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kimokimo 12-28-13 06:36 PM

2014 Weight and fitness goals
What are your goals for this year?

I'm 5'10" and 270 My weight goal is to lose 40-50 lbs and to cycle 3-4 days a week (20+ miles rnd trp commute) and do 2 100 mile rides.

doing a low carb diet now for 2 mos but don't seem to be losing any weight (1500 cals)

Hope to turn things around this year.

MikeRides 12-30-13 03:12 PM

I'm 5' 9" and weigh around 170 pounds as of last week (down from 225 as of 2012), I hope to get down to 150 by 2015.

Fitness-wise, I want to be able to ride my bike the 25 miles to work up a really steep hill (3 mile incline!) without stopping at least 2x a week. Additionally, I hope to knock out my very first imperial century (100 miles) next Independence Day weekend.

kylecivicsi 12-30-13 04:33 PM

Weighed in yesterday at 265.5, I want to be under 200 (hopefully) well before the end of '14. I intend on completing a sprint and olympic tri by the fall of the year. Swim lessons start Jan 7th! Its going to be a long, but hopefully fun, road to becoming healthy and more fit.

btpdragon 12-30-13 05:10 PM

I am 6'4" and currently at 340lbs. For 2014 I want to lose 75lbs+. I would really like to lose 40-50lbs by June for the Alcatraz swim and 75lbs by late September for the TriRock San Diego race. Swimming 4 days a week, riding 2-3 days a week should help. Tracking my food will really help. Good luck to all of you on your journey this year!

WebFootFreak 12-31-13 08:00 AM

I'm 5'9" and 258ish. The plan is to avg 5lb a month thru May and get to about 230, then reevaluate. I'd like to see myself between 215-220 by the end of the year. I most likely will never be under 200 as I've a good bit of muscle mass.

BeginnerCycling 12-31-13 10:52 AM

I'm 5'10" and 250ish -- would love to get below 200. To be honest, this is the same as last year, so something's got to change. I lost about 20 pounds, but got sick of the food and gained it back -- despite exercising 5-8 times a week every single week of the year without fail. I'm proof you can't out-exercise a bad diet, so I'm going to have to get back on the salad/veggie train and watch my portions.

Zoxe 01-01-14 07:43 AM

- Help Mrs. Zoxe hit her goals this year after being sidelined in 2013 by leg surgery
- Comfortably get into the size 34 levis I bought in a fit of optimisim
- Keep off the weight I lost in 2013 (down from 237 to 195)
- Repeat a couple of the Tri/multisport events I did in 2013; improve my times

Ataru074 01-01-14 09:05 AM

This morning weight was 239.6. Im glad I survived the holiday without gaining.
I'm 5'11 and few coins... my lifetime objective is to go back under 175.. I'd be VERY happy to hit under 200 by May ( the month of my 40th b-day ) and be under 180 by the end of the summer...

Is going to be a lot of hard work, but I'm resolute. I hit the under 200 3 years ago, but after that some injuries and a wife that likes food brought me back at over 260... :(

Pakiwi 01-01-14 09:34 AM

I am currently doing a 12 week Century program. I will be riding a century in Aug / September but will look at any others in the local area. I am also doing a weight training program to strengthen my core. Currently my riding is indoor on a trainer but looking forward to getting outside.
I will get a bike fit done early so I am comfortable as I can be.
Weight wise I start the year at 224 (5'6")
Dont necessarily have a goal weight but would like to see under 200 by the end of the year. All going well I will then focus on getting down to goal weight of 165.
Get on your bike and ride..

digibud 01-01-14 12:00 PM

Everything I've read about Atkins type low carb diets is that they, like so many others, don't work in the long run but many people have short term success with it. It's not much help if it's just a short term thing. I've been in diet counseling and discussions with my doctor as well as nutritionists due to both my weight and a heart attack and within the medical community the only viable option I was pointed toward was veganism. I think the low carb fad was popularized because it allowed people to have bacon and eggs and thin crust pizza and all sorts of delicious foods, but research is very clear on heart disease being a combination of genetics and fat in the diet. I have lost 90lb through cycling and a vegan diet. I don't like the diet. I love pizza, chocolate, eggs, etc but in my specific case I have little choice. If you're not losing weight cycling three hundred miles a week then you are compensating for those rides by eating more and if you're doing low carbs you are probably eating fatty meats and cheese. No rocket science there. Cut back on the fat, up the carbs and don't over eat while you smile at how much exercise you are getting. One good burger cancels an hour's ride with calories to spare.

stephtu 01-01-14 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by digibud (Post 16372987)
but research is very clear on heart disease being a combination of genetics and fat in the diet.

Really? There are tons of articles on the web that have current research saying otherwise. Sure 20-30 years ago the thinking was fat in the diet was the #1 enemy, but I think many researchers have come to the conclusion that this was incorrect.


If you're not losing weight cycling three hundred miles a week then you are compensating for those rides by eating more and if you're doing low carbs you are probably eating fatty meats and cheese. No rocket science there. Cut back on the fat, up the carbs and don't over eat while you smile at how much exercise you are getting. One good burger cancels an hour's ride with calories to spare.
Cutting back on fat/upping the carbs isn't necessary, I've lost 33 pounds in the last 4 months and haven't done that at all, nor did I go Atkins-style low carb, the opposite. It is true that you just can't out-exercise a bad diet, unless you are working out at Olympian levels of 6+ hours a day or something like that. The only thing really required for weight loss is EAT LESS, and finding a way of doing this that you can tolerate, stick with, and make basically permanent. One can do this on low-carb, or high-carb, or whatever, anything that creates a deficit will work. What the overall healthiest mix of carb vs. fats vs. protein is still up for considerable debate, the research isn't at all conclusive yet. I think the human body is rather adaptable, and is probably OK as long as you don't go to crazy extremes. I think low carb works for a lot of people because:
- a lot of high carb foods are just really calorie dense, have a lot starch/sugar, and avoiding these just keeps your calories lower
- high protein/fat foods make them feel satisfied sooner

But I didn't purposely try to alter my carb intake; I am doing this with intermittent fasting, eating 25% of normal 2 days a week.

strummer 01-02-14 12:03 AM

Somewhere around 215 now. My goal is to get back between 190-195 and then stay in that range. The trick is I have to do it with less riding than I've ever done before. We have a 17 month old and a new born. In the past I just rode a ton and didn't worry about calories. Now I have to figure out how to make the most of limited exercise time, but more importantly eat in a more healthy manner.

