no backsliding.

Ride 100 miles a month
Ride 2 centuries. Finish under 8 hrs.
Ride a 200k randonée

Run 75 miles/month
Run 2 half marathons
Run 2 full marathons (already did one 1/19)
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- Get my resting pulse rate under 40
- Fit into a size 36 pant
- complete a half-tri
- complete at least two "A" group rides and not get dropped
- have an annual medical checkup that says " you don't have to work on anything - keep it up"
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2013 sucked due to injury, surgery and recovery, rain, and a general lack of available time. 2014 is looking to carry over.... broken leg is pretty much healed, ankle is doing ok, but it looks like I may have torn meniscus from the fall.... So Jan 2014 is starting out like 2013 - MRI on a knee and possible surgery. That said, the bikes are cleaned up and running. I recently purchased a mag trainer. And I am working on watching my calorie intake and taking control over my love of eating.... Currently 6'4" and ~300#. I want to get down to about 240# or so this year and then see what happens from there.
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