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iforgotmename 12-31-13 09:52 AM

Having some fun in the snow with my Troll http:// P1090982 by DennisLitto, on Flickr

iforgotmename 12-31-13 09:54 AM

http:// P1090991 by DennisLitto, on Flickr

thestoutdog 12-31-13 10:03 AM

I'm really digging the new ride Dennis!

bikemig 12-31-13 10:05 AM

I like this bike a lot as well; looks like a fun day.

iforgotmename 12-31-13 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by thestoutdog (Post 16370048)
I'm really digging the new ride Dennis!

Let me know if you want to do a little snow biking Aaron

Thanks's a fun ride :D

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