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mister 01-10-14 07:29 PM

First small victory!
I've struggled through much of the last 10 years being a Clydesdale. I don't mind it, I'd just rather be a fit Clydesdale not a jiggly one.

Anyway... 2 1/2 weeks ago, I soldo car and started riding to work everyday. For the past 7 years, my blood pressure hovered around 138/84; tiptoeing into high, but never really high. I checked it the day after I sold my car and was 137/72. Today I checked it a it had dropped to 117/67! I couldn't believe it! I honestly can't remember the last time it was "normal" an just had to brag about it.

bbeasley 01-10-14 07:35 PM

Way to go!

Better to be a fit Clydesdale than a skinny couch potato!

2 wheeler 01-10-14 07:38 PM

That's a great achievement! Most people would just take a pill to improve their blood pressure, but you did it the smart way. Congrats!!

mrodgers 01-13-14 06:24 AM

My blood pressure was always high. Last time before starting to ride it was 139/98 and had always been around this number. I only started the end of summer for 3 months until overtime at work, cold weather, and time change put a damper into my daily riding time. When I went for a cholesterol check, my blood pressure was 121/78.

The biggest difference was with my Triglyceride count. I was 475 with Triglycerides prior to riding. After just the 3 months of riding, it had dropped to 211. I was thrilled with that.

Not riding now with either constant snow or rain but trying to get on the wife's new stationary bike at least for half an hour daily or every other day along with doing some strength training over the winter. I'll wait til I start back up on the bike before I get it all checked out again.

Bluish Green 01-13-14 03:20 PM

Great job!!

I have found bicycle commuting to be a great way to get guaranteed miles. Plus I really love doing it, for a number of reasons.

On the fitness side, bicycle commuting has gotten me off of BP meds and helped me avoid cholesterol meds and control blood sugar, too. It's been a game-changer for me. Keep pedaling, I hope you get as great an experience as I have through riding.

digitalbroccoli 01-14-14 08:59 AM

High five! You have to celebrate those small victories along the way!

ChiefTJS 01-14-14 09:31 AM

I'd say that's more than a small victory!! Celebrate it and look for new victories every day!!

Ataru074 01-14-14 10:54 AM

That is a great victory... I hope to join you soon on that and get off the meds ( i'm taking half pill right now, and hope to drop it all by the end of 2014 ) :-)

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