SeanBlader 01-03-14 01:51 PM

I'm 5'10" and starting off this year 6 lbs up from where I was last year, now at 186. I'm shooting for 160 by the end of the year, but with the 180 plateau being very hard to beat I'm not sure I'll make it. I also hope to ride a century, be able to do 100 pushups and 100 situps. Being 3 days in however means I'm 2 days behind my pushup goals, and 3 days behind my situp goals, hehe.

aprieto28 01-03-14 02:11 PM

I'm 5'-9" and starting the new year at 214. Bike riding has been on and off due to Peripheral Artery Disease. I've had 2 surgeries on the left leg in the past 3 years. Saw a new vascular Surgen yesterday. Planing an Angioplasty in 2 weeks to see whats up now. He promissed that I will be back on the bike pain free in no time at all.

billh 01-08-14 10:15 AM

currently 197 on a 6-even frame. I'd like to lose 5 lbs per month through the summer months . . . which work out to . . . calculating . . . eh . . . five times five . . . 25 lbs by end of May, which is body weight of 172 (yikes, that sounds low), then qualify for the 2015 Senior Games in the 1500m run, which means running a 5:19 1500m on the track, which is roughly a 5:40 mile. my current mile time is 6:30 downhill, so that will be quite a challenge, but being 25 lbs lighter should help.

Turzy 01-08-14 10:31 AM

I'm currently at 313 lbs. I hoping to get below 260 by the end of the year. I'll ride more than I have ridden since I only started riding in mid august...winter just needs to be over already lol. I'll be riding a stationary until spring gets here.

bliorg 01-08-14 11:48 AM

Currently about 209 and just shy of 6'. Starting carb cycling, riding and running again - hope to be in the 170 range by Fall. Am still setting a fitness goal, but have a feeling a duathlon is in the cards.

delcrossv 01-08-14 01:43 PM

I'm 6' 240# want to get to 200# (that's pretty thin with my frame and musculature). I'm training to be able to do a 20k TT in 30 min. ( seems pretty reasonable-25mph/30 min)

jeneralist 01-08-14 02:49 PM

I don't want to gain weight; and I want to do 3 full-length push-ups in a row. ("Full-length" = "not from the knees".)

I'm trying to decide on my bike tour for the year; waiting to see what Cycle Oregon will be this year. My back-up plan is the Erie Canal ride.

Legage 01-08-14 05:25 PM

I am 6'3" 257. I am saying this as motivation the help follow through. I will be doing at least two triathlons this year maybe three. My goal is to make down to 225-220.

Bluish Green 01-08-14 07:02 PM

I started bicycle commuting in 2012. I lost 60 pounds (from 305 to 245) and controlled my cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar through bicycle commuting and eating a little healthier (I zeroed out junk food and most bad stuff and added healthier alternatives but didn't "diet" as much as just substitute good for bad). I gave away my car to charity on Oct 1, 2012 and am 100% bicycle commuting in all weather (I do use vacation days to avoid the worst dangerous ice and wind days).

In 2013, I continued the bicycle commuting 100%. My weight was essentially constant, varying 240-245. I'm in the best shape I've been in in my adult life.

For 2014, I want to continue the bicycle commuting 100% and stay 240-245. My doctor tells me to keep doing exactly what I am doing, so that is the goal. Not driving a car is a really nice side effect.

sirupate 01-09-14 07:37 AM

I'm 5'10" and about 225lbs. Two years ago I was down to 194 and I would not mind being that weight again, but I used Nutrisystem to get there over 3-4 months of dieting. I don't want to do Nutrisystem again (expensive, and tastes not so good). Hopefully I can exercise (cycle) more and exhibit some restraint on the eating/drinking end of things and get closer to 200lbs. by summer.

My 22 year old son wants to do a century this year. Maybe I can get fit enough to join him on the ride. He is also a Clyde, and was a high school football lineman. Huge thighs.

Chitown_Mike 01-09-14 09:56 AM

My goals for this year are to break under 200 and I am 6' basically (5' 11.75").

This past year I dropped 56 lbs to my lowest (272-216) whereas currently I am around 225-230. At the end of the season I was bouncing between 220-225 so all things considered with the holidays I didn't put on THAT much extra. I really want to push to 172 lbs just so I can say I lost 100 lbs, but that might take a bit more commitment then I can dish out.

Fitness goals I want to ride 100 miles a week not including commuting miles, commute every day I possibly can (it's only 9 miles round trip), and potentially compete in a sprint tri by summer's end. I want to try to do at least 2 support centuries this year, and keep up with some of the teams on their rides in the area. So it will be a busy year.

This is on top of having a (currently) 16 month old son and my wife is due with our second around May/June. So very busy this year......

decotriumph 01-10-14 09:40 PM

I'm 6'2" and 280. My goal by end of the year is 240 or lower.

arex 01-10-14 11:07 PM

Currently 6'4", 320 lbs. Long-term goal is to lose 100 lbs., remains to be seen how well I'll do so. Fighting injuries, genetics, and medications in order to lose the weight.

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