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Coastalgina 01-19-14 10:54 PM

Newish Rider
Hi all,
I am newish to cycling. I got a 2012 Trek Madone 4.5 WSD this summer and loved it. Rode as often as I could prob. 2x a week. Falling off towards the early fall. Now that it is winter here in the NE. I got myself a trainer and have been riding for the past week again and i am loving it. I am just having one issue my tailbone hurts. I can live with my seat bones being sore I completely understand that they need to get stronger and used to the saddle, but i am not understanding why my tailbone is feeling bruised. The saddle on the bike is Bontrager Affinity 1 WSD, steel rails, I don't know if this could be the issue or not. I am a Athena about 254 at 5'4''. so that might have something to do with it also. I was wondering if any might have a suggestion on what might be the issue. I rode 49miles this week on my trainer and i love it beside the butt pain.
Thanks G

Maycat 01-19-14 11:29 PM

I had a similar issue and I went to my LBS and paid for a professional fitting. It turns out that I had the wrong saddle. We replaced it, adjusted everything else and the pain stopped completely. It cost me $50 plus the saddle and was worth every penny. Although it sounds like before you didn't have pain before you used the trainer, a good bike fitting could help.

kc0bbq 01-19-14 11:38 PM

I think tailbone pain (if you haven't bruised it in a fall or something) is generally on-bike posture related.

Next time you're OK to get in the saddle, try to keep your back arched a bit and see if that helps. It might be a bit tough if your core strength and flexibility aren't there yet.

Otherwise, I think I'll defer to someone with more expertise.

I didn't think anyone loved riding on a trainer. :) I think it's tolerable while watching the numbers on Trainer Road, but barely. But since it's the only way I can really ride (MN is dropping back to -18F this week because we're pulling down more air from the polar vortex, oh yeah) I do it.

Oh, and nice bike. Hopefully you can figure out the cause of the tailbone pain, it'd be a shame to have that keep you off the bike since you say you enjoy it so much.

TrojanHorse 01-20-14 11:38 AM

Stock bike saddles are known torture devices. You may have one that just doesn't fit your buns or it may be set up incorrectly. I'd start by taking your bike down to the shop where you bought it and explain what's going on. They may also be able to loan you some saddles to try out. There's no such thing as the one perfect saddle for all butts, you have to find the one that yours prefers. Good luck and welcome to Bike Forums!

Pamestique 01-20-14 12:46 PM

[QUOTE=TrojanHorse;16425994]Stock bike saddles are known torture devices. ...QUOTE]

I don't remember when I ever rode with a stock saddle... see if your LBS will let you test ride saddles. Most of my friends enjoy the Terry Butterfly (my saddle of choice). My friend got the exact same bike as you (its beautiful a really nice choice) but I remember the saddle was really made for small, race worthy gals not for someone with any weight on them.

Saddles are a really personal choice. You may have to go through a few before finding the right one but good luck.

Coastalgina 01-20-14 01:35 PM

Thank you for all your input, I was going to run down to the LBS and try some saddles out and or get a proper measurement, but this is going to have to wait till next my LBS is closed for renovation until next Sunday. But this will also give time for my bum to heal. Thank you again and I will let you know what happenens

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