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Chitown_Mike 01-18-14 04:52 PM

NEW (to me) road bike - Specialized Allez A1
So there was a local bike swap and I wasn't expecting to get a new bike (planned on spending a lot more in a couple of months on something brand new). I did get a great deal on Magicshine 808E light with the regular lens and the beam spreader lens for $60 (new with warranty) and some other odds and ends. It was fun to geek out on bikes for a while.

However on my way out I came across this beautiful blue bike hanging in a rack with some friends. It was a 1999 Specialized Allez A1 that looked well kept but loved. Talked to the guy selling it and (supposedly anyway) it was his neighbors commuter bike that was ridden to the train, locked up, and ridden home after work.

It has the 105 components on it, 27 speeds (so older 9 speed 105's), new seat and upgraded stem. The rims were slightly mismatched BUT I will be getting some Mavics for it as well as changing the shifters since the rear one was acting up (don't have to but probably will) and it is setup for Flight Deck which I find something I will invest in. I got it for $195 and the frame is near mint (minus some scratches). I'll be keeping the rear rim on it since it is a newer Sta-Tru rim and using that for when it is on the trainer once I get the new rims.

So basically I'll spend $300 more for the rims, shifters and pedals and be set. So the original budget will have some wiggle room which means more organized rides this year :D.

I am thinking of name her "Babe" as in Babe the blue ox since it is almost completely blue.

Pics to follow once I can get her cleaned and outside.

Jimbosays 01-18-14 11:49 PM

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Just picked up a mint 2010 Specialized Secteur Elite (w/ 105 Flight Deck 10 spd. components) for $500 . . . Coming from a 2011 Giant Escape road-hybid - Wow, What a machine to drive!

Erwin8r 01-20-14 06:03 PM

Sounds great, Mike! Now let's see some pics ;)

jsigone 01-20-14 06:49 PM

congrats!!! New bikes are always fun to tinker with

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