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iTrek 12-31-13 09:54 PM

Tracking Component usage
I know that some of you have mentioned that you track component usage/replacements do you do this with Garmin, Strava, or what?

Beachgrad05 12-31-13 10:15 PM

I use a spreadsheet

2 wheeler 12-31-13 10:58 PM

I use the IIWORI system.

If It's Worn Out, Replace It.

TrojanHorse 01-01-14 01:38 AM

I just use strava... I make up components to track major maintenance (like cleaning & oiling the chain, and/or my pedals). FOr the most part, the only things that need tracking are the chains & cassettes. It's pretty clear when anything else is worn out. :)

Beachgrad05 01-01-14 11:49 AM

I do it the way I do cuz I'm a bit OCD

iTrek 01-03-14 08:11 AM

Thanks for the info.

indyfabz 01-03-14 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by 2 wheeler (Post 16372033)
I use the IIWORI system.

If It's Worn Out, Replace It.

+1, with a slight variation. IIWORIWIGATIUICTIRII. If It's Worn Out, I Replace It When I Get Around To It Unless It's Critical Then I Replace It Immediately.

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