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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 12-31-13, 03:44 PM   #1
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Reflecting on 2013...

A great year for me on the bike(s).

- Managed 3,727 miles, after years in the 2,000-2,500 range.
- Fastest century ever: 5:29 on a rolling course, averaging 18.4
- over 400 miles fixed
- overall, my averages are up about 25%, speed-wise, over two years ago
- longest ride ever: 132 miles with some buddies, for my birthday
- one crash, caused by a runner (who was playing that Tiger song, loud enough for me to hear) cutting me off. Was riding fixed, and it was low-speed, so no biggie.
- encountered some very cool wildlife

More to the point, enjoyed the camaraderie of cyclists in-person and here, and the joy of getting out.

Hopefully it's worked out well for all here. Here's to a happy and safe 2014.
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An average but "interesting" year for me on the bike.

- Dunno exactly how many miles - due to multiple broken cyclecomputers and switching between cyclecomputers and GPS's confuse things. I'm guessing between 4 and 6000 miles in fits, starts and DNFs where some rides turned into pushing the bike home or being picked up just because.
- Fastest century ever: 5:45 on a tabletop flat course, that's door to door. The week prior I was flat on my back with bronchitis, the week after I had trouble on the same route getting under 7 hours.
- No miles on a trike this year - for the first time in three.
- Overall, my averages are all over the place - one ride fast and I feel like a real athlete; the next ride I'm likely to feel like an elderly arthritic dude come back from the grave
- Longest ride ever: 165 miles solo on a spur of the moment decision. Took way longer than anticipated.
- 3 falls/crashes caused due to inexperience with a new bike format after switching from a LWB to a SWB high racer and inattention due to boredom. Two were low-speed but involved fractures, one involved significant bruising and road rash.
- Encountered some very odoriferous wildlife in various states of life, death and decay

"the camaraderie of cyclists" seemed to elude me this year more than in past years. I was just out of sync and out of sorts with the people I rode with. I noticeably began to consciously avoid riding with anyone and cancelling out on non-solo rides after agreeing to them. In December, for instance, no group rides at all in 20 outings.

The joy of getting out was also elusive. Most often
I rode because I needed to get out of the house, not for the sheer enjoyment of it.

With reflections come projections... so -> 2014 - I intend to be more data centric for no other reason than I have a new GPS. New cool/cold weather clothes in my closet (as gifts or due to insomniac eBay splurges) suggest I will be out more in Jan-Mar than previous years (we'll have to wait and see about that as I also have a new Kurt Kinetic trainer).

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Old 01-01-14, 12:37 PM   #3
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Just turned 40 at the end of the year, and finished my first calendar year of riding in the last two decades with 25 miles short of 3000. If I'd have been paying attention I'd have probably just gone for it. I learned to climb, well I suppose some not to tough climbs, I'm sure sometime this year I'll think about an actual named mountain to climb. Also I'll probably find a day to make a century event happen.

I'm thinking since I got a bike rack, I might take the opportunity sometime this spring to drive someplace warmer and dryer than NorCal and put in a good week or so of miles exploring someplace I've never been. I should take suggestions. Also, I think I'd like to ride in Death Valley this summer. I like it warm, I think that would be a fun challenge, wonder if I could convince someone to come with me as a support vehicle.
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Old 01-03-14, 04:54 PM   #4
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A great year on the bike, but a lot of room for improvement

- My first "official" year riding a bike since my childhood.
- Total mileage: 1221 miles, from April to early November
- Longest ride: 51.3 miles, averaging 12.5 mph on mostly gravel
- One fall due to inattentive riding through on a soft patch of gravel/sand.
- Three near misses running over indecisive squirrels
- A total of 60 pounds weight loss, from 225lbs back in December 2012 to 165lbs in November 2013

I'd like to wish everyone on Bike Forums a happy and safe new year!
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Some nice accomplishments from you guys:

For me:
I got back on the bike after a 2 year layoff.
Rode 2,700 miles in exactly 7 months
Rode my first century in absolute horrendous conditions
Became part of an awesome cycling club/group
Met 4 or 5 awesome friends

Looking to improve in 2014
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Old 01-04-14, 12:16 PM   #6
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I started riding since about 20-25 years ago when I was young in 2013. Road almost daily, at least 4 times a week starting at the end of summer and lost 30 lbs. Enough said, I just started. It was a good year for that.

Other stuff non-biking related, well not so well. Wife called to let me know she rolled the car on its roof, luckily everyone OK. Had the vacation from hell with the kids. Finances went to crap. And to finish off the year, the nice 2 year old used car we bought to replace the rolled car, some idiot in the parking lot not putting their cart away properly allowed it to travel the entire length of the parking lot downhill straight into the door of our "new" perfect condition car
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Old 01-04-14, 02:52 PM   #7
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I'm glad 2013 is over!!! Worst year ever. I rode a total of 700 miles, normally around 2500-3000. A co-worker died when a 1.2 million lb stator fell during a replacement. We had to rebuild half the plant. The opposite unit had a transformer blow up and are still in outage. I had to have my gall bladder removed. I was told it was a simple procedure and would be out for a couple of weeks. It took about 2.5 months and I'm still on light duty. I'm really hoping this year goes a lot better. So far, I have 0.0 miles on the bike. But as soon as the Dr. releases me I am planning on training for a marathon with my wife.
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Old 01-22-14, 03:35 PM   #8
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+1 on bidding goodbye to 2013....
Started it off with torn meniscus and grade II PCL tear in January that I aggravated for the next two months until it finally gave out. Friend and riding partner died in early April from sudden heart attack after his first ride of the season. Knee Surgery, PT\Rehab and now it's July...PT says leg is still weak, Doc says no more PT you can finish rehab yourself by walking or biking... HMMMM BIKING forgot about that! Start riding around July 4 and all is good for a little while - then the rains came and I couldn't get out. Now it's August and hockey season ramped up so the spare time went to refereeing and coaching while work took up the rest of my time. Add a couple mild concussions over the next couple months after kids taking my feet out out in practice (thank god I had my helmet on properly) and we are in December..... Then just to put the icing on the cake, A week before Christmas I fall on some ice in the driveway.... Broke my fibula in the other leg and turned my ankle inside out. Add to that, now it's feeling like I tweaked something in that knee when I fell.... Hope it doesn't end up being surgery on the other knee to mirror the start of 2013!

Jeeze, All I wanna do is lose the 50 pounds I gained sitting on may ass over the past two years and get back in some sort of shape....
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from a riding aspect 2013...was by best year since I took up cycling as an adult back in April 2010. Highest total mileage ever for a calendar year 4675 miles. That is up from two years of 3400 miles each of the last two years. I completed my first Century and did a second one. I rode around Lake Tahoe for the America's Most Beautiful ride. I gained a riding partner...something new to has been awesome. Now it is very hard to ride alone! Only fell once....that is pretty good. It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings. Ride safe....and have fun most of all!
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