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plumberroy 01-01-14 05:20 PM

2013 perspective
As we where leaving work yesterday I was kind of whining to a coworker that I hadn't met my goal to ride 1000 miles this past year . He ask how many I did ride ? just a little over 700.... He reminded me there are 2000 plus people were we work and he doubted if there are 20 people there who had made 700 miles on a bike this year :) so no didn't make my goal but I got more miles than any one I know locally. saw a lot of outdoors and critters you don't see in a car and over all felt better than I did in 2012

Beachgrad05 01-01-14 06:12 PM

Congrats on 700 miles! Now you can strive to beat that amounts 2014

MikeRides 01-03-14 04:29 PM

I don't know your riding history but 700 miles is still an accomplishment, so CONGRATS! 2014 will be your year to ride 1000 miles, I'm sure.:thumb:

plumberroy 01-04-14 09:48 AM

I work at a hospital first of every month the do blood pressure testing in the cafeteria . the nurses were impressed at 700 miles . Most people ride 50 and quit we got on the subject because they are giving a bicycle away by drawing this spring and I declined to enter because I have three bikes better than what they are giving away. they are giving a $400 certificate good towards the bike of your choosing

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