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LabRat2k3 01-15-14 05:59 PM

tour de cure Charlotte
Are any of you planning to ride the TDC Charlotte this May? I just signed up today, and thought it would be cool if I get to meet some of my invisible friends there.

Bakerb24 01-18-14 08:58 AM

LabRat- I may do it. I grew up in WV and now live just North of Charlotte. What part of WV are you from?

LabRat2k3 01-18-14 02:20 PM

Southern WV. Little town called Hinton just south of Beckley. _

Bakerb24 01-19-14 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by LabRat2k3 (Post 16421869)
Southern WV. Little town called Hinton just south of Beckley. _

Is the Dairy Queen still open? I grew up in Princeton and went to Concord. I just saw the Tour De Cure has a fundraising minimum. Since I'm doing beach to bust which requires $500 worth I wouldn't want to add another $200 to it. However, it's supposed to be a good ride.

LabRat2k3 01-19-14 10:50 PM

Yes the DQ is still thriving down here. I grew up between Princeton and Athens, went to Athens High school, and Concord as well, but ended up graduating from Bluefield State. Small world. Yes these fund raising rides add up quick and you can only go around bumming from your friends so often. Wow that Beach or Bust ride seems like a beast, good luck.

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