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SeanEboy 12-30-13 07:51 PM

(2) Bikes, (1) Pair of Shoes.. Change cleats, or get matching pedals?
Ok, so I think I know the answer to this question.. But here goes..

I have Speedplay X2's on my road bike.. And, I just picked up a spin bike, a Schwinn IC Evo. Anyway, there are SPD's on the spin bike.. What is the right move here..? Get another pair of shoes/SPD cleats for the spin bike? Or should I get another set of Speedplay's for the spin bike, and use the same shoes? Or another option, which doesn't seem to make much sense to me - just buy SPD cleats, and switch them over whenever I transfer from spin to road bike?

I guess the last option could potentially be viable, as I don't foresee me using the road bike anytime soon over the winter...

Your insight is greatly appreciated!

jsigone 12-30-13 08:40 PM

matching pedals..... even if it's the cheaper version.

Cychologist 12-30-13 08:40 PM

Changing out the pedals would be easier than changing the cleats.

My real suggestion would be to either buy a second set of pedals (probably the Speedplay) or another set of shoes.

SeanEboy 12-30-13 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 16369114)
matching pedals..... even if it's the cheaper version.

Haha! Thanks!! That was my exact answer... I just found a good pair of used ones for $45! X2's no less, but they're 12 years old, so I'm wondering what that means. I've heard of play in the spindle before, not sure if that's fixable? I've never serviced them, so I don't even know...

Thanks again for the answer!

jsigone 12-30-13 08:48 PM

servicing $45 pedals would cost more then the pedals themself. Any reason why you're staying with the X2? Why not try Speedplay Zeros or even cheaper Shimano 105s at $65 each set. You wouldn't need cleats for a couple yrs unless you do crazy off roadin like I do

lolguy 12-30-13 08:51 PM

Agree with the matching pedals. Alternative might be to get an inexpensive pair of shoes for the spin bike.

SeanEboy 12-30-13 08:54 PM

The only reason I would stick with them is to have matching pairs.. As for those Shimano's.. then I won't have a matching set... The spin bike already has SPD's on them.. My road bike has X2's on them, and my shoes have the matching cleats on them.. So, if I were to go with those SPD's you mentioned, I would be swapping cleats.. I guess I could go with the least expensive Speedplays that are compatible... Right?

TrojanHorse 12-30-13 10:07 PM

The X series is only compatible with the X series... I have one set of X and two sets of light action (all in stainless, so whatever model that is).

The trainer is a great place for your backup shoes is my vote. :)

If you love X pedals, you will likely hate shimano pedals, they're just that different. My wife uses shimano pedals in her spin classes and has speedplays on her trainer at home and doesn't complain, so it's possible to use both and not cuss up a blue streak. Your mileage may vary.

HIPCHIP 12-31-13 09:36 AM

Since your cleats need to be lined up for your feet, changing them out every time you wanted to ride the different bike is probably going to put your foot in different locations, which could lead to pain or injury. You're better off getting the same pedals or another pair of shoes. Keep everything the same as much as you can. At least that's seems to be the information I've been told.

digibud 01-01-14 11:52 AM

Experts tell us that even small changes to cleat positioning can have big effects on our knees and even our hips. A one or two degree rotation may be meaningless or it can result in pain and discomfort given all the repetitiveness of cycling. I would absolutely recommend you use the same shoes and cleats on both bikes, thus the same type of pedal. If you use more than one pair of shoes, as I do, be careful to adjust the cleat so your foot is aligned the same way with both shoes.

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